Missouri Constitution

Article VIII

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November 14, 2016

1 Time of general elections.
2 Qualifications of voters--disqualifications.
3 Methods of voting--secrecy of ballot--exceptions.
4 Privilege of voters from arrest--exceptions.
5 Registration of voters.
6 Retention of residence for voting purposes.
7 Absentee voting.
11 Voter identification, authorized to identify voter and verify citizenship and residency--photo identification permitted.
15 Preamble.
16 Congressional term limits amendment.
17 Voter instruction on term limits for members of congress--ballots to include "disregarded voters' instruction on term limits", when.
18 Voter instruction on term limit pledge for non-incumbents.
19 Secretary of state, duties regarding ballot designations.
20 Automatic repeal.
21 Legal challenges, jurisdiction.
22 Severability.
23 Campaign contribution limits, establishment of--requirements-- complaint process--penalties.

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