Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 393
Gas, Electric, Water, Heating and Sewer Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Annexation of area, served by rural electric cooperative, municipality with own utility service, procedure as to who provides service, 386.800
Antitrust laws not applicable to territorial agreements, certain cities (Columbia), 416.041
Cities, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Corporation franchise tax, telephone companies exempt, when, 147.010
Electric plants, cities, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Emergencies, to restore service use of local commercial vehicles with maintenance permits to operate beyond license zone, 301.175
Emergencies, utility service drivers, hour regulations not applicable, essential service defined, 307.400
Excavations in roads, first class counties, 229.300 to 229.370
Periodic rate adjustments, approval of rate schedules, 386.266
Power and light, fourth class cities, contract for, 88.770
POWER LINES Cities may permit erection of, 71.520 On state highways, state highway commission to control, 227.240
Power lines and poles, removal of when moving buildings, 229.250, 229.260
Public utilities, regulation, third class cities, 77.210, 88.613 to 88.633
Public utility rates established by the PSC not to change terms of employment subject to collective bargaining, 386.315
Public water supply district may convey property and equipment to water corporation, 247.215
Rural electric cooperative serving newly annexed area by city with utility service, procedure, who to furnish service, 386.800
Sewers, cities, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Storm waters control, cities, additional debt, vote required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Taxes and costs on reclassification of personal property to real property recoverable in service rates, when, 386.371
Utility service drivers, emergencies, hour regulation not applicable, when, essential service defined, 307.400
WATER SUPPLY Board of aldermen in fourth class cities authorized to contract for, 88.773 Information furnished to department of natural resources by persons supplying, 640.115
WATERWORKS Cities, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e) Cities of third or fourth classes may acquire, 91.120, 92.210 Constitutional charter cities may acquire, procedure, 91.600 Special charter cities under 10,000 may acquire, 91.560 to 91.590
Weight and measure laws as to measuring devices not applicable to water meters, 413.226
393.010. Corporations supplying gas, electricity or water--powers.
393.015. Sewer company may contract with water company to terminate water services for nonpayment of sewer bill--procedure--immunity--costs, reimbursement.
393.016. Termination of water service for nonpayment of sewer bill, when--immunity from civil liability--procedure to establish agreement, contents of agreement--exceptions.
393.020. Authorizing laying of underground water mains--power of eminent domain.
393.025. Sewer corporation may exercise eminent domain, how--sewer lines along or across public roads, how built and maintained--consent of municipality required, when.
393.030. Right to take water from nonnavigable stream and erect dam--purposes for which company may condemn land.
393.040. Filing of petition, issuance of summons, and notice of hearing--notice by publication, when.
393.050. Court shall appoint three commissioners to assess damages--payment of damages.
393.060. Number of owners may be joined in one petition.
393.070. Clerk of court shall give notice of petitions.
393.080. Cost of proceeding--how paid.
393.090. Corporation not authorized to enter or appropriate certain buildings.
393.100. Concerning the appropriation of property held by another corporation.
393.105. Rules against restraints on alienation and against perpetuities not to apply, when.
393.106. Definitions--electric power suppliers exclusive right to serve structures, exception--change of suppliers, procedure.
393.108. Hot weather rule, discontinuance of service prohibited, when.
393.110. Application of sections 393.110 to 393.285--public service commission not to have jurisdiction over certain electrical corporations.
393.120. Definition of terms.
393.130. Safe and adequate service--charges--certain home rule cities, interest accrual, when.
393.135. Charges based on nonoperational property of electrical corporation prohibited.
393.136. Retroactive operation prohibited.
393.140. General powers of commission in respect to gas, water, electricity and sewer services.
393.145. Certain utility may be placed under control of receiver--commission determination, procedure--appointment of receiver, bond.
393.146. Acquisition of small water or sewer corporation by capable public utility, when--definitions--alternatives to be discussed, factors to consider--price for acquisition, how determined--plan for improvements required--rate case procedure to be used--rulemaking authority.
