Missouri Constitution

Article V

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November 14, 2016

1 Judicial power--constitutional courts.
2 Supreme court--controlling decisions--number of judges--sessions.
3 Jurisdiction of the supreme court.
4 Superior courts to control inferior courts--courts administrator, salary--reapportionment commission, appointment.
5 Rules of practice and procedure--duty of supreme court--power of legislature.
6 Assignment of judges--authority of supreme court--eligible judges.
7 Supreme court and court of appeals may sit in divisions.
8 Chief justice and chief judges, election, terms--authority of chief justice.
9 Transfer of causes to supreme court en banc.
10 Transfer of cases from court of appeals to supreme court--scope of review.
11 Want of jurisdiction, effect--transfers.
12 Judicial opinions--filing and publication--memorandum decisions and orders.
13 Court of appeals, districts, judges.
14 Circuit courts--jurisdiction--sessions.
15 Judicial circuits--establishment and changes--general terms and divisions--judges--presiding judge--court personnel.
16 Associate circuit judges, selection.
17 Associate circuit judges, jurisdiction.
18 Judicial review of action of administrative agencies--scope of review.
19 Terms of judges.
20 Salaries and compensation of judges--provision against other special compensation and practice of law--travel and other expenses.
21 Judges--qualifications--age requirements--license to practice law.
22 Court of appeals clerks and personnel--salaries.
23 Municipal judges and court personnel--selection--terms--compensation --jurisdiction--appeals--role of associate circuit judges.
24 Retirement, removal and discipline of judges, commission on --composition, terms, duties, procedures, reimbursement of expenses --additional duties prohibited.
25(a) Nonpartisan selection of judges--courts subject to plan--appointments to fill vacancies.
25(b) Adoption of plan in other circuits--petitions and elections--form of petition ballots.
25(c)(1) Tenure of judges--declaration of candidacy--form of judicial ballot --rejection and retention.
25(c)(2) Certification of names upon declaration--law applicable to elections.
25(d) Nonpartisan judicial commissions--number, qualifications, selection and terms of members--majority rule--reimbursement of expenses--rules of supreme court.
25(e) Payment of expenses.
25(f) Prohibition of political activity by judges.
25(g) Self-enforceability.
26 Retirement--assignment as senior judge or commissioner.
27 Effective date and transition provisions.
28 (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(a) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(b) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(c) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(d) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(e) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(f) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
29(g) (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
30 (Repealed L. 1976 SJR 24)
31 (Repealed L. 1967 SJR 24)

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