Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 317
Boxing and Wrestling


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Disciplinary proceedings against persons or entities licensed, certified or registered by the division of professional registration, time limitations to commence action, exceptions, 324.043
317.001 Definitions.
317.006. Director to supervise professional boxing, sparring, wrestling and karate contests--powers--duties--fees, how set--telecasts--athletic fund.
317.011. Athletic fund, created, source of funds--director only to license certain contests, exceptions--law not applicable to amateur matches.
317.012. Licenses not issued for "ultimate fighting", definition.
317.013. Mandatory medical suspensions, determination--medically retired persons.
317.014. Injunction, who may apply, when--activities subject to injunction--action brought, where--action in addition to penalty.
317.015. Complaints against licensees, filed with administrative hearing commission--refusal to issue license, notification, appeal--sanctions on license permitted, when.
317.016. Director to appoint necessary administrative personnel--compensation and expenses of, how set.
317.018. Combative fighting prohibited--promotion or participation in combative fighting, felony--medical personnel--exceptions.
317.019. Bout contracts required, when--contents, changes--payment of event official's fees.
317.021. Violation of law, misdemeanor.

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