Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 610
Governmental Bodies and Records


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Civil action for damages for conduct and speech at public hearings and meetings, 537.528
Criminal records repository, access to by private entities responsible for probation services, 43.504
Custody and preservation of public and business records, 109.005 to 109.080
Employee disqualification lists, not public record, when, 192.2500
Records on financial investments and tax credits submitted to department of economic development to be deemed closed, when, 620.014
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Sexually violent predators, civil commitment, certain records are closed, exception, 632.513
Sexually violent predators, civil commitment, release of information, to whom, when, 632.510
State and local records law, 109.200 to 109.310
Voter registration lists made available pursuant to chapter 610 and fees therefrom deposited in secretary of state's technology trust fund account, 115.157
610.010 Definitions.
610.011. Liberal construction of law to be public policy.
610.015. Votes, how taken.
610.020. Notice of meetings, when required--recording of meetings to be allowed, guidelines, penalty--accessibility of meetings--minutes of meetings to be kept, content--voting records to be included.
610.021. Closed meetings and closed records authorized when, exceptions.
610.022. Closed meetings, procedure and limitation--public records presumed open unless exempt--objections to closing meetings or records, procedure.
610.023. Records of governmental bodies to be in care of custodian, duties--records may be copied but not removed, exception, procedure--denial of access, procedure.
610.024. Public record containing exempt and nonexempt materials, nonexempt to be made available--deleted exempt materials to be explained, exception.
610.025. Electronic transmission of messages relating to public business, requirements.
610.026. Fees for copying public records, limitations--fee money remitted to whom--tax, license or fee as used in Missouri Constitution Article X, Section 22, not to include copying fees.
610.027. Violations--remedies, procedure, penalty, purposeful violations--validity of actions by governing bodies in violation--governmental bodies may seek interpretation of law, attorney general to provide.
610.028. Legal defense of members of governmental bodies, when--written policy on release of information required--persons reporting violations exempt from liability and discipline.
610.029. Governmental agencies to provide information by electronic services, contracts for public records databases, requirements, electronic services defined--division of data processing may be consulted.
610.030. Injunctive relief authorized.
610.032. Executive agency disclosure of closed records, purpose, procedure--executive agency defined.
610.035. State entity not to disclose Social Security number, exceptions.
Cross Reference

Criminal records central repository, highway patrol regulation, records closed, when, 43.500 to 43.530 ***

610.100. Definitions--arrest and incident records available to public--closed records, when--record redacted, when--access to incident reports, record redacted, when--action for disclosure of investigative report authorized, costs--application to open incident and arrest reports, violations, civil penalty--identity of victim of sexual offense--confidentiality of recording.
610.103. Criminal background check completed without fee, when.
610.105. Effect of nolle pros--dismissal--sentence suspended on record--not guilty due to mental disease or defect, effect--official records available to victim in certain cases.
610.106. Suspended sentence prior to September 28, 1981, procedure to close records.
610.110. Failure to recite closed record excused--exceptions.
610.115. Penalty.
610.120. Records to be confidential--accessible to whom, purposes.
610.122. Arrest record expunged, requirements.
610.123. Procedure to expunge, supreme court to promulgate rules--similar to small claims.
610.124. Destruction of arrest records--removal from all electronic files--FBI requested to expunge--protest to expungement, procedure.
610.125. Failure to comply with expungement order, penalty--knowingly using expunged record for gain, penalty.
610.126. Expungement does not deem arrest invalid--department of revenue may retain records necessary for administrative actions on driver's license--power to close or expunge record, limitation.
610.130. Alcohol-related driving offenses, expunged from records, when--procedures, effect--limitations.
610.140. Expungement of certain criminal records, petition, contents, procedure--effect of expungement on employer inquiry--lifetime limits.
610.140. Expungement of certain criminal records, petition, contents, procedure.
610.150. "911" telephone reports inaccessible, exceptions.
610.175. Flight log records after flight, open public records for elected members of executive and legislative branches.
610.200. Law enforcement agency log or record of suspected crimes, accidents or complaints, available for inspection and copying.
610.205. Crime scene photographs and video recordings closed records, when--disclosure to next-of-kin or by court order--inapplicability.
610.225. Tax credit records and documents deemed closed records, when--request for opening records and documents, requirements, fee authorized.

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