Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 386
Public Service Commission


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Air quality, nonattainment areas, carbon emissions, implementation impact report, submitted with other departments, 640.090
Deaf and severely speech-impaired telecommunication system, duties, 209.251 to 209.260
Experimental tariffs, gas companies, 393.310
Manufactured homes, mobile homes, standards, powers and duties, 700.010 to 700.385
Solid waste disposal, promotion of resource recovery in coordination with the department of natural resources, 260.225
Telegraph and telephone companies, economic impact study, 392.410
Telephone economy rates for elderly and handicapped, duties, 660.137 to 660.149
Telephone service, provider not switched without customer verification, 392.540
Transportation activities regulation, powers and duties transferred to the division of motor carrier and railroad safety, 622.015
386.010. Short title of law.
386.020. Definitions.
386.030. Chapter not applicable to interstate commerce.
386.040. Commission established.
386.050. Appointment of commissioners--qualifications--tenure.
386.060. Removal of commissioners.
386.071. General counsel authorized, qualifications, duties.
386.090. Secretary to the commission--duties.
386.110. Oath of office--eligibility of commissioners and officers.
386.120. Office of commission, hours--meetings--official seal--equipment, supplies--commissioners to reside where--service upon commission, what constitutes, how made.
386.125. Public service commission, rulemaking authority.
386.130. Organization of commission--quorum--powers of a commissioner.
386.135. Independent technical staff for commission authorized, qualifications--personal advisors permitted--corresponding elimination of positions required--duties of technical staff.
386.140. Chairman--his powers.
386.145. Records destroyed, when.
386.150. Commissioner's compensation--other employees' compensation, how fixed--reimbursement of expenses, when.
386.160. Payment of salaries and expenses.
386.170. Publications commission, powers.
386.180. Duties of publications commission.
386.190. Member of publications commission, compensation--report to governor on certain federal actions, when--compensation for extra duties.
386.200. Conflicts of interest by commissioner or employees of commission prohibited--penalty for violation--violation by utility, penalty--violation by officer of utility, penalty.
386.210. Conferences, limitation on communications--cooperative agreements, investigations authorized--funds may be received and distributed, how--regulatory and judicial proceedings, intervening permitted.
386.230. Act as arbitrators.
386.240. Powers of commission, how exercised.
386.250. Jurisdiction of commission.
386.260. Commission to fix units of service.
386.266. Rate schedules for interim energy charges or periodic rate adjustment--application for approval, procedure--rulemaking authority--effective date--task force to be appointed.
386.270. All orders prima facie lawful and reasonable.
386.280. Orders to be written--recording--effect--utility office, where kept.
386.290. Certified copies of papers filed to be evidence.
386.300. Fees authorized--deposited, where, how.
386.310. Safety and health of public and employees--promulgation of rules--territorial rights, rules.
386.315. Commission shall not change terms of employment subject to collective bargaining or certain accounting standards--use of accounting standard by utility, requirements--tariff filing allowed, conditions--examination of tariffs, review period.
386.320. General supervision of telegraph and telephone corporations.
386.330. Investigatory power of commission, exception, telephone yellow page listings--complaint by public, how made--final order to be made, when.
386.360. Commission to investigate mandamus or injunctive actions, when--hearings, when held--parties, when joined--form of final judgment.
386.370. Estimate of expenses--assessments against utilities--public service commission fund.
386.371. Taxes and costs paid by public utility on reclassification of personal property to real property, recoverable in service rates, when--commission's duties.
386.380. Reports of commission.
386.390. Complaint, who may make--procedure to hear--service of process, how had--time and place of hearing, how fixed.
386.400. Utilities, corporations and persons may file complaint.
386.410. Commission to adopt rules of procedure, technical rules of evidence not to apply--proceedings to be informal.
386.420. Persons entitled to be heard--commission to make report, when--depositions authorized--may enforce attendance at hearings--record of proceedings to be kept--detailed reconciliation required, when.
386.430. Burden of proof on adverse party.
386.440. Subpoenas, how issued--witness fees, how paid--subpoena service costs, how paid--certified copies of public records to be furnished to commission.
386.450. Inspection of out of state records.
386.460. Refusal to attend or produce books or papers, guilty of misdemeanor--penalty.
386.470. Immunity of witnesses to prosecution.
386.480. Information not to be divulged--exception--penalty.
386.490. Service and effect of orders.
386.500. Rehearing before commission.
386.510. Review by appellate court.
386.515. Rehearing, procedure.
386.520. Appeal, pendency of, staying or suspending operation, when.
386.530. Priority over other civil cases in court actions granted.
386.540. Appeals from appellate court--transcript and exhibits--precedence over other civil cases.
386.550. Orders to be conclusive.
386.560. Mishandling records--false statements--penalty--order provisions.
386.570. Violation of orders--penalty--act of employee declared act of public utility.
386.572. Natural gas safety standards, gas plants not to violate--maximum penalties for violations, how determined.
386.580. Employee of public utility guilty of misdemeanor, when.
386.590. Penalties cumulative.
386.600. Actions to recover penalties or forfeitures.
386.610. Substantial compliance with requirements of this chapter sufficient.
386.700. Public counsel authorized--qualifications--compensation, how fixed.
386.710. Powers of public counsel.
386.754. Definitions.
386.756. Utilities prohibited from engaging in HVAC services, exceptions, penalty.
386.760. Public service commission to administer and ensure compliance--promulgation of rules.
386.762. Authority of public service commission.
386.764. Construction of certain statutes.
386.800. Municipally owned electrical supplier, services outside boundaries prohibited--exceptions--annexation--negotiations, territorial agreements, regulations, procedure--fair and reasonable compensation defined--assignment of sole service territories--commission jurisdiction.
386.890. Citation of law--definitions--retail electric suppliers, duties--metering equipment requirements--electrical energy generation units, calculation, requirements--report--rules--liability for damages.

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