Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 571
Weapons Offenses


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Criminal activity forfeiture act (CAFA), definitions applicable to this chapter, 513.605
Discharging a firearm or weapon at a railroad train or railmounted work equipment while committing a trespass to railroad property, penalty, 389.653
Evidence, admission of representative samples of explosives, remainder destroyed, 490.733
Firearms, components, ammunition, legislation preemption by general assembly, exceptions, 21.750
Minimum prison terms for repeat offenders for the commission of certain crimes in this chapter, 558.019
Office of administration authorized to provide armed security guards at state facilities, procedure, exception, 8.115
571.010. Definitions.
571.012. Health care professionals not required to disclose patient firearm information, when.
571.013. Ownership of firearms records, closed records--violation, penalty.
571.014. Unlawful refusal to transfer by denying sale of a firearm to a nonlicensee, crime of--violation, penalty--inapplicability, when.
571.015. Armed criminal action, defined, penalty.
571.017. Imposition of sentences for both armed criminal action and crime committed with deadly weapon authorized, exception.
571.020. Possession--manufacture--transport--repair--sale of certain weapons a crime--exceptions--penalties.
571.030. Unlawful use of weapons--exceptions--penalties.
571.037. Open display of firearm permitted, when.
571.045. Defacing firearm, penalty.
571.050. Possession of defaced firearm, penalty.
571.060. Unlawful transfer of weapons, penalty.
571.063. Fraudulent purchase of a firearm, crime of--definitions--penalty--exceptions.
571.067. Surrendering a firearm to a political subdivision, valuable consideration prohibited, exceptions.
571.070. Possession of firearm unlawful for certain persons--penalty--exception.
571.072. Unlawful possession of an explosive weapon, crime of--penalty.
571.080. Transfer of concealable firearms.
571.085. Purchase in another state by Missouri residents, permitted when.
571.087. Purchase in Missouri by nonresident, permitted when.
571.090. (Repealed L. 2007 S.B. 62 & 41 § A)
571.092. Restriction on transfer and possession of firearms, petition for removal of, when, requirements.
571.093. Certain records closed to the public.
571.095. Confiscation of firearms and ammunition, when--exceptions.
Cross Reference

Cost and expenses of compliance with concealed carry permits, payment from sheriff's revolving fund authorized, 50.535 ***

571.101. Concealed carry permits, application requirements--approval procedures--issuance, when--information on permit--fees.
571.102. (Repealed L. 2013 S.B. 75 § A)
571.104. Suspension or revocation of endorsements and permits, when--renewal procedures--change of name or residence notification requirements.
571.107. Permit does not authorize concealed firearms, where--penalty for violation.
571.111. Firearms training requirements--safety instructor requirements--penalty for violations.
571.114. Denial of application, appeal procedures.
571.117. Revocation procedure for ineligible permit holders--sheriff's immunity from liability, when.
571.121. Duty to carry and display permit, penalty for violation--director of revenue immunity from liability, when.
571.126. List of persons who have obtained a concealed carry endorsement or permit, no disclosure to federal government.
571.150. Use or possession of a metal-penetrating bullet during the commission of a crime--definition--penalty.
571.155. Regulation by municipalities permitted--no prohibition at shooting ranges.
571.500. Database and certain records, enabling or cooperating with state or federal government in developing prohibited, when.
571.510. Housing authorities not permitted to prohibit lessees from possessing firearms--definitions--immunity from liability, when.

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