Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 327
Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Commission land survey advisory, appointment, qualification reports, 60.620
Design professionals, peer review process, requirements, expiration date, 537.033
Earthquake and disaster volunteer program, expenses, immunity from liability, 44.023
Malpractice insurance, assessment plan architects may participate in, 383.010
Military service, exemption from certification requirements, 41.950
Property markers, prohibition on removal or destroying, when, penalty, 60.355
Public works contractor bond requirement not to include architects, engineers, or land surveyors, 107.170
Refusal to grant certificate, hearing by administrative hearing commission, procedure, 621.120
State buildings, improvement projects, repairs, architects and engineering fees, permitted when, 8.310
Surveyors legal evidence, standards, expires when, 60.150
Surveyor's lost corners, reestablishment procedure, 60.315
327.011 Definitions.
327.031. Board established, membership, officers, qualifications of members--how appointed--terms--vacancy, how filled--may sue and be sued.
327.041. Board, powers and duties--rules, generally, this chapter, procedure.
327.051. Meetings, when--personnel, employment--compensation of board members.
327.061. Office, where.
327.075. Injunction authorized, when.
327.076. Licensure required, penalty for violation--complaint procedure.
327.077. Civil penalties may be imposed, when--amount, limit, determination of--settlement requirements.
327.081. Fund established, deposits--expenditures, how paid--transferred to general revenue, when.
327.091. Practice of architecture defined.
327.101. Unauthorized practice prohibited--persons excepted.
327.106. Reciprocity for architects licensed in Canada, requirements.
327.131. Applicant for license as architect, qualifications.
327.141. Application, form, fee.
327.151. Examination for license, content--passing grade, how determined.
327.161. Reexamination, when.
327.171. Professional license, renewal.
327.172. Inactive license status granted, when, procedure--return to active status, procedure.
327.181. Practice as professional engineer defined--use of titles, restrictions.
327.191. Unauthorized practice prohibited, persons excepted.
327.221. Applicant for license as professional engineer, qualifications.
327.231. Application, form, fee.
327.241. Examination for license two-part, how conducted--practical experience required for part two.
327.251. Reexamination, when.
327.261. Professional license, renewal.
327.271. Inactive license, requirements--return to active.
Cross Reference

Corners lost, reestablishment, procedure, 60.315 ***

327.272. Practice as professional land surveyor defined.
327.281. Unauthorized practice prohibited.
327.312. Land surveyor-in-training applicant for enrollment, qualifications--certificate issued when.
327.313. Application for enrollment, form, content, references, fee, false affidavit, penalty.
327.314. Professional land surveyor, applicant for license, qualifications.
327.321. Application--form--references--fee.
327.331. Examinations, land surveyor-in-training and land surveyors--notice--content--grade required to pass--effect.
327.341. Reexamination, when.
327.351. Professional license renewal--expired or suspended license, renewal procedure--professional development requirements for renewal, exception.
327.361. Recording of certain documents not properly executed by land surveyor, prohibited--penalty.
327.371. Surveyor exempt from trespass but liable for damages.
327.381. Board may license architect, professional engineer, professional land surveyor or professional landscape architect without examination, when.
327.392. Professional engineering license issued, when.
327.401. Right to practice not transferable--corporation, certificate of authority required.
327.411. Personal seal, how used, effect of.
327.421. Political subdivisions not to use unlicensed architects, professional engineers or professional land surveyors.
327.431. Fees to be set by board, how.
327.441. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license or certificate, grounds for.
327.442. Disciplinary hearing for censure of license to be held, when.
327.451. Charges of improper conduct, how filed, contents--administrative hearing commission to hear.
327.461. Contract with unlicensed architect, professional engineer, professional land surveyor, or professional landscape architect unenforceable by them.
327.465. Certificate of registration or authority not required, when--definitions.
327.471. Attorney general to assist board with legal assistance.
327.481. Inconsistent laws repealed.
327.600. Definitions.
327.603. License required to use title of professional landscape architect.
327.607. Examination--authority of board--may obtain services of specially trained persons.
327.612. Applicants for licensure as professional landscape architect--qualifications.
327.615. Application, form, content, oath or affirmation of truth, penalties for making false affidavit, fee.
327.617. Examination--appearance before the board--form, content, and duration of examination--passing grade fixed by the board.
327.619. Examination, failure to pass--reexamination, when.
327.621. License renewal, fee--failure to renew, effect--reinstatement when--renewal or reregistration form and fee.
327.622. Inactive license status permitted, when.
327.629. Licensure as professional landscape architect required to practice, exceptions.
327.630. Right to practice as professional landscape architect personal right and not transferable--may practice as member of partnership or corporation.
327.635. Laws not directive to state or political subdivision that they employ professional landscape architects.

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