Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 380
County, Town and Farmers' Mutual Property Insurance Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
All license, permit and certificate applications shall contain the Social Security number of the applicant, 324.024
Companies exempt from corporation franchise tax, 147.050
Mortgage insurance, restriction, condition, 443.415
Property acquired by foreclosure, how disposed of, 375.340
Tax lien on property to follow insurance proceeds, when, 139.110
Tax on income, companies exempt from, 143.441
380.005. Definitions.
380.011. Classification as Missouri mutual insurance companies--new companies prohibited.
380.021. Authority to do business on not-for-profit basis--property of members, authority to insure--limitation of area--reserve fund, and reinsurance requirements.
380.031. Exemption from insurance laws, exceptions.
380.041. Board of directors, election, qualifications, terms, officers--annual meeting of company, held when, notice of requirements.
380.051. Financial statement filed annually, fee.
380.061. Examination by department, powers and duties--expenses--examination by CPA in lieu of department--refusal to comply, effect.
380.071. Unsafe operation of business--reasonable time to remedy--failure to remedy, director's powers.
380.081. Noncompliance--notice, content hearing--judicial review--failure to comply, director's powers.
380.091. Forms filed where--disapproval by director, notice, content--judicial review.
380.101. Policyholder in mutual to be member--eligibility--member's right to sue company.
380.111. School district's real and personal property may be insured--procedure for district to become member.
380.121. Membership fee--business basis, how established--assessment of members--reserve--return of deposits to members, when--liability of policyholder on termination of policy.
380.131. Loss or judgment against company, business basis to determine procedure--failure to pay assessment, effect.
380.141. Unsatisfied judgment against company, restraining order for transaction of new business.
380.151. Mutual companies may unite or transfer funds and engagements, procedure--creditor's rights not affected.
380.201. Definitions.
380.211. New companies prohibited, when.
380.221. Missouri mutual companies may elect to come under this law--procedure--farmers' mutuals to operate under this law--exemption from examination, certain agents.
380.231. Company operations limited to Missouri.
380.241. Amendment to articles and bylaws, procedure--fee.
380.251. Forms, filing and approval, fee--policy, required provisions--disapproved, procedure.
380.261. Kinds of insurance company may make.
380.271. Financial reinsurance requirements.
380.281. Mergers of certain mutual companies, procedure--merger plan, required contents.
380.291. Meeting to consider merger plan, notice--requirements.
380.301. Approval of merger plan, votes required.
380.311. Articles of merger, content--executed by corporate officers.
380.321. Director to review petition for merger--hearing to be held, when--procedure--costs.
380.331. Certificate of merger issued, when--director and secretary of state's duties.
380.341. Merger effective when.
380.351. Certificate of merger returned to whom.
380.361. Surviving corporation after merger, rights and liabilities.
380.371. Powers of a company, generally.
380.381. Board of directors, election--terms--vacancies--annual meeting, quorum, voting rights.
380.391. Misuse of company assets for private gain, penalty.
380.401. Record of investigations of company operations by director--violations, duties of prosecutor or attorney general.
380.411. Officers, how selected, tenure.
380.421. Membership in a company, eligibility.
380.431. Initial charge--guaranty fund to be maintained, how funded, purpose--policies providing for assessment of member--requirements.
380.441. Liability of members--suspension of company liability during delinquency of members.
380.451. Policyholder not liable for obligations after termination of policy--notice of assessment after termination.
380.461. Company may borrow to pay losses--assessment to pay loan.
380.471. Approved investments.
380.482. Annual statement of company.
380.491. Director to examine, when--expenses.
380.501. Company may dissolve--procedure.
380.511. Company exempt from insurance laws, exception.
380.521. License for agents--agencies and brokers.
380.531. Notices, how given.
380.541. Policy cancellation--exceptions.
380.551. Waiver of provision or defense, what constitutes--evidence.
380.561. Rules, authority for, procedure.
380.571. Violations, penalties.
380.581. Powers of company in general.
380.591. Suits against company commenced when--limitation.
380.601. Conversion to a mutual insurance company--procedure.
380.611. Sale of corporate charter, penalty--exclusive right to control a company, approval by director, requirements.
380.651. Provisions inapplicable to mutual companies.

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