Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 394
Rural Electric Cooperatives


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Annexation of area served by rural electric cooperative and city has own utility service, who to provide service, procedure, 386.800
Antitrust laws not applicable to territorial agreements, certain cities (Columbia), 416.041
Emergencies, to restore service use of local commercial vehicles with maintenance permits to operate beyond license zone, 301.175
Emergencies, utility service drivers, hour regulations not applicable, essential service defined, 307.400
Right to access in multifamily dwellings, 393.550 to 393.565
Utility service drivers, emergencies, hour regulation not applicable, when, essential service defined, 307.400
394.010 Designation of chapter.
394.020. Definitions.
394.030. Formation of cooperative corporations authorized.
394.040. Who may organize.
394.050. Articles of incorporation--where filed.
394.060. Name of cooperative shall include what.
394.070. Corporation may become subject to provisions of chapter, how.
394.080. Powers, generally--may supply energy to certain cities, towns and villages, when.
394.090. Articles may be amended, how.
394.100. Articles to be filed with secretary of state.
394.110. Bylaws to be adopted.
394.120. Qualifications for membership--meetings--rules.
394.130. Territory supplied by cooperative may be divided into voting districts.
394.140. Directors to manage cooperative.
394.150. Officers--removal.
394.160. Rules and regulations prescribed by public service commission--limitation on jurisdiction of commission.
394.170. Revenues of cooperative--disposition.
394.180. Sale of property by cooperative--membership approval required.
394.190. Effect of mortgage or deed of trust executed by cooperative.
394.200. Cooperative of adjacent state may extend lines and transact business in this state, when--service of process on, how made.
394.210. Cooperatives may consolidate, how.
394.220. Cooperatives may merge, how.
394.230. Effect of consolidation or merger.
394.240. Dissolution of cooperative--procedure.
394.250. Fees to be collected by director of revenue.
394.260. Annual fee.
394.270. Members not to be liable for debts of cooperative.
394.280. Provisions of securities law not to apply.
394.290. Acknowledgments, who may take.
394.300. Waiver of notice shall be deemed equivalent to such notice, when.
394.310. Chapter to be construed liberally.
394.312. Territorial agreements authorized, procedure--public service commission, duties, fees may be set.
394.315. Definitions--rural electric cooperative exclusive right to serve structures, exception--change of suppliers, procedure.

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