Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 385
Credit Insurance and Service Contracts


Rsmo Number Section Description
385.010 Purpose clause.
385.015. Scope of law.
385.020. Definitions.
385.025. Credit life and accident insurance, form in which it shall be issued.
385.030. Amount of insurance permitted--payments, amount of, limited.
385.035. Term of policy, prepayment of debt, effect of.
385.040. Policy or group certificate, contents of, delivery required--policy or certificate not delivered, effect of.
385.045. Filings required to be made with director--disapproval by director, effect of--rules, procedure.
385.050. Revision of premium schedules, procedure for--refunds paid, when--limit on charge for credit life.
385.055. Who may issue credit life insurance.
385.060. Reporting and settlement of claims--who may adjust claims.
385.065. Debtor to be informed of his option to use existing policies of insurance as security--policy may be obtained from any licensed insurer.
385.070. Rates presumed reasonable, when--criteria to be met--policy may be cancelled, when--compensation to creditor for sale of coverage, maximum allowed.
385.075. Regulatory powers of director.
385.080. Credit life, accident and health insurance must be placed directly in companies holding a certificate of authority to do business in this state.
385.200. Definitions.
385.202. Issuance of contracts, criteria--registration required--duties of providers--exemption from state licensure.
385.204. Reimbursement insurance policies, requirements.
385.205. Delivery within commercially feasible time period--copy of contract to be delivered to consumer, when--violation, penalty.
385.206. Sale of contracts, prohibited acts--dealers not to be used as fronting companies--required contract contents--violations, penalty.
385.207. Business entity producer and individual producer licenses required--application requirements--issuance, renewal--rulemaking authority.
385.208. Deceptive practices.
385.209. Licensure sanctioning, when--notification by director, when--producer to notify director, when.
385.210. Record-keeping requirements.
385.211. Register of business entity producers to be maintained--inspection of list--updating of registry, when.
385.212. Termination, notice required.
385.214. Providers considered agents of insurer, when--indemnification and subrogation.
385.216. Investigations, administrative orders.
385.218. Rulemaking authority.
385.220. Inapplicability.
385.300. Definitions.
385.302. Registration required, fee--administrator authorized--provider requirements.
385.304. Reimbursement insurance policy requirements.
385.306. Contract requirements, contents.
385.308. Deceptive practices.
385.310. Record-keeping requirements.
385.312. Termination, notice required.
385.314. Providers considered agents of insurer, when--indemnification and subrogation.
385.316. Investigations, administrative orders.
385.318. Rulemaking authority.
385.320. Inapplicability.
385.321. Effective date for certain sections.
385.400. Citation of law.
385.403. Definitions.
385.406. Applicability, exceptions.
385.409. Registration required--records, content--fee--notice for failure to register.
385.412. Vehicle protection products, no offer for sale unless warrantor ensures adequate performance.
385.415. Warranty reimbursement insurance policy requirements.
385.418. Warranty requirements.
385.421. Warranty to contain cancellation terms and conditions--written notice of cancellation required.
385.424. Prohibited use of names and terms.
385.427. Record-keeping requirements.
385.430. Enforcement authority--administrative orders permitted.
385.433. Rulemaking authority.
385.436. Admissibility of failure to comply evidence.

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