Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 389
Regulation of Railroad Corporations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Accounts of railroads, division may prescribe method of keeping, 387.310
Application of general corporation law to railroad corporations, 351.030, 351.690
Capital stock, acquisition by another railroad corporation, 388.300
Common carriers generally, Chap. 387
Consolidation of railroad corporations, 388.290
County map of railroad to be filed in office of county clerk, when, 388.330
Definitions, regulatory, 622.015, 622.100
Discrimination by carrier prohibited, Const., Art. XI § 12
Division of motor carrier and railroad safety abolished, duties and functions transferred to highways and transportation commission and department of transportation, 226.008
Dogs, guide, service or hearing assistance, when entitled to accompany trainer without extra charge, 209.152
Employees, when paid, statement of deductions, 290.080
Extension of lines, procedure, 388.340
Fares and freight rates, powers of motor carrier and railroad safety division of the department of economic development, 387.190, 387.200, 391.070
Fires from engines, liability of railroad, 537.380
Goods transported, retained until charges are paid, unclaimed goods may be sold, when, 447.070 to 447.110
Grade crossings, change in grade, procedure, 229.380 to 229.410
Johnson grass control and eradication, duties, 263.261
Liability of carriers for loss or damage to freight, parties, 537.250
Liability of railroad for killing stock, damages, 537.260 to 537.290
Liquor intoxicating, transporting license required, certain carriers exempt, 311.420
Provisions of this chapter not to apply to foreign or interstate commerce, exceptions, 622.110
Railroad expense fund, purpose, 622.015
Railways, public highways, railroads, common carriers, Const. Art. XI § 9
Repairs or equipment changes, division may order, 387.210
Roadbed changes, extensions and branches, procedure, 388.350, 388.360, 388.430
"Seeing-eye" dogs entitled to accommodations on carriers, when, 209.150
Tariff schedules, carriers to publish, 387.050
Thistles, railroad to keep cut on right-of-way, 263.190
389.005 Division, transferred to department of transportation.
389.007. Official Missouri railroad, when designated.
389.060. Ejection of passengers, when lawful.
389.300. To deliver and receive freight at crossing of other roads--to maintain switches--penalty for failure.
389.310. Upon failure to furnish cars, shippers may furnish them--penalty for failure to return.
389.320. Pooling prohibited.
389.540. Shipments of grain in bulk.
389.550. Consignments to elevators declared temporary.
389.560. Time allowed for removing grain from cars.
389.570. No discrimination allowed in shipping grain--grain to be weighed and shortage made up.
389.580. Permission to erect structures or tract--violation, penalty--division may order track removed from service until in compliance.
389.610. Railroad crossings construction and maintenance, highways and transportation commission to have exclusive power to regulate and provide standards--apportionment of cost.
389.612. Grade crossing safety account created--fee charged, amount--who must pay--purpose and use of fund--transfer to state road fund, when.
389.614. Warning signals for crossings presumed adequate--duty of reasonable care required of railroads.
389.615. Study on grade crossing closures--due when--division may employ additional track safety specialists, when.
389.620. Railroads required to pave right-of-way at street crossings.
389.630. Railroad failing to pave, city to proceed, how.
389.645. Crossing in city, town or village, division may regulate, when.
389.650. Lawful fences, gates, who may build--trespassers.
389.653. Trespass to railroad property, penalties.
389.660. Right-of-way to be drained--duty of railroad to construct and maintain ditches and drains--violations subject to injunction and damages, costs and expenses.
389.665. Right-of-way to be cleared of weeds and brush to prevent fires, violation, damages and costs--public grade crossings to be clear of vegetation and undergrowth.
389.670. Storm sewers along railroad right-of-way in cities or towns under 30,000.
389.680. Railroad storm sewers--intersection with city sewer system.
389.690. Railroad storm sewers--liability for damages--penalties.
389.700. Application of sections 389.700 to 389.730--term railroad defined.
389.710. Lights to be placed on certain switches, when, by whom.
389.730. Liability for noncompliance--action for damages.
389.780. Switch and sidetrack connection--powers of division of motor carrier and railroad safety.
389.790. Safety switch appliances and guard rails to be maintained--penalty.
389.795. Walkways and handrails on bridges and trestles.
389.797. Employee walkways to be kept clear, enforcement.
389.800. Contributory negligence not to relieve from liability.
389.810. Engines to be equipped with power drive wheel brakes.
389.820. Safety appliances--automatic couplers.
389.830. Standard drawbars to be used--height of same.
389.840. Cars to be equipped with air or power brakes.
389.850. Application of provisions of sections 389.810 to 389.870.
389.860. Penalty for violation of sections 389.810 to 389.870--suit, where brought.
389.870. Employee not guilty of contributory negligence, when.
389.900. Locomotives to be equipped with electric headlights--power of same--exceptions.
389.920. First aid kits, duty of railroad to provide--rules regulating.
389.945. Safety rules for motor vehicles used to transport employees by rail--hearings--inspection of vehicles--penalties.
389.990. Bell and whistle at crossings--penalty.
389.991. Definitions.
389.992. Division of motor carrier and railroad safety regulations.
389.993. Rules and regulations, hearings required--must conform with federal standards--how amended.
389.994. Rulemaking authority on constructing and maintaining walkways adjacent to industrial railroad trackage--definition of industrial railroad trackage--hearings required--amending rules--authority to issue cease and desist order.
389.996. Investigation of accidents, notice of an accident.
389.997. Railroad car loading requirements--exception--motor carrier and railroad safety division of the department of economic development to enforce.
389.998. Violations and penalties--enforcement--action by division, jurisdiction--penalties or forfeitures paid into school fund.
389.999. Causes of action existing prior to August 13, 1988.
389.1005. Light rail safe operation, maintenance and use--division's powers and duties--funds to be used, how--operator to file statement.
389.1010. Light rail safety fund created, administration of--lapse into general revenue prohibited.

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