Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 375
Provisions Applicable to All Insurance Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Bonds of political subdivisions, lawful security, when, 108.290
Buyer's guide or policy summary, agent's failure to deliver, penalty, 376.710
Farm Loan Act bonds, lawful security, 362.175
Information to be furnished on applicants or recipients of public assistance, duties, penalty, 660.325 to 660.355
Military service, exemption from certification requirements, 41.950
National Housing Act bonds, lawful security, 362.190
Refusal to grant license, hearing by administrative hearing commission, procedure, 621.120
Risk management associations, higher education, institutions, 176.500 to 176.540
Tax credit for new or expanding businesses insurance companies exempt from employee requirements and retaliatory tax, 135.225
Wage continuation plans exempt from insurance laws, 354.175
Workers' compensation insurance, Chap. 287
375.001. Definitions.
375.002. Grounds for cancellation.
375.003. Notice of cancellation, how given--reinstatement, when.
375.004. Refusal to renew, when authorized--exemption, when.
375.005. Proof of notice, how made.
375.006. Immunity from liability granted, when, to whom.
375.007. Cancellation or refusal to issue policy on certain grounds prohibited, exceptions.
375.008. Certain insurers exempt.
375.011. Notice of cancellation, nonrenewal, renewal, or refusal to write, may be sent, how.
375.012. Definitions.
375.013. Promulgation of rules, generally, this chapter.
375.014. Insurance producers, license required--insurance producer license not required, when.
375.015. Application for licensure, insurance producers.
375.016. Examination required for insurance producer's license.
375.017. Nonresident producer's license.
375.018. Issuance of producer's license, duration--lines of authority--biennial renewal fee for agents, due when--reinstatement of license, when--failure to comply, effect.
375.019. Advisory board on licensing and examination of insurance producers--qualifications--terms--meetings--duties.
375.020. Continuing education for producers, required, exceptions--procedures--director to promulgate rules and regulations--fees, how determined, deposit of.
375.022. Registry of insurance producers maintained by insurer--termination of producer, insurer to notify director.
375.024. Life insurance producer examinations, review of--collection of data--annual report--rulemaking authority.
375.025. Temporary license--to whom issued.
375.030. Continuing education, programs approved for another profession.
375.031. Definitions.
375.033. Termination of contract, notice--agent not to do business.
375.035. Renewal after termination of producer's contract.
375.037. Director's investigation--appeal.
375.039. Commercial risks, certain class, cancellation, written notice to agent required, when.
375.041. Annual statement convention blank to be filed with NAIC, exception--dissemination of data not to create civil liability--failure to file, effect.
375.046. Who deemed agent of unauthorized company.
375.051. Producer held as trustee of money collected.
375.052. Additional incidental fees--disclosure to applicant or insured.
375.065. Credit insurance producer license--organizational credit entity license--application--fee--rules.
375.071. Centralized producer license registry, participation in.
375.076. No consideration for unlicensed persons.
375.106. Insurance producers, limitations on negotiated contracts.
375.116. Compensation of producer, regulations--not to receive pay from insured, exception.
375.136. Producer placing business with a nonadmitted company or nonresident is subject to chapter 384.
375.141. Suspension, revocation, refusal of license--grounds--procedure.
375.143. Rulemaking authority.
375.144. Prohibited acts in connection with the offer, sale, solicitation, or negotiation of insurance.
375.145. Violations, penalties.
375.146. Violation, penalty.
375.147. Managing general agents (MGA)--citation of law--definitions--law effective, when.
375.148. Managing general agents must be licensed producers--risks located outside state--requirements--bond may be required, also errors and omissions policy.
375.149. Written contract required for placing business with insurer, content--termination of contract for cause--prohibited acts by managing general agents.
375.150. Duties of insurer--appointment of or termination of contract with managing general agent, notice to director, content.
375.151. Acts of managing general agent acts of insurer.
375.152. Violations, penalties.
375.153. Managing general agent, director's authority to promulgate rules.
375.158. Insurer shall comply with all insurance laws before doing business--commissions paid, to whom.
375.159. Limited lines travel insurance producer--definitions--authorized activities, limitations--rulemaking authority.
375.161. Certificate to do business--when terminated.
375.163. Director shall not authorize business if management of company is incompetent or untrustworthy.
375.164. Management contracts, to be filed with director when requested--may examine records of company, to what extent--notice of management contract required.
