Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 348
Authorities and Corporations for Economic and Technological Development--Small Businesses


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Chapter Cross Reference
Small employer health insurance availability act, 379.930 to 379.952
348.005. Law, how cited.
348.010. Purposes.
348.015. Definitions.
348.020. Authority created--powers to vest in commission--commissioners, number, appointment, qualifications.
348.025. Commission members, who may serve.
348.030. Commissioners' terms.
348.035. Bond required for commissioners, executive director and employees, cost.
348.040. Removal of commissioners from office, procedure.
348.045. Officers, terms.
348.050. Meetings, quorum--actions by resolution, requirements.
348.055. Expenses of commission, no compensation to be paid.
348.060. Employees, appointment, qualifications, compensation--executive director to be secretary.
348.065. Secretary's duties
348.070. Powers of authority.
348.075. Rules and regulations, promulgation, procedure.
348.080. Duties of authority.
348.085. Cooperation with federal and state agencies.
348.090. Additional powers of authority.
348.095. Termination of authority, rights and property to vest in state--exceptions.
348.100. Loans, authority may purchase or participate, requirements.
348.110. Bond issues and notes authorized.
348.115. Obligations not debt of the state or political subdivision--payable only from revenues or assets of authority.
348.120. Note issue and renewal--bond issues and refunding authorized.
348.125. Notes and bond issues to be authorized by resolution containing terms.
348.130. Pledges of authority to be liens on all authority assets.
348.135. Facsimile signatures, validity.
348.140. Redemption of notes and bonds--powers--price.
348.145. Issuance of refunding obligations--terms, how determined.
348.150. Sale or exchange of refunding obligation, proceeds, purposes and investments authorized.
348.155. Compliance with other state laws regulating bonds, notes, obligations, not required.
348.160. Alteration or impairment of terms, rights and remedies by state, prohibited--face of instruments to contain state pledge.
348.165. Official person executing bonds and notes, no personal liability.
348.170. Bonds and notes of authority deemed negotiable instruments, subject to registration.
348.175. Investment powers and limitations of authority.
348.180. Annual report--audit.
348.181. Records of Missouri agricultural and small business development authority to be closed, when.
348.185. Statement of purpose.
348.190. Loan guarantee program--rules, regulations, promulgation, procedure.
348.195. Certificate of guaranty may be issued, conditions--eligible lender, defined--participation fee, amount--limitation of amount.
348.200. Single-purpose animal facilities loan guarantee fund established--administration.
348.205. Money not needed may be invested.
348.210. Eligibility for guarantees for loans--rules--terms, conditions.
348.215. Policy of collection and recovery.
348.220. Animal waste facilities loan program guarantees--priorities, limitations.
348.225. Single-purpose animal facilities loan program fund created--purpose.
348.230. Linked deposit loans for dairy cows, first year of interest to be paid by authority--fee authorized.
348.235. Dairy business planning grants authorized--application procedure, fee--limit on grant--rulemaking authority.
348.250. Citation.
348.251. Missouri technology corporation, established--definitions--public hearing, notice.
348.251. Definitions--Missouri technology corporation may be established--corporation, defined--public hearing, notice.
348.253. (Repealed L. 2011 1st Ex. Sess. S.B. 7 § A)
348.253. Contracts with not-for-profit organizations, objectives.
348.256. Articles of incorporation, bylaws, methods of operation, content--members, qualifications--audits--evaluations--tax exemptions--conflicts of interest.
348.256. Articles of incorporation, bylaws, content--members, qualifications.
348.257. Executive committee established, members, duties--audit committee, duties--research alliance, report, contents--rules authority.
348.261. Powers--leveraging of nonstate resources--moneys, authority over--notice of financial assistance recipients to general assembly.
348.261. Powers.
348.262. Department may contract with corporations.
348.262. Department may contract with corporations.
348.263. Open meetings and sunshine law applicability--records, requirements.
348.263. Replaces corporation for business modernization and technology with Missouri technology corporation--transfer.
348.264. Science and innovation reinvestment fund established--source of funds--purpose.
348.264. Technology investment fund established--source of funds--purpose.
348.265. Base year gross wages calculation--transfer of funds, amount--expenditure of funds--strategic plan required.
348.266. Debts incurred not debt of the state--subject to not-for-profit corporation law.
348.269. No limitation on enumerated powers--prior authorization of general assembly for sale of assets--inapplicability of sunset act--severability clause.
348.271. Innovation centers to be established to develop new science and innovation-based business duties, reports--match requirements.
348.271. Innovation centers to be established to develop new technology-based business duties, reports.
348.272. Centers for advanced technology may be established in university-affiliated research institutes--requirements, funding limitations--duties of department of economic development.
348.275. Rulemaking authority, procedure.
348.280. Contingent effective date.
Cross Reference

Tax Credit Accountability Act of 2004, additional requirements, 135.800 to 135.830 ***

348.300. Definitions.
348.300. Definitions.
348.302. Tax credit, evidenced by certificate--may be used when--limitations on credit, credits transferable.
348.304. Certificates, how issued, limitations, exchanges.
348.306. Transfer of certificates, procedure, limitations.
348.308. Duties of director of economic development--issuance of certificates.
348.310. Acceptance of certificate in lieu of payment, reissuance of certificate for amount of unused balance.
348.312. Construction of provisions.
348.316. Report required from qualified funds, when, form, verified by affidavit, contents--duties of director of department of economic development--payment of taxes, due when.
348.318. Interest and penalty provisions, how determined--procedural matters, how determined.
348.400. Definitions.
348.403. Authority to develop program--rules--reject application, when.
348.406. Certificates of guaranty--fee--limitations.
348.407. Development and implementation of grants and loans--fee authority's powers--assistance to businesses--rules.
348.408. Agricultural product utilization grant fund established--limitation on grants.
348.409. Agricultural product utilization and business loan guarantee fund established.
348.410. Agricultural product utilization business development loan program fund established--duties of department of agriculture.
348.412. Use of loan proceeds--eligibility--rules.
348.414. Executive director's powers, compensation--funds and services not to be provided for projects outside state.
348.415. Collections.
348.426. Rules, effective, when--rules invalid and void, when.
348.430. Agricultural product utilization contributor tax credit--definitions--requirements--limitations--report.
348.432. New generation cooperative incentive tax credit--definitions--requirements--limitations--report.
348.434. Limitations on credits issued.
348.436. Expiration date.
348.438. Departments to provide assistance.
348.439. Oversight and report on credits.
348.500. Family farms act--definitions--loan program for livestock, qualifications--rulemaking authority.
348.505. Tax credit for family farm livestock loan program, procedure.
348.515. Recognition of benefit of providing assistance to certain family farm operations.
348.518. Livestock feed and crop input loan guarantee program established--rulemaking authority.
348.521. Authority to issue certificates of guaranty--eligible lender defined--fee authorized--limit on outstanding guaranteed loans.
348.524. Livestock feed and crop input loan guarantee fund established--use of moneys.
348.527. Investment of fund moneys.
348.530. Eligibility for loans--rulemaking authority.
348.533. Policy for collection and recovery of loans--action authorized to recover amounts due.

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