Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 621
Administrative Hearing Commission


Rsmo Number Section Description
621.015. Administrative hearing commission, number of commissioners--qualifications, appointment, terms, compensation.
621.017. Commissioners to report to governor, when, content--compensation for extra duties.
621.025. Acting commissioner, when appointed--compensation.
621.035. Individual commissioners to have authority of entire commission--exceptions--procedure before commission.
621.040. Administrative law judges of the division of motor carrier and railroad safety shall be commissioners of the administrative hearing commission--jurisdiction of administrative hearing commission.
621.045. Commission to conduct hearings, make determinations--boards included--settlement agreements--default decision, when.
621.050. Administrative hearing commission to hear appeals from director of revenue--procedures--interest--burden of proof.
621.052. Administrative appeals authorized for agency decisions on tax credits, abatements or loans--time for filing--decision of agency to notify of right to appeal, language required--procedures.
621.053. Protest to administrative hearing commission pursuant to franchise agreement--filing fee required, when.
621.055. Medical assistance program, suppliers of services--hearing authorized, procedures--compensation for commissioner's extra duties--notice of right to appeal, content.
621.075. Merit employees, right of appeal, procedure.
621.100. Complaints--notice--agency may retain counsel--default decision, when--affidavit regarding licensee's status, procedure.
621.110. Commission's findings and recommendations--hearing by agency on disciplinary action.
621.120. Notice of refusal to license, contents--complaint of applicant--hearing--order.
621.125. Time and place of hearing.
621.135. Administrative procedure.
621.145. Judicial review.
621.150. Videoconferencing of administrative hearing permitted, when, costs.
621.189. Judicial review.
621.193. Decision of commission to be upheld, when.
621.198. Commission to make rules of procedure--contents--where filed.
621.205. Documents deemed filed, when--timeliness of acts performed--facsimile transmissions.
621.250. Appeals from decisions of certain environmental commissions to be heard by administrative hearing commission--procedure.
621.253. Special education training for commissioners, requirements.
621.255. Educational due process fund created, use of moneys.
621.275. Decisions of department of public safety, victims of crime, appeal to administrative hearing commission, procedure.

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