393.147. Loan programs, certain sewer and water corporations--authorized when, how.
393.150. Commission may fix rates after hearing--stay increase--burden of proof.
393.152. Delinquency in payment, deposit or guarantee to continue service prohibited, when--inapplicability.
393.155. Electric corporation's rates, increase in, phase-in of, when, how--powers of commission.
393.160. Inspection of gas, water and electric meters.
393.170. Approval of incorporation and franchises--certificate.
393.175. Designation as sole regional or watershed supplier, application--preferences--pricing of services.
393.180. Right to issue stocks, bonds, notes subject to regulation.
393.190. Transfer of franchise or property to be approved, procedure--impact of transfer on local tax revenues, information on to be furnished, to whom, procedure.
393.200. Approval of issues of stocks, bonds and other forms of indebtedness.
393.210. Certificate of commission to be recorded--stock dividend prohibited.
393.220. Account for disposition of proceeds--issue void, when, exception--penalties--state not liable.
393.230. Power of commission to ascertain valuation of property of gas, electrical, water and sewer corporations.
393.240. Power of commission to require depreciation account of gas, electrical, water and sewer corporations.
393.250. Reorganizations of gas, electrical, water and sewer corporations.
393.260. Complaints as to quality and price of gas, water, electricity and sewer service--investigation by commission--form of complaints.
393.270. Notice and hearing--order fixing price of gas, water, electricity or sewer service, or requiring improvement.
393.275. Commission to notify cities and counties of tariff increases, when, contents of notice--reduction of license tax, when--exception, procedure--to maintain.
393.280. Defense in case of excessive charges for gas, water, electricity or sewer service.
393.290. Powers of commission relating to other utilities made applicable to heating companies.
393.291. Steam heating companies, may file under small company rate procedures, when.
393.292. Nuclear power plant decommissioning, expense of, rate increase allowed, when, how.
393.297. Purpose of sections 393.298 to 393.302.
393.298. Definitions.
393.299. Provision of energy services, limitations, exceptions--agreements with commission to pay business license taxes--nonseverability clause.
393.300. Customer bills in Braille or bold-faced type on request.
393.301. Challenging the validity of an agreement, notification--invalidity of section 393.299, effect.
393.302. Tax on energy consumption, ordinance imposing tax, ballot measure required.
393.310. Certain gas corporations to file set of experimental tariffs with PSC, minimum requirements--extension of tariffs.
393.320. Acquisition of small water utilities, establishment of ratemaking rate base, procedure.
393.410. Definitions.
393.420. Acquisition of right to use storage reservoir under publicly owned lands.
393.430. Gas storage company may exercise eminent domain--purposes--procedure.
393.440. Powers not to be exercised until approved by public service commission.
393.450. Buildings not to be condemned.
393.460. Strata and formations not subject to condemnation.
393.470. Limitation on condemnation of property held for public uses.
393.480. Law not to restrict other powers of eminent domain.
393.490. Rights of owner of land in condemned strata.
393.500. Gas in underground storage personal property.
393.510. Limitations to begin, when--cause deemed to accrue, when.
393.550. Definitions.
393.553. Written demand, notice, contents, refusal of access deemed denial of access, when.
393.555. Denial of access, filing of affidavit, contents--initial access order, procedure, becomes final order of access, when.
393.557. Final order of access, exception--bond, amount--hearing.
393.559. Access, with sheriff, expenses of sheriff.
393.561. Damages awarded to utility customer, when--costs, court to determine who pays.
393.563. Other rights of access, not affected.
393.565. Appeals, customer must give bond.
393.700. Short title.
393.705. Definitions.
393.710. Municipalities, public water supply districts and sewer districts may form commission--purposes--contents of contract--board of directors.
393.715. Powers of commission--purchase of private water utility serving outside municipal limits, effect--successorship, continued and new service authorized, when.
