Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 315
Hotel, Motel and Resort Regulations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Enterprise zones urban redevelopment tax credits for investment, hotels, and motels in certain areas, 135.225
GUEST TAXES, CITIES Kansas City, convention and tourism tax, 92.327 St. Louis City, 67.619 to 67.626
GUEST TAXES, COUNTIES Adair, Callaway, Daviess, Nodaway and Johnson counties, 67.1000 to 67.1002 Jackson County, sports facility maintenance tax, 66.502 Pettis County, 67.1006 to 67.1012 St. Charles County, 67.1158 St. Louis City and County, 67.619 to 67.626 Ste. Genevieve County, 67.671
Hotel room rates to be posted, penalty for failure, 419.040, 419.050
Liability of innkeeper for loss by guests, 419.010
Lien of innkeeper on baggage and wages of guest, 419.060, 419.070
Tax on transient guests, hotels, motels, sleeping room, St. Louis city and county, 67.619
Wheelchair accessibility signs, display of required, when, 8.655
315.005 Definitions.
315.007. Department to enforce law--keep records for public use, contents.
315.011. License required, may be transferred.
315.015. License fees--where deposited--notice of fee, issued when--license to be issued, when, displayed, where--revocation, grounds--expiration, when.
315.019. Safety and sanitation standards--city or county ordinances in lieu of department standards, when.
315.024. Drinking water to be approved, when, by whom.
315.028. Sewage and wastewater treatment.
315.033. Compliance with local codes required, when.
315.037. Inspections by department, when--right of entry.
315.041. License refused or revoked, when--notice, how served--extension of time to comply with standards granted when--hearing, request when, held when--rights of licensee.
315.045. Violation of licensing provision, penalty.
315.055. Advertising restrictions.
315.065. Exemptions to provisions of sections 315.005 to 315.065.
315.067. Hotel operator may refuse accommodations, when.
315.069. Hotel operator may make certain requirements for providing accommodations.
315.075. Hotel operator may eject person, when.
315.077. Laws to be posted, where.
315.079. Registration required--guest registry--persons under eighteen, special requirement.

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