Missouri Constitution

Article IV

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November 14, 2016

1 Executive power--the governor.
2 Duties of governor.
3 Qualifications of governor.
4 Power of appointment to fill vacancies--tenure of appointees.
5 Commissions of state officers.
6 Commander in chief of militia--authority.
7 Reprieves, commutations and pardons--limitations on power.
8 Concurrent resolutions--duty of governor--exceptions--limitation of effect.
9 Governor's messages and recommendations to assembly--call of extra sessions.
10 Lieutenant governor--qualifications, powers and duties.
11 (Repealed August 6, 1968, L. 1967 CCS SJR 10, 1)
11(a) Order of succession to governorship, when.
11(b) Governor's declaration of disability, effect of--disability board, membership, duties--governor to resume office, when--disputed illness, supreme court to decide.
11(c) Acting as governor not to vacate regular office.
12 Executive department, composition of--elective officials--departments and offices enumerated.
13 State auditor--qualifications and duties--limitations on duties.
14 Secretary of state--duties--state seal--official register--limitation on duties.
15 State treasurer--duties--custody, investment and deposit of state funds--duties limited--nonstate funds to be in custody and invested by department of revenue--nonstate funds defined.
16 Filing of administrative rules and regulations.
17 Elective state officers--time of election and terms--limitation on reelection--selection of department heads--removal and qualifications of appointive officers.
18 Election returns--board of state canvassers--time of meeting and duties--requirement for election--tie votes.
19 Department personnel--selection and removal--merit system--veterans' preference.
20 Location of executive and administrative offices.
21 Limitation on changes of salaries--fees, costs.
22 Department of revenue, duties of--director, appointment of.
23 Fiscal year--limitations on appropriations--specification of amount and purpose.
24 Governor's budget and recommendations as to revenue--proposed legislation not enacted not to be included in projection of new revenues.
25 Limitation of governor's budget on power of appropriations.
26 Power of partial veto of appropriation bills--procedure--limitations.
27 Power of governor to control rate of and reduce expenditures-- notification to general assembly, when.
27(a) Budget Reserve Fund established--investment--excess transfer to general revenue, when.
27(b) Facilities maintenance and review fund created, purpose--state facilities, defined--transfer of moneys into fund, reduction or elimination of transfer by governor.
28 Treasury withdrawals, how made, certified how--appropriation, period of.
29 Highways and transportation commission--qualifications of members and employees--authority over state highways and other transportation programs.
30(a) Apportionment of motor vehicle fuel tax--director of revenue responsible for apportionment--limitation on local fuel taxes--fuel taxes not part of total state revenues or expenses of state government.
30(b) Source and application of state road fund--sales tax imposed on sale of motor vehicles, apportionment, how, use of revenue--distribution of increases--sales taxes not part of total state revenues or expenses of state government.
30(c) Transportation programs and facilities, administration of by commission, use of moneys.
30(d) Prohibition against diverting revenue for nonhighway purposes--severability of provisions--effective date.
31 State highways in municipalities.
32 Apportionment of funds for supplementary state highways.
32(a) (Repealed November 6, 1979, L. 1979 SS HCS HJR 39, 40, 44 & 48, 1
33 Retirement benefits not changed.
34 Recognition of outstanding bonds--determination, certification and collection of annual state highway bond tax.
35 Agriculture, department of--director, how appointed--funds to be provided, how.
36 Forestry and forest fires.
36(a) Economic development, department of--duties of department--director, how appointed.
36(b) Department of insurance, established--director, appointment--office of consumer affairs to be established within department, duties.
37 Social services, department of--duties of department--director, how appointed.
37(a) Mental health, department of--duties of department--director, how appointed.
38 (Repealed August 8, 1972, L. 1971 HJR 65, 1)
39 Cooperation with federal and other state governments.
40(a) Conservation commission, members, qualifications, terms, how appointed--duties of commission--expenses of members.
40(b) Incumbent members.
41 Acquisition of property--eminent domain.
42 Director of conservation and personnel of commission.
43(a) Sales tax, use for conservation purposes.
43(b) Use of revenue and funds of conservation commission.
43(c) Effective date--self-enforceability.
44 Self-enforceability--enabling clause--repealing clause.
45 Rules and regulations--filing--review.
46 Distribution of rules and regulations.
47 Natural resources, department of--duties of department--director, how appointed.
47(a) Sales and use tax levied for soil and water conservation and for state parks--distribution of parks sales tax fund to counties, purpose, limitation.
47(b) Disbursement of revenue, purposes.
47(c) Provisions self-enforcing, exception--not part of general revenue or expense of state--effective and expiration dates.
48 Public safety, department of--duties of department--director, how appointed.
49 Labor and industrial relations, department of--duties--commission members, how appointed, terms, qualifications.
50 Administration, office of--commissioner, how appointed.
51 Appointments, how made--failure to confirm, effect of.
52 Higher education, department of established--coordinating board for higher education established, members, terms, qualifications.
53 Discrimination as to race, creed, color or national origin prohibited.

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