Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 600
Public Defenders


Rsmo Number Section Description
600.011 Definitions.
600.015. Public defender commission created--appointment, terms, expenses, meetings, vacancies--director to be ex officio member.
600.017. Commission, powers and duties.
600.019. Public defender system created--director, appointment, qualifications, compensation, removal from office, procedure.
600.021. Public defenders, appointment, terms, qualifications, restrictions--compensation of defenders and employees--offices, where established--private attorneys, services authorized.
600.040. Office space and utilities services, how provided--retirement system membership.
600.042. Director's duties and powers--cases for which representation is authorized--rules, procedure--discretionary powers of defender system--bar members appointment authorized.
600.043. Involuntary civil detention or commitment cases, representation by defenders prohibited.
600.044. Legal services to be furnished by defender, dismissal from case, when, procedure.
600.048. Right to counsel, notice posted, where, contents--request for counsel, procedure--privacy rights.
600.051. Waiver of counsel, when permitted.
600.062. Acceptance of cases, no authority to limit based on caseload standards.
600.063. Caseload concerns, motion to court, procedure--rulemaking authority.
600.064. Private counsel, appointment of, requirements--expenses.
600.086. Eligibility for representation, rules to establish--indigency, how determined, procedure, appeal--false statements, penalty--investigation authorized.
600.089. Parolees to pay for representation, when.
600.090. Determination of ability to pay all or part of representation costs--lien for reasonable value of services, procedure--deposit of funds collected.
600.091. Confidentiality of defender's files, exceptions.
600.093. Probation, payment for services may be condition.
600.096. Reports, documents, statements, transcripts to be furnished to defender without fee.
600.101. Provision of office space for public defender, disputes.

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