Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 319
General Safety Requirements


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Chapter Cross Reference
Asbestos removal, 643.255
Boiler safety regulation, 650.200 to 650.295
Earthquake and disaster volunteer program, expenses, immunity from liability, 44.023
Emergency planning committees, local hazardous substance, 292.600 to 292.602
Emergency response commission, hazardous substances in the workplace, duties, 292.602
Explosives, temporary storage in the workplace, notification, duties, 292.617
Seismic safety commission, powers, programs, duties, 44.225 to 44.235
319.010. Short title.
319.015. Definitions.
319.022. Notification centers, participation requirements and eligibility--names of owners and operators made available, when.
319.024. Public notice of excavations, duties of owner and operator.
319.025. Excavator must give notice and obtain information, when, how--notice to notification center, when--clarification of markings, response--permit for highway excavation required.
319.026. Notice of excavator, form of--written record maintained--incorrect location of facility, duty of excavator--visible markings necessary to continue work--damage, dislocation, or disturbance, notification and reporting requirements--annual report of damages required, by whom.
319.027. Design requests, how made--marking location required.
319.030. Notification of location of underground facility, when, how--failure to provide notice of location, effect.
319.031. Sewer system owner duties upon notification of intent to excavate.
319.033. Public right-of-way, installation within, requirements.
319.035. Compliance with law still requires excavation to be made in careful and prudent manner--failure to give notice or mark facilities, rebuttable presumption of negligence.
319.037. Excavation sites included in requirements--equipment prohibited at such sites.
319.042. No abrogation of contractual obligations with railroads.
319.045. Civil penalties--attorney general may bring action and shall make public number of enforcement actions.
319.046. Arbitration of disputes, when.
319.050. Exemptions from requirement to obtain information.
319.075. Citation of law.
319.078. Definitions.
319.080. Activities within ten feet of power lines prohibited, exceptions.
319.083. Special devices and precautions required--costs.
319.085. Presumption of negligence, when, rebuttable.
319.088. Exemptions from law.
319.090. Violations, penalty.
Cross Reference

Fuel tank storage and piping, financial responsibility to be maintained, amount, 414.035 *** Liability on lender-owners for precedent environmental conditions state preemption of legislation, exception underground storage tank funds, 427.041 *** Petroleum and petroleum products, defined as a hazardous substance when not in tanks eligible under storage tank insurance fund, 260.565 ***

319.100. Definitions.
319.103. Tank owners to register with department of natural resources, information required--exceptions--forms--out of service tanks permanently or temporarily, required information and registration--sale of tanks, seller to inform purchaser of registration duties.
319.105. Standards to be developed by department for all new tanks and for upgrading existing tanks--no tanks to be installed until standards established, exceptions.
319.107. Leak detection system and inventory control system, standards of performance and records, department to establish--owner to be reimbursed for testing and monitoring costs from storage tank insurance fund.
319.109. Releases and corrective actions to be reported, standards--rules authorized.
319.111. Closure of tanks, requirements--notice--department to establish.
319.114. Evidence of financial responsibility required to cover certain damages--rules to be established by department.
319.117. Information and records to be available to department for inspection, monitoring and testing--certain information to be confidential and not available to the public--department of agriculture to conduct inspections.
319.120. Certificate of registration required--issued when--term of certificate--application, forms--owner may operate prior to certification until issue or denial.
319.123. Fee for certification, amount, deposit--underground storage tank regulation program fund established, purpose.
319.125. Certificate denied or invalidated by department, procedure, grounds.
319.127. Violations, procedure--penalty, disposition.
319.129. Petroleum storage tank insurance fund created--lapse into general revenue prohibited--fee paid by all owners per tank to board--state treasurer may deposit funds where, interest credited to fund--administration of fund--board of trustees created, members, meetings--expires when--continuation after expiration, when.
319.130. Public hearings required, when--training program requirements--record keeping--rulemaking authority.
319.131. Owners of tanks containing petroleum products may elect to participate--advisory committee, members, duties, applications, content, standards and tests--financial responsibility--deductible--fund not liability of state--ineligible sites--tanks owned by certain school districts--damages covered, limitation--defense of third-party claims.
319.132. Board of trustees to assess surcharge on petroleum products per transport load, exceptions, deposit in fund, refund procedure--rate of surcharge--suspension of fees, when.
319.133. Annual payments by owners, amount established by rule, limitation--change of ownership, no new fee required--installment payments authorized, when--applicable rules--site assessment required, when.
319.135. No liability for release of petroleum at direction of coordinator, exception.
319.136. Tank ineligible for delivery, deposit, or acceptance, when--violation, procedure--red tag to be affixed, when.
319.137. Rules, authority to adopt federal rules or to provide more stringent rules, when--procedure to promulgate.
319.138. Fund shall provide moneys for cleanup of petroleum storage tank contamination, when.
319.139. Administrative penalties, assessment, procedure--rules--payment, appeal--collection.
319.200. Notice to cities and counties subject to earthquake to adopt seismic construction and renovation ordinances, when--standards.
319.203. Ordinance to apply to certain buildings, structures and state leases.
319.205. Notice to cities and counties required to adopt ordinance, contents.
319.207. Noncompliance to affect eligibility for state aid, loans, grants--attorney general to bring action to recover.
319.300. Citation of law--purpose statement.
319.303. Definitions.
319.306. Blaster's license required, when--application, contents--fee--qualifications--expiration--documentation required--training required--rulemaking authority.
319.309. Explosives, use of, calculation of scaled distance to nearest uncontrolled structure required.
319.312. Ground vibration limits to be followed, when--alternative compliance method--limit on acoustic values from blasting.
319.315. Retention of seismographic recordings, how long--records to include certain information.
319.318. Compliance with state and federal law--registration with division of fire safety required--annual report required--audit of records--violations, penalty.
319.321. Inapplicability of law, when.
319.324. State blasting safety board created, members, terms, officers, meetings, duties.
319.327. Duties of the division--enforcement.
319.330. Missouri explosives safety act administration fund created, use of moneys.
319.333. Notice of violation, procedure.
319.336. Grievance procedure.
319.339. Notification of division prior to use of explosives required--exception.
319.342. Municipalities to be notified of use of explosives, when, procedure--certain owners and businesses to be notified--ordinances authorized.
319.343. Inapplicability of prohibition on local preemption, when.
319.345. Rulemaking authority.
319.500. Pipelines transporting hazardous liquids to submit periodic reports to department of natural resources--content.
319.503. Emergencies created by hazardous liquids being transported--powers of director--civil actions, penalties, deposit--no liability for owners, when.

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