Missouri Constitution

Article V

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August 28, 2015

1 Judicial power--constitutional courts.
2 Supreme court--controlling decisions--number of judges--sessions.
3 Jurisdiction of the supreme court.
4 Superior courts to control inferior courts--courts administrator, salary--reapportionment commission, appointment.
5 Rules of practice and procedure--duty of Supreme Court--power of legislature.
6 Assignment of judges--authority of Supreme Court--eligible judges.
7 Supreme court and court of appeals may sit in divisions.
8 Chief justice and chief judges, election, terms--authority of chief justice.
9 Transfer of causes to supreme court en banc.
10 Transfer of cases from court of appeals to supreme court--scope of review.
11 Want of jurisdiction, effect--transfers.
12 Judicial opinions--filing and publication--memorandum decisions and orders.
13 Court of Appeals, districts, judges.
14 Circuit courts--jurisdiction--sessions.
15 Judicial circuits--establishment and changes--general terms and divisions--judges--presiding judge--court personnel.
16 Associate circuit judges, selection.
17 Associate circuit judges, jurisdiction.
18 Judicial review of action of administrative agencies--scope of review.
19 Terms of judges.
20 Salaries and compensation of judges--provision against other special compensation and practice of law--travel and other expenses.
21 Judges--qualifications--age requirements--license to practice law.
22 Court of appeals clerks and personnel--salaries.
23 Municipal judges and court personnel--selection--terms--compensation --jurisdiction--appeals--role of associate circuit judges.
24 Retirement, removal and discipline of judges, commission on --composition, terms, duties, procedures, reimbursement of expenses --additional duties prohibited.
25(a) Nonpartisan selection of judges--courts subject to plan--appointments to fill vacancies.
25(b) Adoption of plan in other circuits--petitions and elections--form of petition ballots.
25(c)(1) Tenure of judges--declaration of candidacy--form of judicial ballot --rejection and retention.
25(c)(2) Certification of names upon declaration--law applicable to elections.
25(d) Nonpartisan judicial commissions--number, qualifications, selection and terms of members--majority rule--reimbursement of expenses--rules of supreme court.
25(e) Payment of expenses.
25(f) Prohibition of political activity by judges.
25(g) Self-enforceability.
26 Retirement--assignment as senior judge or commissioner.
27 Effective date and transition provisions.

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