Missouri Constitution

Article VI

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November 14, 2016

1 Recognition of existing counties.
2 Continuation of existing organization of counties.
3 Consolidation of counties--allocation of liabilities.
4 Division or diminution of counties.
5 Dissolution of counties--annexation.
6 Removal of county seats.
7 County courts--number of members--powers and duties.
8 Classification of counties--revisions to article VI passed by the 88th general assembly to be retroactive.
9 Alternative forms of county government.
10 Terms of city and county offices.
11 Compensation of county officers--increases in compensation not to require additional services--statement of fees and salaries.
12 Officers compensated only by salaries in certain counties.
13 Compensation of officers in criminal matters--fees.
14 Joint participation by counties in common enterprises.
15 Classification of cities and towns--uniform laws--change from special to general law.
16 Cooperation by local governments with other governmental units.
17 Consolidation and separation as between municipalities and other political subdivisions.
18(a) County government by special charter--limitations--counties adopting charter or constitutional form shall be a separate class of counties from classification system.
18(b) Provisions required in county charters--exception.
18(c) Provisions authorized in county charters--participation by county in government of other local units.
18(d) Taxation under county charters.
18(e) Laws affecting charter counties--limitations.
18(f) Petitions for charter commissions--signatures required--procedure.
18(g) Charter commission--appointment, number and qualification of members.
18(h) Adoption of charter--special election--manner of submission.
18(i) Notice of special charter election.
18(j) Certificates of adoption of charter--recordation and deposit --judicial notice.
18(k) Amendments of county charters.
18(l) Limitation on resubmission after defeat of charter.
18(m) County of the first classification may provide a county constitution --content, procedure, limitations.
18(n) Circuit judges may appoint constitution commission, members, qualifications.
18(o) County constitution, effective when--submission to electorate for separate vote on any part or alternative sections.
18(p) Publication requirements for text of constitution--election to adopt procedure.
18(q) Constitution may be adopted or rejected by voters--resubmission procedure.
18(r) Certified copies of county constitution to be filed, where-- amendments to constitution, procedure.
19 Certain cities may adopt charter form of government--procedure to frame and adopt--notice required--effect of.
19(a) Power of charter cities, how limited.
20 Amendment to city charters--procedure to submit and adopt.
21 Reclamation of blighted, substandard or insanitary areas.
22 Laws affecting charter cities--officers and employees.
23 Limitation on ownership of corporate stock, use of credit and grants of public funds by local governments.
23(a) Cities may acquire and furnish industrial plants--indebtedness for.
24 Annual budgets and reports of local government and municipally owned utilities--audits.
25 Limitation on use of credit and grant of public funds by local governments--pensions and retirement plans for employees of certain cities and counties.
26(a) Limitation on indebtedness of local governments without popular vote.
26(b) Limitation on indebtedness of local government authorized by popular vote.
26(c) Additional indebtedness of counties and cities when authorized by popular vote.
26(d) Additional indebtedness of cities for public improvements--benefit districts--special assessments.
26(e) Additional indebtedness of cities for municipally owned water and light plants--limitations.
26(f) Annual tax to pay and retire obligations within twenty years.
26(g) Contest of elections to authorize indebtedness.
27 Political subdivision revenue bonds for utility, industrial and airport purposes--restrictions.
27(a) Political subdivision revenue bonds issued for utilities and airports, restrictions.
27(b) Political subdivision revenue bonds issued for industrial development, restriction.
27(c) Revenue bonds defined.
28 Refunding bonds.
29 Application of funds derived from public debts.
30(a) Powers conferred with respect to intergovernmental relations --procedure for selection of board of freeholders.
30(b) Appointment of member by governor--meetings of board--vacancies --compensation and reimbursement of members--preparation of plan --taxation of real estate affected--submission at special elections --effect of adoption--certification and recordation--judicial notice.
31 Recognition of city of St. Louis as now existing both as a city and as a county.
32(a) Amendment of charter of St. Louis.
32(b) Revision of charter of St. Louis--officers to complete terms and staff given opportunity for city employment.
32(c) Effect of revision on retirement.
33 Certification, recordation and deposit of amendments and revised charter--judicial notice.

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