Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 326


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Master's degree in accounting may be offered by certain state colleges, board's powers and duties, 174.324
Military service, exemption from certification requirements, 41.950
Refusal to grant permit hearing by administrative hearing commission, procedure, 621.120
326.250. Citation of law.
326.253. Policy statement, purpose clause.
326.256. Definitions.
326.259. Missouri state board of accountancy established, appointment, members, qualifications, terms, removal.
326.262. Rulemaking authority--office maintained in Jefferson City.
326.265. Officers elected by board, employment of legal counsel and personnel--continuing education committee, duties.
326.268. Meetings--examination of applicants, content, fees--compensation of board members.
326.271. Rulemaking authority, conduct of matters and continuing education.
326.274. Investigation of complaints by board.
326.277. Eligibility for examination, education requirements.
326.280. License issued, when--reexamination and fees--temporary license issued, when.
326.283. Reciprocity for out-of-state accountants--licensee of this state committing act in another state, effect.
326.286. Issuance and renewal of licenses, when, term--license holder by foreign authority, state license issued, when.
326.289. Issuance and renewal of permits, procedure.
326.292. Issuance of reports on financial statements, license required--use of CPA or CA title, when--violations, penalty.
326.295. Confidential information, peer review--immunity from civil liability, when.
326.298. Acts which may be enjoined by court--venue.
326.304. Attorney general or other legal counsel to represent board in certain proceedings.
326.307. Use of certain titles, prima facie evidence that persons hold themselves out as accountants.
326.310. Refusal to issue license or permit, grounds for refusal--complaint filed with administrative hearing commission, when, procedure--disciplinary actions authorized by board.
326.313. Revocation of permit, when.
326.316. Issuance of new license after revocation, when.
326.319. Division to collect moneys--fund created--costs paid by respondent in proceedings, when--fees set by board.
326.322. Client confidentiality rules.
326.325. Work product, property of licensee--consent of client necessary for disclosure.
326.328. Secretary of state to act as applicant's agent, when.
326.331. Severability clause.

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