Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 349
Industrial Development Corporations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Industrial development funding, 100.250 to 100.297
349.010 Definitions.
349.012. Promotion of commercial and industrial development, powers of governing bodies of cities and counties.
349.015. No eminent domain.
349.020. Agricultural operations not authorized.
349.025. Who may be incorporators.
349.030. Articles of incorporation, form and contents of.
349.035. Articles, where filed--secretary of state to issue certificate, when.
349.040. Articles, how amended.
349.045. Board of directors, qualifications--exceptions for industrial development corporations (second, third, fourth class counties, St. Francois County)--appointment, terms--requirements for Lewis County.
349.050. Powers of corporation.
349.052. General and business corporation law applicable--exceptions.
349.055. Revenue bonds, issuance, provisions, sale.
349.060. Notes, issuance, provisions, sale.
349.065. Renewal notes, issued when, how.
349.070. Resolutions authorizing issuance of bonds or notes, provisions authorized in.
349.075. Trust agreements authorized.
349.080. Individuals not liable on notes or bonds.
349.085. Notes and bonds declared to be approved investments for fiduciaries.
349.090. Projects not tax exempt, exceptions--bond and note interest is exempt, exception.
349.095. Dissolution of corporation, effect of.
349.100. Disclaimer as to impairment of other powers of political subdivisions.
349.105. Annual report, contents.

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