Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 370
Credit Unions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Check kiting, penalty, 570.220
Disclosure of nonpublic information by financial institutions prohibited, authority for rules, 362.422
False entries in the records of a financial institution with intent to defraud or injure, penalty, 570.219
General corporation law, extent to which applicable to credit unions, 351.690
Information to be furnished on applicants or recipients of public assistance, duties, penalty, 660.325 to 660.355
Liquor as collateral for loan, repossession, sale by lending institution, no license required, 311.401
Right to financial privacy act, 408.675 to 408.700
Safety deposit box contents, unclaimed property, right to fees, charges and possessory liens, 447.587
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Savings promotion programs, authorized, conditions, 408.800 to 408.815
Taxation, 148.610 to 148.710
Uniform electronic transactions act, 432.200 to 432.295
370.005 Definitions.
370.006. Division of credit unions created--transfer--salary of director.
370.010. Credit union, how organized.
370.020. Certificate of organization, contents--membership shares, minimum, maximum par value.
370.030. Bylaws, contents.
370.040. Approval by director, certificate, provisional issuance, fee, examination.
370.050. Change of business location--notice--approval required.
370.060. Amendments to bylaws, effective when.
370.061. Credit union commission, created, members, term, compensation--credit union representative defined.
370.062. Duties.
370.063. Appeals--rules--nonseverability clause.
370.070. Powers of a credit union.
370.071. Additional powers of a credit union--membership fee allowed, when.
370.072. Safe deposit boxes, to have same rights, powers and duties as bank and trust companies.
370.073. Fee or service charge authorized, when.
370.075. Investment of credit union funds.
370.080. Membership of credit union, membership shares not to be pledged as security for loans.
370.081. Merger and consolidation of credit unions--additional member groups and geographic areas--appeals.
370.082. Retroactive applicability.
370.085. Membership shares, uses--valuation--withdrawal--redemption--dividends.
370.088. Branches required to be located in geographic area of the credit union.
370.090. Operation without having filed certificate of approval prohibited.
370.100. Division director--powers--qualifications--examiners and assistants.
370.101. Oath required, when--conflict of interest, when--administrative subpoena powers.
370.102. Confidentiality oath required, exceptions--confidentiality of information.
370.107. Annual fee--how computed--division of credit unions fund, created, uses--salary schedule of division employees to be maintained.
370.110. Annual reports--when--penalty for late, inaccurate or incomplete.
370.120. Annual examination or audit report, exception--subpoena power.
370.121. Examination report to be sent to credit unions for corrections and suggestions before final--file to be maintained.
370.130. Penalty for noncompliance.
370.140. Director, cease and desist orders--grounds--hearing--procedure--review, temporary orders.
370.150. Director may order suspension, possession, reorganization, merger, consolidation, liquidation--when, procedure.
370.151. Reorganization--approval--procedure, failure--liquidation.
370.154. Powers of receiver.
370.156. Withdrawal applications voided, when.
370.157. Director may remove officers, procedure.
370.158. Court may approve or modify reorganization or merger plan.
370.160. Fiscal year.
370.161. Notice of intention to remove, contents, procedure.
370.162. Appeal to circuit court, when.
370.163. Suspension of director or officer permitted, when, procedure.
370.164. Suspension, effect on board of directors, procedure.
370.165. Effective date of notice of suspension.
370.170. Meetings and special meetings, voting--proxies, when--action at meeting.
370.180. Board of directors, committees--election--terms--oath.
370.190. Directors to elect officers--duties established by board or bylaws.
370.200. Duties of board.
370.210. Compensation not allowed for board of directors--approval of other salaries required.
370.220. Duties of credit committee--credit manager authorized--delegation of loan authority--appeal from decision--extension of credit, when.
370.230. Powers and duties of supervisory committee.
370.235. Employees handling funds of credit union to give surety bond--duties of director.
370.240. Capital of credit unions.
370.250. Lien on shares, share certificates, deposits, share draft and checking accounts--effect.
370.260. Cancellation of shares--member to keep credit union informed of current address--locator service charge.
370.270. Entrance and transfer fees.
370.275. Trust accounts, requirements--beneficiaries' rights--payment a discharge of liability, when--death of trust account owner, procedure.
370.283. Minors may hold or release shares--subject to lien.
370.285. Retirement accounts and pension funds, authority to serve as trustee.
370.287. Jointly held shares, survival--effect of incapacity on joint tenancy--payment of shares, release and discharge of the credit union, when.
370.290. Power to borrow money from any source.
370.300. Loans, interest rate--charges--refunds to members.
370.310. Limitations on loans--installment loans--repayment--loans to directors and committee members, report required.
370.320. Reserve fund required.
370.325. Reserves, amounts required, waived when, procedure.
370.328. Reserve fund distribution, when.
370.330. Dividends, when declared--how paid.
370.340. Expulsion and withdrawal of members, expelled member's right to hearing--refunds.
370.350. Dissolution of credit union, liquidation procedure, rulemaking authority, procedure, generally, this chapter.
370.351. Credit unions may merge--directors to approve plan, procedure.
370.352. Consolidation into new credit union--directors to approve plan.
370.353. Submission of plan to meeting of members or shareholders--notice.
370.354. Vote required for approval--director may approve, when.
370.355. Certificate of merger or consolidation, issued when--copies, where filed.
370.356. Shareholder may object to merger or consolidation, procedure--payment of value of shares.
370.357. Effect of merger or consolidation.
370.358. Foreign credit union may apply for certificate--transfer of domestic credit union to another state.
370.359. Conversion from state to federal or federal to state credit union, procedure.
370.360. Unauthorized use of words "credit union" a misdemeanor.
370.362. Insurance required, contents--failure to obtain or maintain, effect--exceptions--limitations of insurers.
370.365. Central credit union defined--how formed--fee, how determined.
370.366. Central credit union conversion, consolidation or merger with bank or trust company, when, requirements.
370.390. Foreign credit union may operate in state, requirements.
370.395. State employees, deductions from compensation authorized, requirements.
370.400. Credit union may act as custodian, when.

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