Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 337
Psychologists--Professional Counselors--Social Workers


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Chapter Cross Reference
Complaints filed by incarcerated individuals against certain health care professionals, disposition of records, 332.316, 334.098, 335.068, 337.068
Costs, estimate of, provided upon written request, 191.875
Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions not authorized, 346.137
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.910
Identification badges, health care facilities personnel required to wear, when, 197.705
Liens, distribution of insurance proceeds, 430.225
Malpractice actions, procedure, damage limitations, Chap. 538
Military service, exemption from certification requirements, 41.950
Missouri state advisory council on pain and symptom management, mental health services provider to be a member of, 192.350
Repressed memory therapy, recovered memory therapy, reparenting therapy or multiple personality disorder treatment, qualifications to practice, 632.560
Temporary license issued for out-of-state health care professionals, military, trauma training or disaster response, when, 190.500
Volunteer health services act, 191.1100 to 191.1112
Witnesses, psychologist incompetent to testify, when, 491.060
337.010. Definitions.
337.015. Practice of psychology regulated--practice of psychology, defined.
337.020. Temporary, provisional or permanent licenses, application, qualifications, examinations, fees.
337.021. Educational and experience requirements for licensure, certain persons.
337.025. Educational and experience requirements for licensure, certain persons.
337.027. Educational requirements deemed met, when.
337.029. Licenses based on reciprocity to be issued, when--health service provider certification eligibility.
337.030. License renewal, registration fee, proof of compliance--late registration, penalty--lost certificate, how replaced--fees, amount, how set--inactive license issued, when.
337.033. Limitations on areas of practice--relevant professional education and training, defined--criteria for program of graduate study--health service provider certification, requirements for certain persons--automatic certification for certain persons.
337.035. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license, grounds for--interested third party, defined.
337.041. Discrimination prohibited.
337.045. Exempted professions and occupations--temporary practice authorized.
337.050. State committee of psychologists created--members, qualifications, compensation, removal--rules, procedure--powers of committee, seal--continuing education, proof of completion submitted with license renewal, types of continuing education, committee powers.
337.055. Privileged communications, when.
337.060. Licensed psychologists not to practice medicine.
337.065. Violations, penalty, refund of fees--duties of committee--injunctions--civil immunity, when--venue.
337.068. Complaints of prisoners--disposition of certain records.
337.070. Local governments prohibited from taxing or licensing psychologists.
337.085. Fees, collection, disposition, use.
337.090. License or directory not to include degree on which license was issued.
337.093. Application of law.
337.300. Definitions.
337.305. Advisory board created, members, terms, meetings, vacancies.
337.310. Board powers and duties.
337.315. Intervention requirements--licensure requirements--temporary licenses--provisional license--practice of applied behavior analysis--violation, penalty.
337.320. Renewal of licensure, procedure.
337.325. Limitation on practice.
337.330. Refusal of licensure--complaint procedure.
337.335. Violations, penalty.
337.340. Fees--collection and deposit.
337.347. Reimbursement and billing for provisionally and temporary licensed analysts.
337.500. Definitions.
337.503. Discrimination in promulgation of regulations prohibited.
337.505. License required--exempted professions and occupations.
337.507. Applications, contents, fees--failure to renew, effect--replacement of certificates, when--fund established--examination, when, notice.
337.510. Requirements for licensure--reciprocity--provisional professional counselor license issued, when, requirements--renewal license fee.
337.515. License expiration, renewal, fees.
337.520. Rules and regulations, procedure.
337.525. Grounds for refusal, revocation or suspension of license--civil immunity, when--procedure upon filing complaint.
337.528. Confidentiality of complaint documentation, when--destruction of information permitted, when.
337.530. Violations, penalty--refund of fees for services--duties of department--injunctions, grounds for--venue.
337.535. Committee established--qualifications of members, terms--compensation--meetings, quorum--removal of members.
337.540. Privileged communications, when.
337.600. Definitions.
337.603. License required--exemptions from licensure.
337.604. Title of social worker, requirements to use title.
337.612. Applications, contents, fee--fund established--renewal, fee--lost certificate, how replaced.
337.615. Education, experience requirements--reciprocity--licenses issued, when.
337.618. License expiration, renewal, fees, continuing education requirements.
337.621. Temporary permits.
337.622. State committee for social workers--membership, removal and vacancies.
337.627. Rules and regulations, procedure.
337.630. Grounds for refusal, revocation or suspension of license--civil immunity, when--procedure upon filing complaint.
337.633. Violations, penalty--refund of fees for service--duties of department--injunctions, grounds for--venue.
337.636. Privileged communications, when.
337.642. Discrimination against social workers in promulgation of rules prohibited.
337.643. Licensure required for use of title--practice authorized.
337.644. Application, contents--reciprocity--issuance of license, when.
337.645. Application information required--issuance of license, when.
337.646. License required for use of title.
337.647. Verification and acknowledgment of completion, requirements--rulemaking authority.
337.649. Documentation and disciplinary action prohibited, when--request to destroy documentation permitted, when--disclosure of complaint not required, when.
337.653. Baccalaureate social workers, license required, permitted activities.
337.662. Application for licensure, contents--renewal notices--replacement certificates provided, when--fees set by committee.
337.665. Information required to be furnished committee--reciprocity, when--certificate to practice independently issued, when.
337.671. Temporary permits issued, when.
337.683. Violations, penalty--committee may sue, when--actions permitted to be enjoined.
337.689. Licensees may be compelled to testify.
337.700. Definitions.
337.703. License required, exceptions.
337.705. Discrimination prohibited, when.
337.706. License required, exception for persons licensed in other state.
337.709. Laws not to be construed to require employment of marital and family therapists.
337.712. Licenses, application, oath, fee--lost certificates--fund.
337.715. Qualifications for licensure, exceptions.
337.718. License expiration, renewal fee--temporary permits.
337.727. Rulemaking authority.
337.730. Refusal to issue or renew, grounds, notice, rights of applicant--complaints filed with administrative hearing commission.
337.733. Violations of marital and family therapists law, penalty--attorney general, duties--injunctions--venue.
337.736. Confidentiality, exceptions.
337.739. Committee, members, qualifications, terms, meetings, expenses, removal.
337.750. (Transferred 2002; now 337.068)

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