Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 307
Vehicle Equipment Regulations


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Chapter Cross Reference
Aftermarket crash parts, disclosure to owner, penalties, 407.295
Definitions applicable to chapter 307, 304.001
Lemon law, 407.560 to 407.579
Maximum sound levels for recreational watercraft, 306.090
Penalties for violations of sections 307.020 to 307.295, exceptions, 304.570
University of Missouri campuses, traffic regulations, points assessed, laws, applicable, 172.743 to 172.750
Warranty nonconformity new vehicles, procedure, 407.560 to 407.579
307.010. Loads which might become dislodged to be secured--failure, penalty.
307.015. Certain motor vehicles, mud flaps required--violation, penalty.
307.020. Definitions.
307.025. Exemptions.
307.030. Approval of lighting equipment--rules and regulations--fee--revocation or suspension of certificate, rulemaking procedure.
307.035. Director's decisions final, when--appeal to board--hearing and decisions.
307.040. When lights required--violation, penalty.
307.045. Headlamp on motor vehicles--violations, penalty.
307.050. Headlamps--permissible substitutes, speed limit.
307.055. Single-beam headlamps--intensity, adjustment--violation, penalty.
307.060. Multiple-beam headlamps--arrangement--violation, penalty.
307.065. New vehicles shall have beam indicator--violation, penalty.
307.070. Dimming of lights, when--violation, penalty.
307.075. Taillamps, reflectors--violations, penalty.
307.080. Auxiliary lamps--number--location--violation, penalty.
307.085. Cowl, fender, running board and backup lamps--violation, penalty.
307.090. Spotlamps--restrictions, penalty.
307.095. Colors of various lamps--restriction of red lights, penalty.
307.100. Limitations on lamps other than headlamps--flashing signals prohibited except on specified vehicles--penalty.
307.105. Limitation on total of lamps lighted at one time--violation, penalty.
307.110. Parked vehicles--how lighted--exception--violation, penalty.
307.115. Other vehicles--how lighted--violation, penalty.
307.120. Penalty for violations.
307.122. Electronic message devices, prohibited on vehicle, exceptions--penalty.
307.125. Animal-driven vehicles, lighting requirements--penalty--rulemaking authority.
307.127. Slow-moving equipment, emblem required on, when--emblem described--violation, penalty--alternative display, reflective material.
307.128. Motorcycle headlamp modulation permitted, when--labeling requirements--auxiliary lighting.
307.130. Safety glass defined.
307.135. Director not to license vehicle without safety glass.
307.140. Safety glass on vehicles for hire and school buses.
307.145. Sale of vehicles without safety glass prohibited.
307.150. List of approved glass.
307.155. Violation a misdemeanor.
307.160. Revocation of permit by public service commission.
307.165. Seat safety belts standard equipment, when--penalty.
307.170. Other equipment of motor vehicles--violations, penalty.
307.171. Studded tires, prohibited when--penalty.
307.172. Altering passenger motor vehicle by raising front or rear of vehicle prohibited, when--bumpers front and rear required, when, exemptions--violations not to pass inspection--penalty.
307.173. Specifications for sun-screening device applied to windshield or windows--permit required, when--exceptions--rules, procedure--violations, penalty.
307.175. Sirens and flashing lights emergency use, persons authorized--violation, penalty.
307.177. Transporting hazardous materials, equipment required--federal physical requirements not applicable, when--violations, penalty.
307.178. Seat belts required for passenger cars--passenger cars defined--exceptions--failure to comply, effect on evidence and damages--penalty--passengers in car exceeding number of seat belts not violation for failure to use.
307.179. Definitions--transporting children under sixteen years of age, restraint systems--penalty--exceptions--program of public information.
307.180. Bicycle and motorized bicycle, defined.
307.183. Brakes required.
307.185. Lights and reflectors, when required--standards to be met.
307.188. Rights and duties of bicycle and motorized bicycle riders.
307.190. Riding to right, required for bicycles and motorized bicycles.
307.191. Bicycle to operate on the shoulder adjacent to roadway, when--roadway defined.
307.192. Bicycle required to give hand or mechanical signals.
307.193. Penalty for violation.
307.195. License required--operation on interstate highway prohibited--violation, penalty.
307.196. Equipment required.
307.198. All-terrain vehicles, equipment required--penalty.
307.205. Defined--requirements for operation.
307.207. Equipment required.
307.209. Roadway operation, requirements.
307.211. Violations, penalties.
307.250. Compact--entered into.
307.255. Legislative findings.
307.260. Rules not effective until approved by legislature.
307.265. Director of revenue to be state's commissioner.
307.270. State employees retirement system may agree with commission on coverage of employees.
307.275. State agencies to cooperate with commission.
307.280. Documents to be filed with secretary of state.
307.285. Commission to submit budget to commissioner of administration.
307.290. State auditor may inspect commission's accounts.
307.295. Executive head defined.
307.350. Motor vehicles, biennial inspection required, exceptions--authorization to operate inspection station for inspection authorized--violation, penalty.
307.353. No safety inspection required during registration period which exceeds two years.
307.355. Current inspection required for registration or transfer, exception--inspection valid, how long.
307.360. Permits and instructions furnished by superintendent--items to be inspected--inspection stations, permit fee, permit renewal--application contents--mechanic's examination--revocation of permits, hearing on.
307.365. Inspection station permit not transferable--approval to be on official form--report to superintendent--defects, correction of, who may make--inspection fee--sticker fee--inspection fund, created, purpose--discontinuation of station, procedures.
307.370. Prohibited acts.
307.375. Inspection of school buses--items covered--violations, when corrected, notice to patrol--spot checks authorized.
307.380. Accidents, reinspection required when--certain sales exempt from inspection requirement--violation, penalty.
307.385. Director of revenue to suspend registration of unapproved vehicle on written notice of superintendent.
307.390. Penalty for violation--superintendent of highway patrol may assign persons to enforce inspections laws.
307.400. Commercial vehicles, equipment and operation, regulations, exceptions--violations, penalty--rulemaking authority.
307.402. Inspection of state-owned vehicles, responsibility for.

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