375.166. Expense of organization limited.
375.169. Violation of section 375.166 a misdemeanor, penalty.
375.176. Proceedings against promoters.
375.181. Officers required of companies.
375.183. Director to investigate incorporators, directors and proposed officers, approval withheld, when.
375.186. Seal and bylaws.
375.191. Voting by proxy.
375.196. Adoption of same or misleadingly similar name prohibited.
375.198. Issuance of shares, regulations concerning.
375.201. Charter, amendment of, procedure for.
375.206. Certificate of amendment, issuance, filing--director, duties--secretary of state, duties.
375.216. Certificate of amendment effective, when--amendment not to affect any existing cause of action.
375.221. Certificate of amendment of articles, how executed, contents.
375.226. Restatement of charter, articles of incorporation or association, or declaration of organization, how made.
375.231. Reduction of capital stock where same has not been fully subscribed.
375.236. Certificate of authority revoked, when.
375.246. Reinsurance, when allowed as an asset or reduction from liability.
375.251. Actions by and against companies.
375.256. Service of process on companies not authorized to do business in this state.
375.261. Service of process--procedure.
375.266. Service of process valid, when.
375.271. Plaintiff entitled to default judgment, when.
375.276. Sections 375.256 to 375.271 not to abridge right to serve process in other legal manner.
375.281. Company to furnish bond or certificate of authority before pleading.
375.286. Postponement of action permitted, when.
375.291. Company may file motion to quash service--grounds.
375.296. Additional damages for vexatious refusal to pay.
375.298. Loan against policy by policyholder, insurer to give notice of interest due.
375.301. Exemptions from provisions of sections 375.256 to 375.301.
375.306. Not to act for insolvent company--guarantee fund, where deposited--advertisements--penalty for violation.
375.310. Unauthorized persons or corporations enjoined from transaction of insurance business, penalty.
375.320. Not to trade--exception.
375.325. Mechanical data processing equipment as assets.
375.326. Automobiles as assets.
375.330. Purchase and ownership of real estate.
375.340. Sale and exchange of real estate.
375.345. Derivative transactions permitted, conditions--definitions--rules.
375.347. Restriction on ownership of certain assets not exclusively controlled by an insurance company.
375.350. Reacquisition and holding of own stock, when--approval of director, when--effect on assets and solvency.
375.355. Acquisition of control of one company by another, director may authorize, procedure, exceptions.
375.360. Note not considered payment--not to loan when insolvent.
375.370. Collateral to be assigned to company.
375.380. Dividends shall not be paid, when--penalty--liability of stockholder.
375.390. Officers not to use funds for private gain--penalty.
375.400. Investigation by director--duty of prosecuting attorney.
375.410. Penalty for violation.
375.420. Vexatious refusal to pay claim, damages for, exception.
375.421. Prepayment for policy, return of, when--limitations--violation an unfair trade practice.
375.422. Directors and officers of stock companies to report ownership.
375.423. Company may recover profits realized by officer or director in certain transactions--exceptions.
375.424. Unlawful for officer or director to sell equity security not owned by him--delivery.
375.425. Provisions of 375.423 and 375.424 not to apply, when--equity security defined.
375.426. Director to make rules and regulations.
375.427. Department rules for payment of fees by and integration of systems of insurers and entities administering claims for injured employees not applicable, when.
375.430. Certificate revoked if judgment not satisfied.
375.440. Revocation of license for failure to comply with judicial decree.
375.445. Company operating fraudulently or in bad faith, penalties.
375.460. Director to keep deposits--rights of companies.
375.470. Penalty for violations by director.
375.480. Withdrawal of securities--notice--examination by director.
375.490. Payment of judgments out of deposits.
375.500. Distribution of assets.
375.510. Reinsurance--rights and liabilities--insolvency.
375.520. Costs to be paid from deposits--amount.
375.530. Accounting among beneficiaries of foreign deposits.
375.532. Investment in debt of institution permitted, when.
375.534. Foreign governments or corporations, investment in permitted--conditions, requirements.
375.535. Director to issue charges when he believes assumption of additional risks financially hazardous--hearing--cease and desist order, when.
375.537. Impaired insurer, defined--duty to notify director--penalties for failure to notify.
375.539. Hazardous operation, discontinuation determination, standards for--issuance of order by director, hearing procedure.
