Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 388
Railroad Corporations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Common carriers generally, Chap. 387
Company liable to subcontractors, laborers, when, 429.550
Constitutional provisions relative to railroads, Const. Art. XI §§ 9 to 12
Definitions, regulatory, 622.015, 622.100
Division of motor carrier and railroad safety abolished, duties and functions transferred to highways and transportation commission and department of transportation, 226.008
Ejection of passengers, when lawful, 389.060
Fires from locomotives, liability of company, 537.380
General and business corporation law, how applicable to railroads, 351.030, 351.690
Incorporation fees for business corporations, generally, 351.065
Interstate high speed intercity rail passenger network compact, 680.200
Johnson grass on right-of-way, duties, 263.261
Liens against railroad property for labor or materials, 429.440 to 429.550
Provisions of this chapter not to apply to foreign or interstate commerce, exceptions, 622.110
Railroad expense fund, purpose, 622.015
388.010. Railroad corporation defined.
388.020. Chapter to govern.
388.030. Who may form corporation--articles of association--where filed.
388.040. Articles of association, when filed--incorporation fee.
388.050. Copy of articles of association, evidence, when.
388.060. Corporate powers to cease, when.
388.070. Election of directors--terms of office.
388.100. Directors to appoint officers.
388.110. Ineligibility for office.
388.120. Penalty for violation of section 388.110.
388.130. Furnishing of supplies prohibited, when.
388.140. Transportation certificates may be issued--effect of.
388.150. Subscription for certificates, how taken--certificates to issue, when.
388.160. Certificates issued jointly or severally.
388.170. Certificates shall draw interest and be assignable.
388.180. Correct record of certificates issued to be kept--shall show what.
388.190. Interest account with stockholders to be kept.
388.200. Persons holding stock in fiduciary capacity not liable as stockholders.
388.210. General and additional powers.
388.220. Amendment of articles of incorporation--method.
388.230. Capital stock may be reduced, when and how.
388.240. Reorganization manager may adopt amendments to charters--certificates of amendments to be filed.
388.250. Trustees or receivers--rights and powers.
388.260. Railroad company may own and operate equipment for aerial transportation.
388.270. May own and operate motor vehicles.
388.280. Companies may contract with each other.
388.290. Companies may consolidate, when.
388.300. Aiding other railroads to form connection--terms.
388.310. Liability of companies for debts after sale--consolidation--lease--assignment--suits for recovery authorized.
388.320. Power to construct roads, connect with, intersect or cross other lines--duty to receive each other's freight.
388.330. Shall file profile maps, when.
388.340. Extension of lines--other roads, how acquired--assent of majority of stockholders required.
388.350. Extensions and branches authorized--procedure--fees.
388.360. Maps of extensions and branch routes to be filed, where--notice to landowners.
388.370. Right-of-way--how secured.
388.380. Right-of-way through state, county or city lands.
388.390. Title to lands of persons not sui juris, how acquired.
388.400. Title to school lands, how acquired.
388.410. Lands for depot purposes, how condemned.
388.420. May take material for construction, when and how.
388.430. Roadbed may be changed--gauge.
388.440. Right of trustees to change roadbed or roadline and to acquire right-of-way.
388.450. Bridges over navigable streams in state--how constructed by railroads.
388.460. Union stations--construction corporations--who may construct.
388.470. Powers of such corporation or railroad company.
388.480. Formation of corporation to build line from county seat to railroad or river.
388.490. Powers and duties of such corporation.
388.500. Interurban railroads--powers of company.
388.510. Foreign and nonresident railroad companies, license required--penalty.
388.600. Railroad police authorized.
388.605. Application, contents, how made, fee.
388.610. Director of department of public safety to appoint--commissions, oath, bond of appointees.
388.615. Identification filed with director of department of public safety.
388.620. Identification to be carried.
388.625. Railroad police, powers of.
388.630. Arrested persons, how treated.
388.635. Railroad police, how compensated.
388.640. License as peace officer required.
388.645. Termination of appointment, procedure.
388.655. Powers, where exercised.
388.660. Investigations, how limited.

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