Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 323
Liquefied Petroleum Gases


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Inspection duties transferred to department of agriculture, 261.023
Weight and measure laws as to measuring devices not applicable to LPG, 413.226
323.005 Citation of law.
323.010. Definitions.
323.020. Commission to promulgate standards, rulemaking procedure--conformity with national standards.
323.025. Missouri propane gas commission created, powers and duties, members, terms, meetings--executive director--secretary to keep records--surety bond for members--annual report.
323.030. Liquefied petroleum gas container, who may refill.
323.050. Municipal ordinances in conflict with this chapter prohibited.
323.060. Retail distributors to be registered--nonresidents to comply--immunity from liability, when--exemptions.
323.070. Safety standards for equipment--rules.
323.075. Third-party compensation, financial responsibility to be demonstrated for registration, methods--rulemaking authority.
323.080. Registration suspended, grounds--notice--hearing.
323.090. Suspension order may be appealed to circuit court.
323.100. Inspection of liquid meters--inaccurate meters condemned--fee--report--fee schedule to be published.
323.105. Fee for odorized propane, amount--payment of assessment, when--fund created, use of moneys.
323.110. Penalty for violation--attorney general may bring action--administrative hearing, cease and desist order, penalty, appeal.
323.115. Violations to be referred to the attorney general--civil penalties authorized.
323.210. Minimum general safety standards for motor vehicle fuel systems--registration required.

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