Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 361
Division of Finance and Powers of Director of Finance


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Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Director to approve articles of development finance corporation, 371.030
Disclosure of nonpublic information by financial institutions prohibited, authority for rules, 362.422
Duties of director when bank suspends operations, 362.505 to 362.515
Fiduciary capacity, transfer between affiliated bank and trust companies, procedure, duties, 362.331
Fiduciary obligations, bank or trust company may transfer, procedure, duties, 362.332
Issue and sale of bank stock, 362.075 to 362.100
Liability of banks and trust companies for assessments by director, 362.405
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Rights and powers of banks, 362.105 to 362.120
Savings and loan associations, regulation of, Chap. 369
Second mortgages, violations caused by reliance on written interpretations by division, effect on interest and penalties, 408.236, 408.240
Small loan business, powers of director, 367.100 to 367.215
Small loans, violations caused by reliance on written interpretations by division, effect on penalties, 408.240
Title lenders, 367.500 to 367.533
Urban Redevelopment Corporation mortgages legal investments, 353.150
361.005 Definitions, chapters 361, 362, and 369.
361.010. Division of finance created--location of office--transfer of division.
361.020. Powers of division.
361.030. Seal--recording of documents.
361.040. Director--appointment--term of office.
361.050. Director--qualifications.
361.060. Deputy director--appointment--qualifications--duties.
361.070. Director and employees--oath--bond--prohibited acts--professional conduct policy--powers of director.
361.080. Confidential information--exceptions--penalty for disclosure.
361.090. Compensation and travel expenses, how paid.
361.092. State banking and savings and loan board created.
361.093. Board to advise and recommend.
361.094. Board to determine appeals--procedure--hearing officer authorized.
361.095. Procedure on appeals--costs--parties--judicial review.
361.096. Board may subpoena witnesses at hearings--oaths--enforcement of subpoena or testimony.
361.097. Board members, appointment, qualifications, terms.
361.098. Board members, compensation--quorum of board--meetings--seal.
361.100. Deposits in state treasury.
361.105. Director of finance authorized to issue rules with approval of state banking and savings and loan board--rulemaking procedure.
361.110. Report of work of division, contents.
361.120. Preservation of records--report to governor--destruction of records, when.
361.130. Reports to director--information accepted in lieu of reports.
361.140. Preparation of information for report of department of economic development.
361.150. Acceptance of gifts or favors prohibited.
361.160. Examination of banks and trust companies.
361.170. Expenses of examination, how paid--salary schedule for division employees to be maintained--division of finance fund, created, uses, transfers to general revenue fund, when.
361.180. False report of corporation solvency.
361.190. Claims entitled to priority, liquidation or insolvency.
361.200. Unclaimed deposits, dividends and interest--deposit by director in trust--preference.
361.220. Index of persons entitled to unclaimed sums--payment to persons entitled.
361.230. Branch offices--approval--certificate.
361.240. Director's approval--discretion--filing--written waivers required.
361.250. Extensions of time by director.
361.259. Director's powers extend to out-of-state banks operating in Missouri.
361.260. Violations, director to serve written notice of charges--hearing, temporary orders, when--orders set aside, procedure--penalty.
361.261. Authority to issue orders--includes certain other powers.
361.262. Removal or suspension from office, grounds--written notice of intention, effective when--served on whom.
361.264. Notice of intention to remove or prohibit participation, content--hearing, failure to appear, effect--order issued when, effective when.
361.266. Stay of suspension or prohibition, procedure.
361.267. Information, complaint or indictment of director, officers or other persons--certain charges, effect, procedure.
361.268. Powers of the board of directors vested in director of finance, when--temporary directors appointed.
361.269. Notice of suspension or removal, effective when--appeal to director, when--hearings, where held.
361.270. Report to attorney general and action by him in certain cases.
361.280. Proceedings in name of director for violations of the provisions of this chapter.
361.290. Penalty for neglect of duty or misfeasance or malfeasance in office.
361.300. Director may take possession of property of corporation.
361.310. Information to prosecuting attorney.
361.320. Director may maintain action against officers, when.
361.330. Corporation not to make assignment--duty when in failing condition.
361.340. Circumstances under which possession by director may terminate.
361.350. Director may report delinquencies to attorney general to procure judgment of dissolution--reports presumptive evidence.
361.360. Director's possession may be challenged, when.
361.365. Director may appoint the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as liquidating agent--effect of.
361.370. Director may surrender possession for resumption or liquidation.
361.380. Surrender for liquidation.
361.390. Liquidation--special deputy may be appointed.
361.400. Director's assistant may be appointed as special deputy.
361.410. Expenses of liquidation, how paid.
361.420. Procedure of director to obtain possession of pleadings in actions against which attorneys' liens are asserted.
361.430. On taking possession, director shall notify those holding assets--effect of notification.
361.440. Inventory of assets to be made and filed.
361.450. Disposition by director of property held by delinquent as bailee or depositary for hire.
361.460. Effect of director's notice to remove upon contract of bailment or of deposit for hire.
361.470. Liquidation and conservation of assets--compounding debts and compromising certain claims.
361.480. Director may borrow on assets of closed corporation.
361.490. Deposit of moneys collected--preference.
361.500. Director's power to sue, execute instruments for delinquents--actions and proceedings preferred.
361.510. Notice to creditors to make proof of claims.
361.520. Director to list claims duly presented--when and where filed.
361.530. Objections to claims--procedure.
361.540. Claims approved or rejected--list of such claims.
361.550. Effect of accepting claims--statute of limitations for action upon claims not accepted--necessary allegations.
361.560. Judgments recovered after director takes possession shall not be liens.
361.570. Dividends to creditors--priorities--disposition of unclaimed dividends.
361.580. Director shall call stockholders' meeting after creditors are paid in full--proceedings at such meeting.
361.590. Duties of director where he continues liquidation--termination of corporate existence.
361.600. Duties of director where stockholders elect another to liquidate.
361.700. Sale of checks law, how cited--definitions.
361.705. License required to issue checks for consideration, exceptions--violations, penalty.
361.707. Application for license, content--investigation fee, applied to license fee, when.
361.711. Surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit required, costs, amount, special examinations.
361.715. License issued upon investigation, when--fee--charge for applications to amend and reissue.
361.718. Reserve required--director may demand proof, when.
361.720. Licensee may conduct business through unlicensed agents and employees.
361.723. Annual report filed with director, content.
361.725. Revocation or suspension of license--grounds--procedure.
361.727. Rules--authority.
361.729. Persons, firms, and corporations not subject to administrative penalty for acts performed in reliance on written interpretations.

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