Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 371
Development Finance Corporations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Uniform electronic transactions act, 432.200 to 432.295
371.010 Purpose of chapter.
371.020. Number of incorporators required.
371.030. Director of finance to investigate and approve proposed articles.
371.040. Organization may be completed after approval.
371.050. Certificate of organization to be filed--contents.
371.060. State banking and savings and loan board to direct issuance of certificate of incorporation, when.
371.070. Corporate existence begins, when--recording of articles.
371.080. Articles of incorporation--contents.
371.090. Amendment of articles, procedure--when effective.
371.100. Stockholders' meetings--election of directors--voting rights.
371.110. Board of directors to manage corporation--number, terms.
371.120. Members of corporation to be financial institutions--loans by members, limits.
371.130. Powers of corporation.
371.140. Development finance corporations subject to chapter 351 and have corporate powers and rights.
371.150. Accumulation of earned surplus, requirements.
371.160. Limit on obligations, exceptions.
371.170. Deposits and loans of funds, regulation--not to receive deposits.
371.180. Limitation on lending powers.
371.190. Examination by director of finance--reports.
371.200. Stockholders not to have preemptive rights.
371.210. Interest paid exempt from intangible and income taxes.
371.220. Corporate income exempt from income tax.
371.230. Compromise, arrangement or plan of reorganization, how adopted--effect.
371.240. Dissolution, when authorized--procedure.
371.250. Corporations and banks may own stock or securities of company, securities exempt.

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