Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 391
Street Railroads


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Cities of the third class, powers relative to street railways, 77.200
Common carriers generally, Chap. 387
Definitions, regulatory, 622.015, 622.100
Division of motor carrier and railroad safety abolished, duties and functions transferred to highways and transportation commission and department of transportation, 226.008
Dogs, guide, service or hearing assistance, when entitled to accompany trainer without extra charge, 209.152
Franchise, conditions precedent to grant by city, 71.560, 71.580
General and business corporations, Chap. 351
Liens against railroad property for labor or materials, 429.440 to 429.550
Provisions of this chapter not to apply to foreign or interstate commerce, exceptions, 622.110
"Seeing-eye" dogs permitted to ride in public conveyance, 209.150
Special assessments against railway property, cities may levy, 88.100
Streetcar gates, cities over 300,000 may regulate, 82.460
391.010 Requirements for incorporating street railway companies.
391.020. Powers of corporation.
391.060. Operating arrangements with interurban railroad.
391.070. Transfers and service to be fixed by division of motor carrier and railroad safety.
391.130. May construct and operate street railways over bridges connecting any city in this state with any city of an adjoining state.
391.230. Street railroads operating cars by electricity or overhead wires.
391.240. Duty of street railway companies where tracks cross railroad tracks.

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