375.570. Manner of commencing proceedings--petition, contents.
375.580. Issuance, service and return of process.
375.600. Pleadings and proceedings, general procedures--summary hearing, purpose--effect of nonattendance by defendant.
375.610. Hearing by the court, procedures--no continuances or discovery, exceptions.
375.620. Referee or master to hear and report--exceptions, filed by either party.
375.630. Examinations and statements, evidentiary effect--case to be decided, when--appeals--attorney fees, paid how.
375.640. Insurance director to take charge.
375.650. Title of assets to vest in director--special deputy receiver, appointment, duties.
375.660. Disposition of assets.
375.670. Allowance of demands--receiver to review claims against receivership.
375.710. Conflict of interests--power of court--trustees.
375.720. Penalty for failure or refusal to deliver assets to director.
375.740. Payment of expenses of proceedings.
375.750. Reports to court--payment of claims.
375.771. Citation of law.
375.772. Association, created--definitions.
375.773. Accounts, types of insurance--applicability of law.
375.774. Certificate of contribution, issued when, shown as asset by insurer, when--tax credit allowed to insurer, when--association exempt from taxes.
375.775. Association, powers and duties.
375.776. Board of directors, selection, terms--powers and duties.
375.777. Director, powers and duties.
375.778. Claims of insured, recovery, procedures--assignment of rights to association, when, extent of--stay of proceedings against insolvent insurer, when--records of insolvent insurer, access by board, when.
375.779. Immunity from liability, association and employees--unfair trade practice, using association protection as inducement to purchase policy.
375.780. Penalties for violation of this chapter.
375.786. Certificate of authority required--exceptions--acts which are deemed transaction of insurance business--penalty for transacting business without certificate of authority.
375.787. Complaint filed by director, when--injunction authorized.
375.788. Transaction of insurance business by unauthorized insurer, effect of.
375.789. Unauthorized company instituting court action must file bond or security and procure certificate of authority, exception.
375.790. Enforcement--foreign decree, qualified party, reciprocal states, defined.
375.791. Foreign insurance company admitted, when.
375.801. Renewal of certificate of authority, when--notice of refusal to renew (foreign company).
375.811. Application for certificate of authority, contents (foreign company).
375.821. Conditions to be met for certificate of authority (foreign company).
375.831. Certificate issued when all conditions met (foreign company).
375.841. Change of name by foreign or alien company, application for amended certificate, how made.
375.851. Amended articles, copy to be filed with director, effect of (foreign or alien company).
375.861. Foreign company survivor of merger, documents to be filed with director.
375.871. Admitted foreign company may withdraw, how.
375.881. Revocation or suspension of certificate of authority, when (foreign company).
375.891. Annual statement--reserves required, requirements in lieu of deposits (foreign company).
375.892. Foreign insurance companies to maintain deposits under trust agreement, amount--trust assets to be kept in United States--amendment to trust approved by director--trust agreement content.
375.901. Foreign companies shall transact business through licensed agents and brokers.
375.906. Foreign companies to appoint director to receive service--methods--penalty.
375.908. Nonresident insurer may become domestic insurer, procedure--director may promulgate rules.
375.911. Service on deputy director valid, when.
375.916. Retaliatory tax, how assessed and paid, exceptions--workers' compensation paid losses, how treated.
375.918. Underwriting, use of credit scores, no adverse action permitted--definitions--disclosures.
375.919. Use of language other than English permitted, when, disclosures--misrepresentation, penalty.
375.920. Policy form approval, disapproval--procedure.
375.921. Hearing on disapproval--action pending, effect on form.
375.922. Rules and regulations not authorized.
375.923. Exempt forms.
375.924. Contracts to contain address of insurer and notice of address change to be furnished insured, penalty, exception.
375.930. Citation of law--purpose--construction.
375.932. Definitions.
375.934. Unfair trade practices--conditions.
375.936. Unfair practices defined.
375.937. Lenders, duties--prohibited acts.
375.938. Director may investigate companies.
375.940. Procedure on charges or belief of unfair practices.
375.942. Administrative order for prohibited practices--penalty.
375.944. Judicial review--decree, order--additional evidence--finality of order, when.
375.945. Director's determination, judicial review.
375.946. Violation of desist order, penalty.
375.948. Additional powers of director--promulgation of rules.
375.950. Definitions.
375.954. Director to be receiver, when--receiver has title to what, ancillary receivers have title to what, filing of order imparts notice--appointment of special deputies, compensation, payment.
