Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 321
Fire Protection Districts


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Chapter Cross Reference
Age requirements for firefighters in compliance with federal law is not unlawful employment practice, 213.055
Buildings and residences, emergency, location of property, ordinance may be enacted to require conspicuous posting of address for emergency location, fire department's duty to enforce, 67.318
Defibrillator emergency program requirements, 190.092
Donation of used personal protection clothing or equipment, immunity from liability, when, 320.091
Emergency central dispatching service alternate funding by county sales tax, 190.335 to 190.340
Explosives, temporary storage in the workplace, notification, duties, 292.617
Fire districts to defend actions against firemen, when, 537.165
Firefighting equipment exception to motor vehicle size restrictions, 304.172
Firemen's arbitration board, 290.350 to 290.380
Information to be filed annually with state fire marshal, 320.271
Personal protective equipment, standards for purchasing, 320.088
Protective equipment, labeling requirement violation, penalty, 320.089
321.010 Definitions--election procedure.
321.015. District director not to hold other lucrative employment--exemptions certain counties and employment--lucrative office or employment, defined.
321.017. Employee of fire protection district or ambulance district not to be member of board, exception--former board members ineligible for employment by the board for twelve months.
321.020. Circuit court may establish districts.
321.030. Petition required for organization of fire district--who to sign.
321.040. Contents of petition.
321.050. Amendment of petition--similar petitions or duplicates.
321.060. Filing fee.
321.070. Publication of notice of hearing--fixing time and place.
321.080. Jurisdiction of proceedings--judge owning property not disqualified.
321.090. Protesting petition may be filed--who to sign--contents.
321.100. Hearing--adjudication--corporate powers.
321.110. Dismissal of proceedings--costs--review.
321.120. Election before decree becomes conclusive--decree to determine number of directors--ballot form--successor directors, terms--may increase number of directors, exception--ballot, form--terms.
321.130. Directors, qualifications--candidate filing fee, oath.
321.140. Final order establishing district deemed conclusive--quo warranto--collateral attack.
321.150. Filing of copies of findings and decrees incorporating district.
321.160. Board members to file oaths of office--surety bonds.
321.162. Educational training required for board of directors.
321.170. Board to select officers--seal--records.
321.180. Treasurer's duties--file bond--make annual financial statement.
321.190. Attendance fees authorized--reimbursement for expenses--secretary and treasurer, additional compensation, how set, limitation.
321.200. Board meetings, quorum, vacancy--employment, suspension, discharge of employees--deployment of Missouri Task Force One or Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, emergency board meeting.
321.210. Election and terms of directors--filing fee.
321.220. Powers of board--employee benefits plan.
321.221. Municipality purchasing fire protection, annual payments, how computed.
321.222. Residential construction--definitions--regulatory system of city or county supersedes fire protection district regulations (Jefferson County).
321.223. Fire protection districts may contract to provide fire protection to municipalities not in the district, certain counties (including St. Louis County)--may also provide ambulance service, when.
321.225. Emergency ambulance and medical services, may provide--election--tax levy--defeat of levy, old levy to remain in effect--emergency, defined.
321.226. Emergency ambulance service outside district--fee for services for all districts--emergency defined.
321.228. Residential construction regulatory system, preemption of law by local governmental body over fire protection district, when, exceptions.
321.230. Power to levy and collect ad valorem taxes.
321.240. Tax levy, election, when--form of ballot.
321.241. Additional tax levy, when--form of ballot.
321.242. Additional sales tax, certain cities--ballot, form--fire protection sales tax trust fund, deposit of funds--abolition of tax, procedure--dissolution of district, effect.
321.243. Tax authorized for dispatching center and equipment and services in a certain county--requirements--funds, payment from--board of directors, members, qualifications--St. Charles County, special board, powers--Jefferson County, tax authorized.
