Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 392
Telephone and Telegraph Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Corporation franchise tax, electric companies exempt, when, 147.010
Deaf and severely speech-impaired telecommunications system, duties, 209.251 to 209.260
Emergency telephone service, 190.300 to 190.320
Public utility rates established by the PSC not to change terms of employment subject to collective bargaining, 386.315
Telephone cooperatives not required to file rates, exception, exchange access service, 386.250, 392.220
Telephone economy rates for certain elderly and handicapped persons, duties, funding, 660.137 to 660.149
Underground facility safety and damage prevention law, generally, 319.010 to 319.050
Wiretapping, drug interception techniques, 542.400 to 542.422
392.010. Telephone and telegraph corporations, by whom and how formed.
392.020. Articles, where filed--powers when incorporated.
392.030. Powers of corporation.
392.040. Election of directors--appointment of officers.
392.050. Directors, procedure for election of.
392.060. Meeting of board.
392.070. Consolidation of companies.
392.080. May construct lines on public roads--consent of city required--constructive easement acquired, when.
392.090. Mode of construction may be directed, by whom.
392.100. May enter upon lands, when.
392.110. No contract for exclusive use of land.
392.120. Power to own and maintain lines.
392.130. Companies to provide facilities to meet public needs--penalty for failure to deliver messages.
392.140. Duties in forwarding dispatches over other lines.
392.150. Employees to notify sender when message cannot be transmitted immediately--penalty.
392.160. Penalty for transmitting false communications.
392.170. Liability for negligence in transmitting and delivering messages--not to disclose contents--penalty.
392.175. Operator services, live operator to be provided, when.
392.180. What definitions to apply.
392.185. Purpose of chapter.
392.190. Application of sections 392.190 to 392.530.
392.200. Adequate service--just and reasonable charges--unjust discrimination--unreasonable preference--reduced rates permitted for federal lifeline connection plan--delivery of telephone and telegraph messages--customer--specific pricing--term agreements, discount rates.
392.201. Electronic publishing limitations--adoption of provisions--public service commission to administer--exception.
392.205. Public schools to have reduced rates.
392.210. Reports and records of telecommunication companies.
392.220. Rates, schedules, suspension of, when--revocation of certificate of service, penalty.
392.230. Charges for short and long distance service--power of commission to stay increased rates--hearing, requirements, small telephone company, requirements.
392.240. Rates--rentals--service and physical connections.
392.245. Companies to be regulated, when--maximum prices, determined how, changed how--classification--change of rates--nonwireless basic local telecommunications services, exempt from maximum allowable prices.
392.246. Petition for rate relief--relief to be granted, when.
392.248. Universal service board created, purpose, powers, duties, members--assessment, failure to pay, penalty--eligibility for funding--carriers of last resort--commission's duties--limited liability.
392.250. Power of commission to order repairs or changes.
392.270. Power of commission to ascertain valuation of property of telegraph and telephone corporations.
392.280. Depreciation account required--application for change, information required--ruling, when--minimum rates in lieu of fixed rates.
392.290. Right to issue stocks, bonds and notes is subject to regulation by state--exception--limitation on powers of commission.
392.300. Transfer of property and ownership of stock without consent of commission prohibited--impact of transfer on local tax revenues, information on to be furnished, to whom, procedure.
392.310. Approval of issues of stocks, bonds and other forms of indebtedness.
392.320. Certificate of commission to be recorded--stock dividends, permitted when.
392.330. Account for disposition of proceeds--issue void, when, exception--penalties--state not liable.
392.340. Reorganization.
392.350. Liability for loss or damage.
392.360. Forfeiture--penalties.
392.361. Classification of telecommunications company, services--procedure--effect of classification.
392.370. Transitionally competitive telecommunications services, classified when.
392.380. Applicability of law to competitive and transitionally competitive telecommunications companies and services.
392.390. Minimum requirements of telecommunications companies, reports to be filed with commission.
392.400. Noncompetitive telecommunication services, rates not to cover expenses of competitive services, exception--complaint may be filed by another company, purpose--commission may examine records, purpose.
392.410. Certificate of public convenience and necessity required, exception--certificate of interexchange service authority, required when--duration of certificates--temporary certificates, issued when--political subdivisions restricted from providing certain telecommunications services or facilities.
392.415. Call location information to be provided in emergencies--immunity from liability, when.
392.420. Regulations, modification of, company may request by petition, when--waiver, when.
392.430. Certificates to be approved, when.
392.440. Service authority, certificate of, approved when.
392.450. Requirements, approval of certificates--commission to adopt rules--modification, when--federal law not preempted.
392.451. State adopts federal exemption for certain rural telephone companies.
392.455. Commission to establish certification process.
392.460. Abandonment of service, commission must approve--definitions--carriers of last resort, relief from obligation, when, criteria, waivers--exemption for St. Louis County*, St. Louis City, portions of Kansas City.
392.461. Exemption from certain rules, telecommunications companies.
392.470. Conditions, commission may impose, when--compensation to other companies, when, commission may order.
392.475. Prohibition of resale, when.
392.480. Services to be offered under tariff.
392.500. Changes in rates, competitive telecommunication services, procedure.
392.510. Tariffs, bands and ranges allowed, when, requirements.
392.520. Private shared tenant services, coin operated telephone services, regulation of.
392.530. Construction of provisions of the chapter.
392.540. Public service commission to promulgate rules on changes of telecommunications providers.
392.550. Interconnected voice over internet protocol service, registration required--charges to apply--procedure for registration--authority of commission.
392.605. Local exchange telecommunications companies to decrease certain rates for three years--exemption.
392.611. Inapplicability of laws and rules, when--universal service fund surcharge--broadband not subject to regulation, when--no exemption from rules, when--alternative certification.

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