Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 374
Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Autism spectrum disorder, insurance coverage, report, 376.1224
Building constituting nuisance, unsafe demolition, ordinance with insurance provisions, department's duties, 67.410 to 67.412
New state programs to sunset after six years, Missouri sunset act, 23.250 to 23.298
Penalties assessed by state agencies for delinquent reports or fees, limitations, 33.202
Pharmacy tax program, 338.500 to 338.550
Step therapy, enforcement by department, 376.2030 to 376.2036
Title insurance, real estate closings, violations, fine, 381.412
Underground storage tanks insurance fund, annual report on availability of private insurance, duties, 319.131
374.005 Department created, duties--definitions.
374.007. Statutory reference changes authorized.
374.010. Department--general powers.
374.015. Issuance of bulletins by director--definitions--bulleting not to have force and effect of law and are not binding.
374.018. Issuance of no-action letters by director--definitions--effect of letters--duty of department--letters not public records.
374.020. Director--qualifications--appointment.
374.030. Director--oath--bond.
374.040. Director--duties--administrative hearing commission law not applicable.
374.045. Director authorized to make rules and regulations, procedure, this chapter.
374.046. Relief issued by director for violations of state laws--considerations--notice--effective date of order--contents of order, procedures--penalty--costs--powers of director--service--order filed--noncompliance--modification of order--additional penalties--definitions.
374.047. Willful violation of state law, order--notice.
374.048. Violations of state laws, action in circuit court--relief--bond--venue--judgment--fund created.
374.049. Classification of violations--orders, penalties--enhancement of penalties--reduction of penalties--deposit and use of penalties--effective date.
374.050. Seal of office--effect.
374.051. Refusal of license and nonrenewal, applicant may appeal, procedure.
374.055. Grievance procedure.
374.056. Rulemaking authority, delivery methods.
374.057. Filing of records and signatures authorized when in compliance with federal law.
374.060. Office location and hours.
374.070. Office and records, public--copies--records disposed of or destroyed, when.
374.071. Insurance records exempt from public disclosure--release permitted, when.
374.075. Divisions, director may establish.
374.080. Deputy director, appointment, powers--governor to appoint, when.
374.085. Division of consumer affairs, duties--legal adviser may assist.
374.090. Actuary, chief market conduct examiner and chief financial examiner, qualifications--bond required.
374.100. Actuary--duties--fees.
374.110. Examiner--duties--assistants--fees.
374.115. Insurance examiners, compensation of.
374.120. Director to appoint employees--legal counsel--reinsurance analyst, qualifications.
374.130. Chief clerk, duties and powers.
374.150. Fees paid to director of revenue, exception--department of insurance, financial institutions and professional registration dedicated fund established, purpose--lapse into general revenue, when--annual transfer of moneys to general revenue.
374.160. Expenses, how paid--state liability--assessment against companies, director to make, how.
374.162. Insurance examiners fund, established--assessments against insurer, how determined, when.
374.170. Forms furnished companies.
374.180. Director to prepare report--publication--special reports.
374.182. Organization plan to be submitted--contents.
374.184. Director to prescribe by rule uniform claim forms for reporting--consultation, hearing--contents of forms--companies may request additional information--effective date of regulations.
374.185. Uniformity of regulation, director to cooperate.
374.190. Investigation of companies.
374.194. Health coverage providers to be subject to jurisdiction of department, exceptions--examination to be performed, when--requirements of health coverage providers.
374.202. Purpose of law--definitions.
374.205. Examination, director may conduct when, required when--duties--nonresident insurer, options, procedures--reports, contents, use of--hearings, procedures--working papers, records, confidential.
374.207. Examiners, appointment of, restrictions--expenses of examination, how paid--immunity of director, examiners.
374.210. False testimony--refusal to furnish information--penalties.
374.215. Failure to timely file report or statement, penalty.
374.216. False financial statements, filing of--penalty.
374.217. Covenant not to sue officers of insurer, prohibited--no force and effect.
374.220. Expenses, how paid.
374.230. Fees--paid to director of revenue.
374.240. Suit to recover fees--penalties.
374.245. Director or director of revenue may make supplemental assessment for certain premium taxes, when.
374.250. Accounts of director.
374.270. Department may elect workers' compensation coverage--coverage, how provided.
374.280. Civil penalty or forfeiture ordered when, how enforced.
374.284. Health insurance advisory committee established, members, duties.
374.285. Expungement of certain disciplinary action records.
374.300. Financial institution defined.
374.305. Conditioning loan on purchase of credit insurance from certain persons prohibited--freedom of selection of insurer required.
374.310. Refusal to grant or renew insurance license, when.
374.350. Short title.
374.351. Intent of compact.
374.352. Compact.
374.400. Definitions.
374.405. Reports of premiums and loss data required, when--director may review.
374.410. Director to be notified of changes in town grading schedules--may set aside, when.
374.415. Product liability insurance reports required--when--contents.
374.420. Insurers not liable because of compliance.
374.425. Time for compliance may be waived or extended.
374.426. Health care financing entities and health care providers to provide data, contents, when--duties of department.
374.450. Definitions.
374.455. Premium and loss data, annual report--available to public.
374.500. Definitions.
374.503. Certificate required for utilization review agents, exceptions.
374.505. Application for certificate, content, form, fee.
374.507. Information may be required by department of insurance, financial institutions and professional registration.
374.510. Minimum requirements for utilization review agents.
374.512. Violation of regulations, notice to agent--powers of director to discipline--penalties.
374.515. Rules and regulations authorized.
374.695. Citation of law.
374.700. Definitions.
374.702. License required, restrictions on practice.
374.705. Department, powers and duties--fees, how determined.
374.710. License required for bail bond agents, application, qualifications--exceptions.
374.715. Application, form, qualifications, fee--monetary assignment required, amount, effective when.
374.716. Accounting required, when--records submitted to director--bail contract provided to principal.
374.717. Prohibited acts.
374.719. Collateral security accepted, when--receipt required--used to reimburse costs, when--records to be retained.
374.720. Examination, form, content--reexamination fee.
374.730. License, biannual renewal, fee.
374.735. Examination not required, when--fee--reciprocal contracts--completion of educational requirements required.
374.740. Nonresident license requirements.
374.750. Refusal to issue or renew license--applicant's right to hearing.
374.755. Complaint by department, procedure--grounds--disciplinary action--alternate procedure--additional remedy.
374.757. Notification by agent of intention to apprehend--local law enforcement may accompany agent--violations, penalties.
374.759. Access to court records, when--defendant access to bail bond agent, how--agents qualified in all jurisdictions in the state.
374.760. Unsatisfied judgments, affidavit filed monthly, form--content.
374.763. Collection from surety after forfeiture--list of qualified bail bond agents to be furnished monthly to circuit courts.
374.764. Alleged violations and complaints, procedure.
374.770. Bond forfeiture, when--exception, defendant incarcerated in United States, procedure--surety's duties--violation of bond, rights and obligations of bondsman.
374.775. Bonds of one thousand dollars or less--fee--additional fee--prohibited.
374.783. Surety recovery agents, license required--director to license, powers.
374.784. Application for licensure, contents, qualifications--refusal to issue license, when.
374.785. License issued, when--reciprocity--apprehension of defendant, permitted where--fee.
374.786. Renewal, procedure.
374.787. Complaint procedure.
374.788. Apprehension standards for breach of surety agreement or absconding.
374.789. Prohibited acts.
374.790. Workers' compensation, residual market, department to submit report to general assembly, contents.
374.800. Contracts by the department in excess of $100,000 to be reviewed and approved by the attorney general.

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