393.720. Commissions to be bodies public and corporate.
393.725. Bonds issued to be revenue bonds only--form of bonds.
393.730. Requirements of resolution authorizing bonds.
393.735. Additional security for bonds issued may be given, how.
393.740. Certain taxes applicable.
393.745. Refunding bonds may be issued.
393.750. Bonds legal investments for enumerated purposes.
393.755. Bonds may be repurchased.
393.760. Election on issuance of bonds--required actions--notice--conduct of election--form of ballot--alternative voting procedures.
393.770. Purchase agreements authorized--terms--not to constitute debt.
393.825. Nonprofit sewer companies, who may organize--articles of incorporation, contents, submission to secretary of state.
393.827. Conversion of wastewater disposal or treatment corporation to nonprofit sewer company, requirements for conversion--term "articles of incorporation" includes articles of conversion.
393.829. Powers.
393.831. Articles of incorporation, amendment requirements.
393.833. Principal office, change of, procedure.
393.835. Articles of incorporation, amendment, consolidation, merger, conversion or dissolution--filing--duties of secretary of state.
393.837. Securities law of Missouri not to apply, when.
393.839. Membership--meetings, annual, special--quorum--voting.
393.841. Voting districts may be provided, when, procedure.
393.843. Board of directors, powers and duties.
393.845. Officers, annual election, removal from office--employees and agents.
393.847. Department of natural resources, jurisdiction, supervision, powers and duties--public service commission jurisdiction, limitations.
393.849. Excess revenues.
393.851. Prepayment of debt not prohibited.
393.853. Voluntary dissolution, articles, contents, submission to secretary of state.
393.855. Voluntary dissolution, procedure for winding up affairs.
393.857. Construction of laws relating to nonprofit sewer companies.
393.861. Private property of members exempt from execution for debts of company.
393.900. Nonprofit water companies may be organized--articles of incorporation.
393.903. Corporations may convert to nonprofit water companies, how.
393.906. Powers and duties.
393.909. May amend articles of incorporation, how.
393.912. Change of principal office, how.
393.915. Certain articles to be filed with secretary of state and shall take effect upon being filed by secretary of state.
393.918. Securities law not to apply, when.
393.921. Members must use services of nonprofit water company if available--membership not transferable, exception--meetings, how called, notice, procedure.
393.924. Company territory may be divided into voting districts.
393.927. Board of directors, powers, duties, number, terms of office, procedure.
393.930. Officers, qualifications, powers and duties, terms of office.
393.933. Compliance with department of natural resources and other laws--public service commission not to have jurisdiction.
393.936. Revenues to be distributed, when.
393.939. Prepayment of indebtedness permitted.
393.942. Voluntary dissolution before commencing operations.
393.945. Voluntary dissolution and windup of affairs after commencing operations.
393.948. Nonprofit water company law construed liberally, may elect to follow certain corporate laws in articles of incorporation.
393.951. Private property of members exempt from execution--members not liable for debts of company.
393.954. Claims against insured nonprofit water company after dissolution, procedure.
393.1000. Definitions.
393.1003. Rate schedules, procedures to establish or change (St. Louis County).
393.1006. Documentation to be submitted--notice to be published--examination of proposal--authorization of commission, when--pretax revenues, factors to be considered--revised rate schedule, filed when--rulemaking authority.
393.1009. Definitions.
393.1012. Rate schedules, procedures to establish or change.
393.1015. Documentation to be submitted--notice to be published--examination of proposal--authorization by commission, when--pretax revenues, factors to be considered--revised rate schedule, filed when--rulemaking authority.
393.1020. Citation of law.
393.1025. Definitions.
393.1030. Electric utilities, portfolio requirements--tracking requirements--rebate offers--certification of electricity generated--rulemaking authority.
393.1040. Encouragement of reduced consumption, objective of act.
393.1045. Cap on increase in retail charges based on renewable mandates.
393.1050. Electrical corporations achieving certain level of renewable energy technology nameplate capacity exempt from certain fees and rebates.
393.1075. Citation of law--definitions--policy to value demand-side investments equal to traditional investments--development of cost recovery mechanisms--costs not to be assigned to customers, when--rulemaking authority--annual report--certain charges to appear on bill.
393.1150. Suit or claim brought, measure of damages.

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