321.244. Reduced tax levy may be increased to maximum limits, by elections, ballot form.
321.245. Personnel and equipment required for dispatching center.
321.246. Fire protection districts, sales tax authorized for districts within certain counties and cities--ballot contents--trust fund--collection by director of revenue--refunds.
321.250. Board to certify rate of levy to county commission.
321.260. Matters considered when certifying annual levies--additional levies.
321.270. Duty to levy and collect taxes--delinquent taxes constitute a lien.
321.280. Property may be sold for nonpayment of taxes.
321.290. Reserve fund, taxes for.
321.300. Boundaries of districts may be changed, procedure, certain counties--additional training not required, when.
321.301. Extension of boundaries if petition does not include all required signatures, effect--election, ballot form.
321.302. Recording of boundary extension, duties--fees.
321.310. Exclusion of property from district on petition of property owners.
321.320. Property in city of 40,000 inhabitants not wholly within district, to be excluded.
321.322. Cities with population of 2,500 to 65,000 with fire department, annexing property in a fire protection district--rights and duties, procedure--exception.
321.330. Property not to be subject to taxes, when.
321.340. Bonds of district.
321.350. Election to vote on issuing bonds or creating indebtedness.
321.360. Form of ballot.
321.370. Results of election to be announced.
321.380. Percentage necessary to create indebtedness--subsequent submission.
321.390. Petition for dissolution of district--submission of question.
321.400. Circuit court may call for an election to determine dissolution of district.
321.410. Effect of dissolution--appointment of trustee.
321.430. Prior obligations remain valid.
321.440. When notice not given as required, procedure of court.
321.450. Cases arising under this chapter to be advanced on docket--courts always open.
321.460. Consolidation of districts, procedure--may also provide ambulance service--election, ballot form.
321.465. Consolidated district, status--transfer of assets and liabilities.
321.470. Recording of order of consolidation--fee (constitutional charter counties).
321.490. Initiative and referendum authorized.
321.495. Form of petition.
321.500. Signatures required for referendum or initiative petition--submission of question--vote required.
321.506. Fire district may contract with private provider--ballot.
321.552. Sales tax authorized in certain counties (all except Greene, Platte, Clay, St. Louis, and St. Charles counties) for ambulance and fire protection--ballot language--special trust fund established--refunds authorized.
321.554. Adjustment in total operating levy of district based on sales tax revenue, exceptions--general reassessment, effect of.
321.556. Repeal of sales tax, procedure, exceptions--ballot language.
321.600. Powers of board in providing fire protection--employee benefits plan (first class counties).
321.603. Attendance fees permitted, fire district board members (first classification charter counties).
321.610. Rate of levy--limit--additional levies by vote of people--elections held when--form of ballot (counties, first class).
321.620. Ambulance and emergency medical services may be provided--emergency, defined--election held when, procedure to call--additional tax levy, amount--if tax levy fails, old levy to remain in effect.
321.622. Responding to fires or emergencies beyond corporate boundaries, exception--liabilities for claims, death or injuries--charges for responding.
321.687. Consolidation of two or more fire districts, procedure--board of directors, terms (St. Louis County).
321.688. Consolidation of districts--ballot language--effect of.
321.690. Audits to be performed, when--rules established by state auditor (Christian County fire protection districts exempt from audits).
321.700. Dissolution of district, funds distributed to city, when.
321.701. Members of board subject to recall--exceptions.
321.703. Notice of intent to circulate recall petition, service, contents--answer--purpose.
321.707. Petition for recall, content.
321.709. Affidavit to be attached to each section of the petition--content.
321.711. Recall petition, number of signatures required, time limitation--petition found insufficient, supplemental petition may be filed, when--supplemental petition insufficient, effect.
321.714. Certification of petition by election authority, content, election to be held--candidacy nomination filed--resignation by board member, recall to be removed from ballot--resigned board member may not fill vacancy.
321.716. Laws governing recall election, costs, how paid.
321.800. Retirement plan, board may establish.

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