Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 263
Insect Pests and Weeds


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Pesticide registration, 281.210 to 281.310
263.010. Title of law.
263.020. Definitions.
263.030. Appointment of state entomologist--qualifications--employees.
263.040. Rules and regulations.
263.050. Inspection, enforce quarantine regulations--power to call meetings--rulemaking, procedure.
263.060. Right of entry.
263.070. Inspection fees--nurseries and nursery dealers registration inspection certificates, requirements, expire when--disposition of fees.
263.080. Plant pests, control, noncomplying owner, action by inspectors--lien for expenses.
263.100. Shipping tag to show what.
263.110. Inspection of plants before sale or shipment--fees--exceptions.
263.130. Establishment of quarantine--rules and regulations.
263.140. Restrictive and control measures--adoption and enforcement.
263.145. Plant disease and insect inspection--confiscation and destruction--highway patrol or other law enforcement officers to assist in enforcement.
263.150. Review of order granted, when--rules, procedure.
263.180. Penalty.
263.190. Owners to control noxious weeds--notice procedure--penalty--sale of noxious weeds prohibited.
263.200. County commission duties to control noxious weeds, official immunity, landowner duty of care--special tax for cost, collection--provisions applicable to certain political subdivisions.
263.220. Duty of prosecuting attorney.
263.240. Penalty for violation.
263.243. State agency purchasing seed from nondomestic source containing noxious weeds, liability.
263.245. Brush adjacent to county roads, to be removed, certain counties--county commission may remove brush, when, procedures, certain counties.
263.247. Brush control, county option, certain counties--election to discontinue enforcement of weed control program.
263.250. Marijuana plant to be destroyed--county commission to destroy, when.
263.255. County election on enforcement of Johnson grass control law, notice, ballot, effect.
263.257. Director of agriculture to exterminate Johnson grass, when--county weed control board, appointment, expenses.
263.259. Duties of state director of agriculture--inspection by county weed control board.
263.261. Duties of public utilities and government agencies as to Johnson grass.
263.262. Johnson grass declared nuisance, where--abatement.
263.265. Tax for control of Johnson grass--state transportation department to pay costs.
263.266. Approved eradication methods to be followed.
263.267. County's classification as Johnson grass extermination area terminated, how.
263.452. Declaration of commission, when--election, procedure.
263.454. Declaration as noxious weed control area, notice, duties of property owners--county weed control board, appointment, members, duties, compensation, terms.
263.456. Duties of county weed control board--director of agriculture to cooperate with governmental agencies--inspection of lands, notice, immunity, liability, indemnification, landowner duty of care--expenses of control, special tax, lien--notice to prosecutor.
263.458. Public utilities, department of transportation, department of natural resources, department of conservation, United States government, and railroads duties in noxious weed control areas.
263.460. Noxious weeds as public nuisance--action to enjoin nuisance, venue, parties, notice.
263.462. Tax may be assessed by county commission, township board and special road district--transportation department property, costs--county commission may share costs with landowners.
263.464. Chemicals and biological agents, approval of required.
263.466. Termination of classification as noxious weed control area.
263.468. County noxious weed fund may be established--program required--funding--orders.
263.470. Prohibition, Johnson grass extermination area.
263.472. Conversion of Johnson grass extermination area to noxious weed control program--election, procedure.
263.474. Public and private standards of control.
263.500. Law, how cited.
263.503. Definitions.
263.505. Rules, authority for--procedure to adopt, suspend and revoke.
263.507. Department of agriculture--powers and duties.
263.509. Director's right to enter premises to eradicate and inspect, requirements--court may issue a warrant for right of entry, when.
263.512. Cotton growers to furnish department with size and location of all cotton fields and patches.
263.515. Quarantined areas, authority from regulations by department--articles from other states regulated.
263.517. Eradication zones established, authority for--regulations--publication of notice in affected areas--violations, authority to destroy cotton.
263.520. Eradication zones, authority of department to treat with pesticides or destroy--cotton planted after notice, no payment for losses--payment if cotton planted before notice.
263.523. Cotton growers' organization, certification by department, requirements--board of directors, appointment, qualifications, terms--audit by department.
263.525. Certification of organization--purpose--revocation, when.
263.527. Regional referendum on assessment for costs of eradication--assessment basis--voting procedure--deposit of funds collected--annual audit.
263.529. Referendum under direction of organization--expenses, how paid.
263.531. Referendum defeated--organization may call other referendums--assessment retention to be subject to vote every ten years.
263.534. Failure to pay assessment, penalties and interest--lien also authorized on cotton crop subject to assessment, priority of lien.
263.537. Boll weevil suppression and eradication fund established, purpose--department may retain amount to cover costs of administration--reversion to general revenue prohibited.

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