Missouri Constitution

Article I

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November 14, 2016

In order to assert our rights, acknowledge our duties, and proclaim the principles on which our government is founded, we declare:

1 Source of political power--origin, basis and aim of government.
2 Promotion of general welfare--natural rights of persons--equality under the law--purpose of government.
3 Powers of the people over internal affairs, constitution and form of government.
4 Independence of Missouri--submission of certain amendments to Constitution of the United States.
5 Religious freedom--liberty of conscience and belief--limitations-- right to pray--academic religious freedoms and prayer.
6 Practice and support of religion not compulsory--contracts therefor enforceable.
7 Public aid for religious purposes--preferences and discriminations on religious grounds.
8 Freedom of speech--evidence of truth in defamation actions--province of jury.
9 Rights of peaceable assembly and petition.
10 Due process of law.
11 Imprisonment for debt.
12 Habeas corpus.
13 Ex post facto laws--impairment of contracts--irrevocable privileges.
14 Open courts--certain remedies--justice without sale, denial or delay.
15 Unreasonable search and seizure prohibited--contents and basis of warrants.
16 Grand juries--composition--jurisdiction to convene--powers.
17 Indictments and informations in criminal cases--exceptions.
18(a) Rights of accused in criminal prosecutions.
18(b) Depositions in felony cases.
18(c) Admissibility of evidence.
19 Self-incrimination and double jeopardy.
20 Bail guaranteed--exceptions.
21 Excessive bail and fines--cruel and unusual punishment.
22(a) Right of trial by jury--qualification of jurors--two-thirds verdict.
22(b) Female jurors--optional exemption.
23 Right to keep and bear arms, ammunition, and certain accessories--exception--rights to be unalienable.
24 Subordination of military to civil power--quartering soldiers.
25 Elections and right of suffrage.
26 Compensation for property taken by eminent domain--condemnation juries--payment--railroad property.
27 Acquisition of excess property by eminent domain--disposition under restrictions.
28 Limitation on taking of private property for private use--exceptions --public use a judicial question.
29 Organized labor and collective bargaining.
30 Treason--attainder--corruption of blood and forfeitures--estate of suicides--death by casualty.
31 Fines or imprisonments fixed by administrative agencies.
32 Crime victims' rights.
33 Marriage, validity and recognition.
34 English to be the official language in this state.
35 Right to farm.

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