Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 360
Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Act


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Contracts or leases for facilities funded by appropriation to be first approved by the general assembly, 21.527
360.010 Short title.
360.015. Definitions.
360.020. Authority established--membership, terms--vacancy, how filled--removal of member, when.
360.025. Meetings to be open--quorum--notice--expenses of members.
360.030. Officers of authority, how selected--powers and duties, how fixed.
360.035. Bond required, amount of.
360.040. Conflict of interest not applicable, when.
360.045. Powers of authority--transfer of moneys to rebuild damaged infrastructure fund.
360.046. Missouri college savings bonds, purpose, guidelines established by authority.
360.047. Power of authority in issuance of bonds, notes or indebtedness--authority to conduct public hearings, when.
360.050. Authority must act as lessor only--term of lease--rentals, how set.
360.055. Acquisition of property authorized--participating health or educational institution, power to borrow funds from authority.
360.060. Bonds, form of, terms--how sold.
360.065. Subsequent or additional issues of bonds, when--refunding bonds, when.
360.070. Bonds and interest coupons declared negotiable instruments.
360.075. Bonds, how secured.
360.080. Bonds not an obligation of the state.
360.085. Income of authority tax exempt--bonds deemed to be securities issued by public instrumentality.
360.090. Authority to be self-supporting, exception.
360.095. Initial planning service fee, amount of, how determined--proration of fee, when.
360.100. Conveyance to participating institution, when made.
360.105. Financing by purchase of securities of participating institution authorized--such securities to be secured, how.
360.106. Definitions--bonds or notes issued for loans to or purchase of notes of school districts and community colleges--how secured--investment of funds--bids required for professional services furnished--report by authority due when.
360.107. Bonds or notes to finance working capital, security for--working capital defined.
360.108. Bonds or notes to finance self-insurance or risk management programs, effect of programs.
360.109. Bonds or notes to finance desegregation of schools, powers of authority.
360.110. Sections 360.010 to 360.140 not exclusive of other provisions of law.
360.111. School districts or public community colleges may participate in a direct deposit agreement--participation a waiver of right to bankruptcy.
360.112. Authority to serve as administrator for issuance--commissioner of education and state treasurer's authority.
360.113. Districts with direct deposit agreement eligible for one-time grant for each issue for construction or to refinance lease purchase grant, amount.
360.114. Authority to determine grant amount, actual cost of issuance, when--transfers to be at no cost to school district.
360.115. Proceeds of bond sales and fees collected are not revenue of the state.
360.116. Payment of grants, procedure--refunding or refinancing existing bonds, net present value savings amount.
360.117. Funding for grants less than amount of grants distributable, first priority construction or renovation projects.
360.118. Authority's power to invest, when--earnings attributable to district, distribution--law not applicable to finance new lease purchase agreement.
360.120. Approved investments.
360.125. Bonds issued by authority, fiduciaries may invest in.
360.130. Facilities not public buildings.
360.135. Authority to be tax exempt--proceeds of bonds tax exempt, exception.
360.140. Authority assigned to the office of administration--report to director required.

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