375.958. Ancillary receiver, appointed when, entitled to what property, duties.
375.962. Delinquency proceeding in this state, claimants to file claims, with whom, when--controverted claims, proven where--effect of judgment in ancillary state.
375.966. Delinquency proceeding in another state, claimants to file claims, with whom, when--controverted claims, proven where--effect of judgment.
375.970. Preferred claims, how determined.
375.971. Definitions--federal home loan bank duties and procedures upon delinquency proceedings of insurer--member--receiver duties during delinquency proceedings.
375.974. Owners of special deposit claims, priority.
375.978. Secured claim, may file as general creditor, may resort to security, deficiency treated, how.
375.982. Limitation on bringing proceedings, certain liens void.
375.986. Receiver in reciprocal state may sue.
375.990. Severability clause--interpretation of sections 375.950 to 375.990.
375.991. Fraudulent insurance act, committed, when--powers and duties of department--penalties.
375.992. Fraudulent claims for benefits--form--notice to department, when--procedure.
375.993. Department's papers, report, evidence not subject to public inspection or subpoena if part of investigation, release, when--no civil liability for filing reports or furnishing information.
375.994. Investigators to have power of subpoena--moneys, costs or fines to be deposited in insurance dedicated fund--powers of director for violations, penalties.
375.995. Sex or marital status discrimination as to benefits or coverage prohibited.
375.1000. Citation--purpose--construction.
375.1002. Definitions.
375.1005. Improper claims practice, conditions.
375.1007. Improper claims practices.
375.1009. Director may investigate.
375.1010. Director may initiate proceedings.
375.1012. Director's findings--cease and desist orders--penalty, suspension, revocation--appeal.
375.1014. Judicial review.
375.1016. Violation of cease and desist order.
375.1018. Director's powers additional to others--rules and regulations.
375.1025. Definitions.
375.1028. Applicability--exemptions.
375.1030. Annual audit required, report filed, when--extensions granted, when--audit committee required, when.
375.1032. Audited financial report, contents--form.
375.1035. Accountant, name and address to be registered--letter, filed with director, contents--change of accountant, notice to director.
375.1037. Qualifications of accountant--limitation of number of years, when--approval by director--dispute resolution--accountant not recognized, when--exemption, when--preapproval for nonaudit services performed, when.
375.1038. Consolidated or combined financial statements permitted, when--worksheet , contents.
375.1040. Accountant's letter, contents.
375.1042. Audit of financial statement by independent accountant.
375.1045. Report of findings of accountant to insurer, contents.
375.1047. Unremediated material weaknesses to be furnished to director, requirements--insurer to communicate remedial actions taken.
375.1050. Workpapers, defined--availability to insurance examiners--confidentiality of.
375.1052. Temporary exemption, granted when--denial of, petition for hearing, procedures--schedule of compliance--effective date of requirements.
375.1053. Inapplicability of statute to foreign insurers--audit committee responsibilities, member qualifications--report required--waiver, when.
375.1054. Prohibited acts--violation, penalty.
375.1056. Report required by insurer, when, contents.
375.1057. Canadian and British insurers, special requirements.
375.1060. Certification filed with annual statement, when--director shall promulgate rules, purpose.
375.1062. Severability.
375.1070. Inapplicability to certain insurers.
375.1072. Definitions.
375.1074. Limitation on investments, domestic insurers.
375.1075. Limitations on aggregate of medium or lower quality investments, requirements.
375.1078. Limitation on Canadian investments.
375.1080. Definitions.
375.1082. Type of insurance allowed--annual statement, form--requirements for charter, contents of application.
375.1085. Nonresidents, requirements--requirements prior to operation--premium taxes, liability for--examination by director--policy application, required provisions--prohibited acts--penalties.
375.1087. Contributions to guaranty fund prohibited--guaranty fund to cover only specified risks.
375.1090. Purchasing group subject to insurance laws, exceptions.
375.1092. Purchasing group to notify director, contents--designation of director as agent for service of process, exceptions.
375.1095. Insurance purchased by purchasing group, requirements.
375.1097. Premium taxes, payment of.
375.1100. Powers of director.
375.1102. Broker required for purchase of insurance--nonresident broker acceptable--notice to insured, contents.
375.1105. Hazardous financial condition of group, prohibited from selling insurance, when--director may establish rules.
375.1110. Citation of law.
375.1112. Definitions.
375.1115. Reinsurance intermediary, license issued by director--requirements--attorneys exempt from requirements.
375.1117. Transactions between insurer and broker, written authorization required--contents.
375.1120. Records to be maintained by broker, duration--contents.
375.1122. Insurer's use of broker, restrictions--financial condition statement required.
375.1125. Transactions between manager and insurer, written contract required, contents--records to be maintained by manager, contents.
