Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 355
Nonprofit Corporation Law


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Chapter Cross Reference
Abandoned or unclaimed property, duty to report by certain entities exempt from federal tax, disposition of property, 447.540
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Donation of canned or perishable food to charitable or nonprofit organizations, procedure, 192.081
Neighborhood organization may appeal decision of an administrative officer to board of adjustment, when, procedure, 89.100
Neighborhood organization may appeal decision of board of adjustment, when, procedure, 89.110
Officers and members of certain corporations are immune from personal liability for official acts, exceptions, 537.117
Registration required annually, filed with secretary of state, 351.120
Transportation corporations, nonprofit, 238.300 to 238.367
355.001 Citation of law.
355.011. Filing requirements.
355.016. Forms.
355.020. Corporations subject to law--acceptance of law, procedure.
355.021. Fees.
355.023. Additional fee--expiration date.
355.025. Purposes for which organized.
355.026. Effective date of documents.
355.031. Correction of filed documents.
355.036. Filing duty of secretary of state--refusal--effect.
355.041. Mandamus action to compel filing.
355.046. Evidentiary effect of certificate.
355.051. Certificate of existence.
355.056. False document--penalty.
355.061. Power of secretary of state.
355.066. Definitions.
355.071. Notice--form--requirements.
355.076. Private foundations.
355.081. Court-ordered meetings.
355.086. Notice to attorney general, requirement.
355.096. Articles of incorporation--contents.
355.101. Corporate existence begins, when.
355.106. Liability for preincorporation actions.
355.111. Organizational meeting.
355.116. Bylaws.
355.121. Emergency bylaws and powers.
355.126. Purpose.
355.131. Duration, succession--general powers.
355.136. Emergency powers.
355.141. Power to act--challenge.
355.146. Corporate name requirements.
355.151. Reservation of name.
355.161. Registered office and agent.
355.166. Change of registered office or agent.
355.171. Resignation of registered agent.
355.176. Service.
355.181. Members.
355.186. Member's rights, obligations.
355.191. Membership transfer restricted, when.
355.196. Merger of domestic corporation.
355.197. Member's liabilities.
355.201. Creditor action against member.
355.206. Resignation of member.
355.211. Expulsion, suspension, termination of member--procedure.
355.216. Purchase of membership, restrictions.
355.221. Derivative suit--proceeding brought in the right of corporation.
355.226. Delegates.
355.229. Applicability of law.
355.231. Annual, regular meetings.
355.236. Special meetings.
355.241. Court-ordered meeting, grounds.
355.246. Action by written consent.
355.251. Notice of meeting.
355.256. Waiver of notice.
355.261. Manner of determining member's eligibility to notice, vote.
355.266. Action by written ballot.
355.271. List of members.
355.276. Number of votes per member.
355.281. Quorum requirement.
355.286. Votes of majority of quorum, effect.
355.291. Proxy vote.
355.296. Cumulative voting.
355.301. Alternative methods of electing directors.
355.306. Corporation's acceptance of vote, effect.
355.316. Requirement for, duties of board--name of board, permissible alternatives.
355.321. Directors' qualifications.
355.326. Election, designation of members.
355.331. Terms of directors, generally.
355.336. Staggered terms of directors.
355.341. Resignation of directors.
355.346. Removal of directors.
355.351. Removal of appointed directors.
355.356. Removal of director by court.
355.361. Vacancy on board.
355.366. Compensation of directors.
355.376. Regular and special meetings.
355.381. Action without meeting.
355.386. Call and notice of meetings.
355.391. Waiver of notice.
355.401. Quorum and voting.
355.406. Committees of the board.
355.416. Director's conflict of interest.
355.421. Loans, guarantees for directors, officers.
355.426. Liability for unlawful distribution.
355.431. Required officers.
355.446. Resignation, removal of officers.
355.451. Officer's contract rights.
355.456. Execution of contracts by officers.
355.461. Indemnification--definitions.
355.471. Indemnification of directors.
355.476. Indemnification of other persons.
355.495. Powers of general assembly.
355.496. Insurance.
355.500. Corporations organized under chapter 352 to continue.
355.501. Validity of indemnification, advance for expenses.
355.551. Amendment of articles.
355.556. Amendment of articles without member approval.
355.561. Amendment to articles by board or members.
355.566. Class voting by members on amendments.
355.571. Articles of amendment, delivery.
355.576. Restatement of articles of incorporation.
355.581. Amendment pursuant to judicial reorganization.
355.586. Effect of amendment.
355.591. Amendment by incorporators, directors.
355.596. Amendment by directors and members.
355.601. Class voting by members on amendments.
355.606. Approval of amendments.
355.611. Amendment terminating members or classes.
355.616. Plan of merger, approval.
355.621. Limitations upon mergers, certain companies.
355.626. Approval of plan of merger.
355.631. Articles of merger.
355.636. Effect of merger.
355.641. Merger with foreign corporation.
355.646. Donations inure to surviving corporation.
355.651. Sale, encumbrance of property.
355.656. Approval required, certain transactions.
355.661. Prohibited and authorized distributions.
355.666. Dissolution, articles of, notice, plan.
355.671. Authorization, approval of dissolution.
355.676. Dissolution of public benefit corporation.
355.681. Articles of dissolution, contents.
355.686. Revocation of dissolution.
355.688. Duty to continue report, tax payments.
355.691. Effect of dissolution.
355.696. Claims against dissolved corporation.
355.701. Notice of dissolution--unknown claims.
355.702. Claims for which corporation will indemnify.
355.703. Articles of termination, contents.
355.706. Administrative dissolution, grounds.
355.711. Procedure, effect of administrative dissolution.
355.716. Reinstatement after administrative dissolution or forfeiture.
355.721. Appeal from denial of reinstatement.
355.726. Judicial dissolution.
355.731. Procedure, judicial dissolution.
355.736. Receivership--custodianship.
355.741. Decree of dissolution.
355.746. Assets of dissolved corporation--deposit with state treasurer.
355.751. Foreign corporation, certificate of authority--transportation of business.
355.756. Consequences of transacting business without certificate of authority.
355.761. Application for certificate of authority.
355.766. Amended certificate of authority.
355.771. Effect of certificate of authority.
355.776. Name of foreign corporation.
355.781. Registered office, agent of foreign corporation.
355.786. Change of registered office, agent.
355.791. Resignation of registered agent, foreign corporation.
355.796. Service upon foreign corporation.
355.801. Withdrawal of foreign corporation.
355.806. Revocation of certificate of authority, grounds.
355.811. Procedure, effect of revocation.
355.813. Reinstatement after administrative revocation.
355.816. Appeal from revocation.
355.821. Corporate records.
355.826. Member's inspection of records.
355.831. Scope of inspection right.
355.836. Court-ordered inspection.
355.841. Use of membership lists.
355.846. Furnishing of financial statements.
355.851. Report of indemnification or advance.
355.856. Corporate registration report.
355.857. Option of biennial filing of corporate registration reports.
355.866. Existing authorized foreign corporations.
355.871. Repeal of chapter 355 in 1994, effects.
355.881. Designation of public, mutual benefit corporations.

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