Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 378
Fraternal Benefit Societies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Annual statement convention blank to be filed by insurers with the N.A.I.C., failure to comply, effect, 375.041
Insurer, defined, 375.932
378.601 Fraternal benefit society, defined.
378.602. Lodge system, requirements--children's wages permitted, limitation.
378.603. Representative form of government, requirements.
378.604. Definitions.
378.605. Operation, purpose--laws and rules, power to adopt.
378.606. Laws and rules, requirements--membership rights nonassignable.
378.607. Principal office, meetings, location--official publication, annual statement, requirements.
378.608. Liability, immunity from, when--indemnification, when--insurance, purchase of for officers allowed.
378.609. Waiver of laws, restriction on, when.
378.610. Organization of, how--articles of incorporation, contents--filing--membership requirements.
378.611. Amendment of laws, procedures--amendments furnished to members.
378.612. Society may operate nonprofit organizations--may not own funeral home.
378.613. Reinsurance agreements, allowed--limitations.
378.614. Merger or consolidation, allowed when--requirements--approval of director required--effects.
378.615. Conversion to mutual life insurance company, allowed when.
378.616. Benefits authorized--rules to specify allowable beneficiaries.
378.617. Change of beneficiary, allowed--funeral benefits, payment of, limitation--no beneficiary, effect.
378.619. Certificate of ownership, issued to owner, when, contents--life benefit contract, minor effects--impairment of class of certificates, effects--filing with director, when--minor, transfer of control of contract to, when.
378.620. Cash surrender value of certificate, computation of.
378.621. Investment of funds.
378.622. Assets, use of--variable basis contracts, allowed when.
378.623. Application of law--exemption from insurance laws.
378.624. Taxation of societies, exemptions.
378.625. Valuation of certificates, standards--reserves, excess permitted.
378.626. Statement of financial condition, contents, filing--penalty.
378.627. Annual renewal required.
378.628. Examination, director may conduct--expenses.
378.629. Foreign society to have license, requirements.
378.630. Powers of director to order changes, when--may enjoin further business, when, duration--liquidation, effect.
378.631. Foreign society, director may enjoin business, when.
378.632. Injunction, who may file.
378.633. Agents, licensing of--persons not deemed agents.
378.634. Unfair practices and frauds, subject to law--exception.
378.635. Service of process, director to be agent for.
378.638. Fraudulent acts, penalties.
378.640. Law not applicable to certain societies, when--specific exemptions.
378.642. Severability clause.
378.645. Review of director's decisions, how.

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