Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 352
Religious and Charitable Associations--Charitable Gift Annuities


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Abandoned or unclaimed property, duty to report by certain entities exempt from federal tax, disposition of property, 447.540
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Donation of canned or perishable food to charitable or nonprofit organizations, procedure, 192.081
Door prizes or gifts by lot by charities not gambling or grounds to deny liquor or beer licenses, 313.665
General not-for-profit corporation law, Chap. 355
Names and emblems of benevolent societies protected, 417.150 to 417.190
Statute of limitation, not to extend to lands dedicated to public, pious or charitable use, 516.090
352.010 Incorporation of benevolent associations.
352.020. Character of associations which may incorporate.
352.030. May be formed to execute trusts.
352.040. Historical, library, museum and scientific associations may incorporate as charitable trusts--property perpetually dedicated--members--endowment funds.
352.050. What associations not to incorporate under this chapter--company formed to erect building for use of society, may incorporate.
352.060. Incorporation--procedure.
352.070. Amendment of charter.
352.080. Changing location--procedure.
352.090. Incorporated association may become fraternal benefit society.
352.100. Record kept.
352.110. Bylaws--provisions.
352.120. Dues--member's liability.
352.130. May acquire stock--power to hold real estate.
352.140. Benevolent corporations may be merged.
352.150. Proceedings to effect merger.
352.160. Property rights--how affected by merger.
352.170. Obligations not abated by merger.
352.180. Method of dissolution.
352.190. Application for dissolution--contents.
352.200. May oppose dissolution of association.
352.210. Decree of dissolution--disposition of property.
352.220. Certified copy of order filed with secretary of state.
352.230. Dissolved corporation to convey property to successor.
352.240. May be proceeded against by quo warranto, when.
352.245. Private foundations, prohibited activities.
352.400. Ministers, duty to report child abuse and neglect--definitions--designation of an agent.
352.500. Definitions.
352.505. Notice to department, contents.
352.510. Notice to donors, disclosure, required.
352.515. Issuance of annuity not business of insurance.
352.520. Department, duties--fines levied against qualified organizations for failure to comply.

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