Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 313
Licensed Gaming Activities


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All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Gaming proceeds for education, transfer to state school moneys fund, 160.534
Real property tax abatement not to apply to excursion gaming boat, 353.190
313.004. Gaming commission, established, members, appointment--meetings--powers, duties--assigned to department of public safety--compensation, expenses--restricted activities--contracts, permissible--criminal records of applicants open to commission.
313.005. Definitions.
313.007. Bingo proceeds for education fund, established, purpose.
313.008. Gaming commission bingo fund abolished and transferred to gaming commission fund when, used for certain purposes.
313.010. Bingo, who may conduct game--joint license, procedure--abbreviated licenses, fees limitations, exemptions.
313.013. Progressive bingo games, permitted, defined.
313.015. License--fee--expiration--special license, fairs, celebrations, requirements, fee, annual report, when.
313.020. Application for license, contents--false statement on application, penalty--renewal, information required--abbreviated license, application contents.
313.025. Leases, approval by commission--percentage of gross receipts as rent prohibited--lessors and suppliers may not operate games.
313.030. Change in officers to be reported to commission--license to be displayed.
313.035. Ineligible persons and organizations--revocation, eligibility for relicensure.
313.040. Restrictions, penalties.
313.045. Annual reports by certain licensees--contents.
313.050. Records to be kept--retention period.
313.052. Grounds for disciplinary action against licensee.
313.055. Tax on organizations making certain prize awards--rate paid, when--delinquent, penalty.
313.057. Suppliers license required, background checks required, exceptions to licensure, qualifications, fee--records--pull-tab cards, tax on--restrictions on use--failure to pay tax, penalty.
313.060. Veterans' hospitals, exempt from frequency provisions--net receipts to be given to hospital.
313.065. Rules and regulations, promulgation.
313.070. Licenses, suspension or revocation, when.
313.075. Bingo not deemed gambling--licensed sales or consumption of beer and alcoholic beverages not prohibited.
313.080. Violations, penalty.
313.085. Sales of bingo supplies exempt from certain taxes.
Cross Reference

Commission established, appointment and qualifications, terms, expenses, powers and duties, Const., Art. III § 39(b) *** Distribution to be appropriated by general assembly solely for education, Const., Art. III § 39(b) *** Joint lottery games authorized, Const., Art. III § 39(b) *** Prizes, amount to be awarded, Const., Art. III § 39(b) *** Sales licenses, qualification, Const., Art. III § 39(b) ***

313.200. Citation of law.
313.205. Definitions.
313.210. Commission established--offices--assignment to department.
313.215. Commission members--terms, qualifications--expense reimbursement.
313.220. Rules and regulations--procedure generally, this chapter--background checks may be required, when.
313.225. Commission meetings--quorum.
313.230. Duties of commission--nepotism prohibited for employees of lottery and commission.
313.235. Director--appointment, qualifications, compensation.
313.240. Duties of director.
313.245. Personnel--employment, qualifications, compensation.
313.250. Budget preparation.
313.255. Licenses--issuance, suspension, revocation--allocation--qualifications of licensees--commission may sell tickets, when--bond.
313.260. Restrictions for licensees.
313.265. Denial of license, grounds--cause to be cited.
313.270. Purchase of goods and services--minority contracts, expiration date--investigation costs--bond--termination of vendor's contract.
313.275. Financial interests and gifts prohibited.
313.280. Sale of tickets to minors.
313.285. Prizes not assignable except to revokable living trusts or personal custodian, requirements--death of prize winner, how prize is paid.
313.290. Ticket or share prices fixed--counterfeiting prohibited--penalty.
313.295. Payment of prizes to minors and disabled adults under personal custodian law.
313.300. Unclaimed prizes--moneys to revert to state lottery fund.
313.310. Duties of attorney general and highway patrol.
313.315. Duties of state auditor--other audits--reports to be filed.
313.321. State lottery fund, established--distribution of funds--imprest prize fund, created, uses--collection, investment, use of lottery funds--taxation, set-off of prizes, when--restrictions for licensees.
313.322. Commission may contract operation of lottery to private organization, how.
313.325. Commission may subpoena records and witnesses--failure to obey.
313.340. Constitutional prohibition construed--no denial of liquor license.
313.345. Licenses and contracts may be denied to persons owing debt to state.
313.350. Venue for civil actions--advancement on docket.
313.351. Lottery commission to submit plan, how approved.
313.500. Definitions.
313.510. Horse racing commission established.
313.520. Employees--executive director of gaming commission, duties.
313.530. Revenues from horse racing--horse racing fund, established.
313.540. Commission, powers--rules and regulations--stewards, delegation of authority to--appeals from stewards' decisions.
313.550. Subpoenas, penalty for refusal to testify or produce records--penalty for false testimony.
313.560. Commission, powers.
313.570. Members or employees subject to civil action, attorney general to represent.
313.580. Track license required--grounds for refusal to issue, qualifications.
313.590. Track license--bond required, purpose.
313.600. Track license--restrictions on transfer of ownership, record keeping requirements--disclosure requirements.
313.605. Track license--financial interest by public officials prohibited, grounds for suspension or revocation.
313.610. Track license--failure to secure, penalty.
313.620. Fees.
313.630. Admissions tax--state aid to municipalities and counties for certain services and facilities, source, amount available.
313.631. Track licensee--record keeping requirements, accounting to commission.
313.632. Approval by commission, required, when.
313.640. Occupational licenses, required, exceptions--application forms, information required, fees--grounds for refusal--grounds for suspension or revocation--affirmative action plan.
313.650. Refusal, revocation or suspension of occupation license--procedure--appeal, standard of review.
313.652. Pari-mutuel wagering--deductions from pool, definitions--payment of tax, amount due--permitted use of breakage and unclaimed winnings--breed incentive moneys not to lapse into general revenue.
313.655. Simulcast races, pari-mutuel wagering.
313.660. Off-track wagering prohibited, penalty.
313.665. Pari-mutuel wagering or prizes given by charities not deemed gambling, when--not grounds for denial of liquor or beer licenses.
313.670. Minors--prohibited from betting--presence prohibited, exceptions.
313.680. Names of horses--registered name required to be used, penalty.
313.690. Bribery of track officials prohibited--passing of altered or fraudulent betting tickets prohibited--unauthorized sale of admission tickets prohibited--penalties.
313.700. Drugs or medications, unauthorized use prohibited, penalty.
313.710. Missouri-bred horses, program to encourage.
313.720. Missouri breeders fund, created--administration--costs--audit--rules--fund not to lapse into general revenue fund.
313.780. Licensing of additional excursion gambling boats restricted, when.
Cross Reference

