Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 369
Savings and Loan Associations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Check kiting, penalty, 570.220
Definitions for chapter 369, 361.005
Disclosure of nonpublic information by financial institutions prohibited, authority for rules, 362.422
Failed savings and loan association, defined, 362.107
Failed savings and loan associations, investment by bank and trust companies, requirements, 362.107
False entries in the records of a financial institution with intent to defraud or injure, penalty, 570.217
Information to be furnished on applicants or recipients of public assistance, duties, penalty, 660.325 to 660.355
Liquor as collateral for loan, repossession, sale by lending institution, no license required, 311.401
Mortgage insurance, restriction, condition, 443.415
Right to financial privacy act, 408.675 to 408.700
Safety deposit box contents, unclaimed property, right to fees, charges and possessory liens, 447.587
Savings promotion programs, authorized, conditions, 408.800 to 408.815
Taxation, 148.610 to 148.710
Uniform electronic transactions act, 432.200 to 432.295
369.010 Short title.
369.014. Definitions.
369.019. Incorporation, requirements, procedure, contents of petition, fees.
369.024. Director to approve or deny petition--tentative approval--protest, how filed--final approval, effect of.
369.029. Perpetual existence, when commenced.
369.034. Incorporation fee, how computed, bond required.
369.039. Expense fund, mutual associations, purpose, amount--contributions, how repaid--associations exempted, when.
369.044. Bylaws, when and how adopted--approval by members.
369.049. Name shall include what, exceptions--prohibited words and phrases.
369.054. Office, location of--approval to establish or move, when--closing a branch office, notice.
369.059. Amendment of articles of incorporation, procedure.
369.064. Failure to commence business within six months, effect of.
369.069. Conversion to federal association, procedure, effect of.
369.074. Conversion to state association, procedure, effect of.
369.078. Conversion from mutual to capital stock association--requirements--rules of division, content--certificate of conversion, issued, when, effect of.
369.079. Merger or consolidation, procedure--association may charter interim association, when, procedure.
369.084. Merger, effect of.
369.086. Savings and loan holding company, defined--subsidiary, defined--registration, examination and regulation by division.
369.087. Association may convert, merge or consolidate with bank or trust company--procedure.
369.089. Dissolution.
369.094. Meetings, when, notice, voting.
369.099. Inspection of records, by whom--credit reporting, allowed when.
369.104. Publication of financial statement.
369.109. Directors, election, powers, qualifications, meetings.
369.114. Bonds, who shall have, amount, how and when modified--issuance by fidelity insurance company, requirements, modification of, procedure--reciprocal organization, when and how established.
369.124. Reimbursement of certain legal costs, when--liability insurance for certain personnel, who may issue, policy modifications, how--reciprocal organizations, when, annual report.
369.129. Association records, how kept.
369.134. Reserve account required.
369.139. Emergency rules and regulations, when.
369.144. Powers of an association.
369.145. Safe deposit boxes, same rights, powers and duties as bank and trust companies.
369.149. Mutual associations--liability and rights of members--rejection or limitation on memberships.
369.154. Accounts, who may own--contracts for--evidence of ownership--accounts of disabled person, how handled.
369.159. Fee or service charge authorized.
369.161. Savings and loan association or savings bank may act as custodian, when.
369.162. Irrevocable life insurance trusts--savings and loan associations may transfer fiduciary duty, when.
369.164. Attorney in fact, association may recognize, when.
369.169. Minors, association may treat as an adult, when.
369.174. Joint tenants' accounts, how handled.
369.176. State employee compensation deductions authorized for investment by office of administration.
369.179. Accounts in trust, how handled.
369.184. Fiduciary accounts, how handled.
369.186. Accounts payable to second named person upon death of first named person, how handled.
369.189. Deposits, form, terms and conditions, regulation of--director, imposition of restrictions and powers on associations, how.
369.191. Association may own or control safety vault.
369.192. Remedies in enforcement of liabilities and right of renters of safe deposit boxes.
369.194. Accounts declared legal investments for fiduciaries.
369.204. Earnings of accounts, how determined and distributed.
369.209. Withdrawal, how, when--failure to pay withdrawal applications, powers of director.
369.211. Joint renters of safe deposit box--survivor's rights.
369.212. Death of all lessees of safe deposit box, duties of association.
369.214. Redemption of accounts, how and when, effect of.
369.219. Approved investments.
369.224. Association to maintain liquid assets--minimum percentage, how set.
369.229. Approved transactions and loans.
369.234. Preference given association holding first lien.
369.239. Association may accept pledge of borrower's account or other additional collateral.
369.244. Association may purchase, convey or manage property in which it has a security interest--time limitation.
369.249. Director may regulate lending practices.
369.254. Association may invest in real property and mobile homes, when.
369.259. Unapproved transfer of encumbered property, effect of.
369.264. Lending association not liable to borrower or others for defective final product, when.
369.279. Examiners, appointment, duties--attorney authorized.
369.294. Certain interest in an association by director and examiners prohibited--information to be confidential, exceptions.
369.299. Powers and duties of director.
369.301. Rulemaking, procedure.
369.314. Powers and duties of board.
369.324. Examination costs, how paid--pro rata assessment, director to determine--division of savings and loan supervision fund, created, uses, transfers to general revenue fund, when.
369.329. Branch offices and agencies, approval required, exceptions--application for approval, contents--approval, when--hearing, procedures.
369.334. Reports may be required--examiners to have access to records.
369.338. Cease and desist orders, period of supervision, when, procedure, duties of association--costs, how fixed and paid.
369.339. Director to take over association, when--procedure.
369.344. Powers of director during take-over of association.
369.349. Liquidation by director, procedure.
369.354. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation may act as receiver or liquidator without bond.
369.359. Foreign association doing business in state must comply with regulation by division of finance.
369.361. Foreign associations adjoining states and principal business outside state, requirements to do business--principal business, how determined--control, defined.
369.364. Federal associations may have same powers as state associations.
369.367. Other provisions of law, applicable, when.
369.369. Penalty for false statement or certificate.
369.371. Costs of reproducing records--costs of appearing in court or deposition--limitation of liability.
369.670. Definitions.
369.675. Savings bank, establishment--articles of agreement, requirements.
369.678. Articles of agreement, requirements, filing, director's duties--recording of articles, where.
369.684. Examination required, expenses.
369.689. Certificate of organization, recorded.
369.695. Powers of savings bank--taxed, how.
369.699. Limits on investment.
369.703. Merger--conversion--trust powers--director's powers.
369.708. Law to apply.
369.714. Conversion, consolidation, merger.

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