Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 357
Cooperative Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Missouri Cooperative Association Act, 351.1000 to 351.1228
Nonprofit cooperative associations, how formed, powers, scope, how administered, fees, Chap. 274
357.010. Authorization of cooperative plan--purposes--other corporations may convert to cooperatives, procedure.
357.015. Housing cooperative, defined, limitations.
357.020. Articles of incorporation--filing--certificate.
357.030. Amendments to articles--change in number of authorized shares--fees.
357.040. Issuance of common and preferred stock.
357.050. Limit of shares.
357.060. Fees for incorporation.
357.070. Fees of recorder of deeds.
357.080. Management by board--election--removal.
357.090. Election of directors.
357.100. Business policies--control--vote.
357.110. Proxies, how voted.
357.120. Stock, who may purchase.
357.130. Method of distribution of earnings of association--provisions of bylaws.
357.140. Auditing of books annually.
357.150. Use of funds.
357.160. Private property exempt.
357.170. Prior cooperative associations.
357.180. Dissolution proceedings, how taken.
357.190. Use of the name "cooperative" prohibited.

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