Gaming proceeds for education, transfer to classroom trust fund, 160.534 *** Gaming revenues to be used solely for public education, Const. Art. III, Sec. 39(d) *** Real property tax abatement not to apply to excursion gaming boats, 353.190 *** Rivers, the Missouri and Mississippi, authorized for riverboat gambling, Const. Art. III, Sec. 39(e) ***

313.800. Definitions--additional games of skill, commission approval, procedures.
313.802. Law not applicable to lottery, bingo or pari-mutuel wagering.
313.803. Two thousand feet artificial space may be created, certain licensees.
313.805. Powers of commission--boats to cruise, exceptions.
313.807. Excursion gambling boat license, application, fee--occupational license, application, fee--supplier license, application, fee--limited license, allowed, when.
313.810. Application, contents, fingerprints submission--investigation, commission may conduct--false information on application, penalty.
313.812. Number of licenses granted in city or county, commission to determine, limits--city or county may submit plan, recommendations--conditions of operator license--boats, requirements--ineligibility for license--local option, boats may only be locked after voter approval, ballot, prior election, effect of--licensees may be disciplined, when.
313.813. Commission authorized to promulgate rules allowing problem gambler to self-exclude--violation of self-exclusion, penalty.
313.815. Bond, or other surety, licensee to post, when, may be used for expansion or modification--limitations.
313.817. Wagering, conduct of, requirements--persons under twenty-one years of age not allowed to wager or be employed as a dealer--invasion of privacy protections--presentation of false identification a misdemeanor--credit instruments, use of, requirements.
313.820. Admission fee, amount, division of--licensees subject to all other taxes, collection of nongaming taxes by department of revenue.
313.821. Sales tax exemption, state or local admission fee--additional admission fee imposed by licensee not exempt.
313.822. Adjusted gross receipts, tax on, rate, collection procedures--portion to home dock city or county, procedure--gaming proceeds for education fund, created, purpose--audit of certain education funds.
313.824. Boat and game operator licensees to furnish reports to commission--commission security staff to be on boat, costs paid by boat licensee.
313.825. Audit of licensee, contents, procedure.
313.826. Tax withholdings, electronic gaming device jackpots and table game jackpots in excess of certain amount, percentage.
313.830. Prohibited acts, penalties--commission to refer violations to attorney general and prosecuting attorney--venue for actions.
313.832. Forfeitures for illegal activities, enforcement procedures.
313.835. Gaming commission fund created, purpose, expenditures--disposition of proceeds of gaming commission fund.
313.836. Nonseverability clause--veteran's commission capital improvement trust fund and early childhood education funding.
313.837. Report to general assembly, when, contents.
313.840. Liquor licenses on boats and premises, commission to authorize--microbrewer's license issued, when--judicial review of all commission decisions, appeal.
313.842. Compulsive gamblers fund, created, purpose--programs may be established--department of mental health to administer--fund not to lapse into general revenue.
313.843. Excursion gambling boat may offer child-care services, restrictions--licensure, space, times and days.
313.845. Rules, procedure.
313.847. Public information on licensees, commission to provide on request, exceptions, limitations--costs.
313.848. Regulation of excursion gambling boats exempt from certain provisions of administrative procedures law.
313.850. Severability clause.
313.900. Citation of law.
313.905. Definitions.
313.910. Fantasy sports contests not gambling--license required, procedure--contests on excursion gambling boats permitted.
313.915. Licensed operator to be identified on authorized website--operator requirements.
313.920. Participant registration with licensed operator required--security standards--online self-exclusion form--certain advertising prohibited--parental control procedures--use of scripts, monitoring--highly experienced players identified by symbol.
313.925. Participation prohibited for certain persons--confidentiality of proprietary information.
313.930. Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
313.935. License required--application, fee--investigation permitted--operation fee--grandfather provision--fee upon cessation.
313.940. Annual financial audit required, operator to pay cost of audit.
313.945. Confidentiality of records, exceptions.
313.950. Commission to supervise operators, licensees, and websites--powers and duties.
313.955. Rulemaking authority.

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