375.1127. Reinsurance manager, prohibited acts.
375.1130. Insurer's use of manager, restrictions--financial condition statement required.
375.1132. Examination of reinsurance manager, director may conduct.
375.1135. Penalties, director may assess, procedures.
375.1137. Application fee, reinsurance intermediary license--renewal.
375.1140. Effective date.
375.1150. Citation of law--applicability.
375.1152. Definitions.
375.1154. Delinquency proceeding, director to initiate--law to govern proceedings--situs of insurer and property this state, when--venue.
375.1155. Receiver may petition for injunctions, restraining orders--purposes--delinquency proceeding does not stay other rights and enforcement.
375.1156. Cooperation with receiver and director required--penalty.
375.1158. Provisions apply prospectively, exceptions--restrictions on insurer in delinquency proceeding.
375.1160. Administrative supervision by director, procedures, allowed when--proceedings confidential, exceptions--powers of administrative supervisor--penalties for violations--director may adopt rules--immunity from liability for director and employees.
375.1161. Violations, penalties.
375.1162. Director may order activities to prevent delinquency proceeding.
375.1164. Seizure order, director may petition for, when--effects.
375.1165. Rehabilitation of insurer, director may petition, when--grounds.
375.1166. Director to serve as rehabilitator--duties--periodic accounting required--immunity, when.
375.1168. Director may appoint special deputies, powers--rehabilitation procedures--criminal conduct of party, power of director--advisory committee may be appointed, when.
375.1170. Stay of other pending actions, duration--statute of limitations not to run.
375.1172. Records deemed public, when--exceptions.
375.1174. Director may petition for liquidation, grounds--termination of rehabilitation proceedings, when, effect.
375.1175. Grounds for liquidation--voluntary dissolution and liquidation, conditions.
375.1176. Director to be liquidator--powers and duties--special deputy may be appointed, powers--effect of liquidation--order for, issued when--plan for continued operation during appeal, contents--penalty for interference with records or property.
375.1178. Life and health policies, termination of, when.
375.1180. Dissolution order, director may petition for--effect.
375.1182. Powers of liquidator--insureds may purchase extended period to report claims, when, limitations--liquidator and employees deemed officers of the court.
375.1184. Contracts and leases of insurer, liquidator may disaffirm--procedures--liability of liquidator, how calculated.
375.1185. Notices provided by liquidator, procedures.
375.1186. Agent of insurer, duty to provide information to liquidator--penalty.
375.1188. Stay of other actions--liquidator may bring certain actions, when.
375.1190. List of insurer's assets to be prepared--filing--not needed, when.
375.1191. Netting agreements and qualified financial contracts, exercise of certain rights and acts not to be prohibited--termination of netting agreement, transfer of amount owed, receiver's duties--applicability of statute.
375.1192. Fraudulent and voidable transfers--requirements--effects.
375.1194. Transfer of real property not voidable, when.
375.1195. Preference, voidable when, how recovered--liens, voidable when, procedure--liability of officers for granting preferences.
375.1196. Claims of creditor, surrender of preference required.
375.1198. Mutual credits or debts, setoffs allowed--exceptions.
375.1200. Report to court by liquidator, when, contents--assessment against members, court to compute an order, when.
375.1202. Reinsurers, amounts recoverable not reduced due to delinquency proceedings--exceptions.
375.1204. Payment of unearned premiums required--violation, penalties.
375.1205. Distribution of assets, liquidator shall apply for, when--contents--notice provisions.
375.1206. Proof of claim, filed when--effect of late filing.
375.1208. Form of proof of claim--liquidator may request additional information--effect of incomplete information.
375.1210. Contingent claims, allowed when, exceptions.
375.1212. Third party claims for actions against insureds, filed how--procedures.
375.1214. Denial of claim--appeal procedure.
375.1215. Subrogated claim, allowed when.
375.1216. Valuation of security, procedure.
375.1218. Classes of claims--priority of distribution.
375.1219. Claims allocated to separate account not chargeable with liabilities, when--treated as class 2 claim, when.
375.1220. Claim disputes--duty of liquidator--estimates allowed, when--commutation and release.
375.1222. Payment of claims--duties of liquidator.
375.1224. Unclaimed funds, deemed unclaimed property--effect.
375.1225. Discharge of liquidator, when.
375.1226. Reopening of proceedings, when.
375.1228. Records may be destroyed after discharge, exceptions.
375.1230. Audit of receivership may be ordered, when.
375.1232. Foreign insurers, director may petition to act as conservator, procedures--court may issue order--termination of conservatorship, application for.
