Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 381
Title Insurance Law


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Annual statement convention blank to be filed by insurers with the N.A.I.C., failure to comply, effect, 375.041
Insurer, defined, 375.932
381.011. Citation of law--purpose statement.
381.015. Title insurance commitment, required statement, when--lender's insurance policy without owner's title insurance, notice given when, contents, retention--penalty for violation.
381.018. Written contract with title insurer required for commitment or policy issuance, statement of financial condition when, contents, review and notification requirements, inventory, proof of licensure, penalty for violation.
381.019. Required disclosures.
381.022. Title insurer, agency or agent not affiliated with a title agency may operate as an escrow, security, settlement or closing agent, when, penalty for violations.
381.023. Underwriting claims and escrow practices, review of, required when--standards for review.
381.024. Denial of access and failure to cooperate prohibited, penalty.
381.025. Consideration for referrals, when, penalty.
381.026. Recording of deeds and security instruments.
381.029. Affiliated business--definitions--requirements--rules--violations.
381.038. Retention of records required, limitation, penalty for violation.
381.042. Rules, authority, procedure.
381.045. Violations, penalties.
381.048. Court actions authorized, when.
381.052. Persons authorized to conduct title insurance business.
381.055. Powers of title insurer.
381.058. License required for insurer to transact business of title insurance, exclusive to other types of insurance business, limitations--closing or settlement protection authorized.
381.062. Establishment and maintenance of minimum paid-in capital and paid-in initial surplus necessary for insurance business license.
381.065. Net retained liability limits, maximum amount--reinsurance allowed--waiver by director of risk, when.
381.068. Investment in title plant, amount restricted, considered asset.
381.071. Insurer's duties, policies--examination of title, determination of insurability--showing of liens against title--records kept, duration--exceptions to requirements.
381.072. Reserve requirements, reserve to cover all known claims--unearned premium reserve, amount, actuarial certification required, supplemental reserve, amount, deadline.
381.075. Additional insurance laws applicable to title insurers, insurer's supervision, rehabilitation and liquidation act, exceptions--liquidation or insolvency, treatment of security and escrow funds, filing of claims, cancellation of policies, payment of fully earned premiums.
381.085. Forms, director to approve before use--contents concerning coverage of policy, when included--disapproval by director, procedure.
381.112. Premium tax, premium income defined.
381.115. Licensing required for title agencies and title agents, exceptions--delegation of title searches to third party, rules--violations, penalty.
381.118. Examination required--education requirements, exemptions--approved courses and programs--teaching credit--credits may be carried forward--extensions and waivers--certification to director of completion--nonresidents--rules--funds, depositing and use--fees for license renewal.
381.122. Director authorized to inspect books and records.
381.161. Contract of title insurance through specific agent, agency, or insurer prohibited.
381.400. Definitions.
381.403. Title insurance companies and agents may enter into construction escrow agreements and issue insured closing letters.
381.405. Construction and guaranty agreements not authorized for title insurance companies--title insurance against mechanic liens and insured closing letters, authorized.
381.410. Definitions.
381.412. Settlement agents, accepting funds, exemption--title insurer, deposit of funds--violation, fine.

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