375.1234. Foreign insurers, petition to liquidate assets, grounds--granted when--effects.
375.1235. Reciprocal state, powers and duties of domiciliary liquidator--nonreciprocal state, duties of director--claims filed, where.
375.1236. Ancillary receiver, director may be appointed as--powers and duties.
375.1238. Power of director to institute proceedings, when.
375.1240. Nonresident claims, filed where.
375.1242. Proof of claims, nonresident insurer--procedures.
375.1244. Stay of actions during liquidation proceedings.
375.1245. Priority of nonresident claims, reciprocal states--special deposits, priority.
375.1246. Nonresident ancillary receiver, claims filed with--priority.
375.1250. Definitions.
375.1252. RBC report, filed when--contents--formula, how determined--adjusted RBC report required, when.
375.1255. Company action level event, occurrence of, when--effect, duties of insurer or health organization--plan to be submitted, approval of, revision of, when--copies filed with all states in which insurer is authorized to transact business.
375.1257. Regulatory action level event, occurrence of, when--director's duties, corrective actions--plan to be submitted by insurer--or health organization.
375.1260. Authorized control level event, occurrence of, when--effect, duties of director.
375.1262. Mandatory control level event, occurrence of, when--effect, duties of director.
375.1265. Hearing, insurer's right to, when--procedures--judicial review of order, exceptions.
375.1267. Reports and plans confidential--RBC levels are regulatory tool, limitation on use.
375.1269. Provisions of law supplemental to other insurance laws--rules and regulations, authority--exemption of property--immunity from liability.
375.1270. Foreign insurers to submit RBC report to director, when--plan, submission of, when--powers of director.
375.1272. Notices, effective when.
375.1275. RBC reports for calendar year 1993, requirements--RBC reports for 1996, requirements--not applicable, when--2014 filings for health organizations.
375.1280. Scope of law.
375.1282. Application of law--not applicable, when.
375.1285. Definitions.
375.1287. Notice of transfer, form, contents, filing with director, when--prior approval required, period for approval, factors for director to consider in reviewing request--penalty for violation.
375.1290. Policyholder's right to reject, procedures--second and third notices, when--response deemed received, when.
375.1292. Consent to transfer, effect.
375.1294. Hazardous financial condition of transferring insurer, automatic transfer, when.
375.1295. Effective date--application dates.
375.1300. Definitions.
375.1303. Genetic testing by insurer, limitations--penalty--health plan, defined.
375.1306. Genetic information, prohibited uses by employers--penalty for violation.
375.1309. Confidentiality of genetic information, exceptions--penalty for violation.
375.1312. Domestic violence, status as a victim not to be used by insurer--definitions--penalty--innocent coinsured, benefits paid, when.
375.1500. Sections 375.1500 to 375.1527 apply to life insurance policies, exceptions.
375.1503. Definitions.
375.1506. Policies marketed without an illustration, notice to department--illustration requirements--quotation required, when.
375.1509. Life insurance illustration, label, contents, use in sales presentation, interest rates.
375.1512. Basic illustration, requirements, contents.
375.1515. Supplemental illustrations permitted, when--notice required.
375.1518. Use of basic illustration at time of sale of policy, revised illustration--illustration provided at time of policy delivery, certification, acknowledgment--illustrations sent by mail, requirements--copies to be retained, when--policy summary not required, when.
375.1521. Annual report to policy owner, contents.
375.1524. Illustration actuaries, qualifications, duties--annual certification.
375.1527. Violation of sections 375.1500 to 375.1527, penalties.
375.1530. Application of sections 375.1500 to 375.1527.
375.1575. Denial of claim, disclosure by applicant not required.
375.1605. Insolvent insurers, claims to be handled by guaranty association--definitions--payment of claims, reimbursement--receiver obligations and utilization of collateral.
375.1730. Costs of coverage reported to department--rates.

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