Missouri Constitution

Article IX

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November 14, 2016

1(a) Free public schools--age limit.
1(b) Specific schools--adult education.
2(a) State board of education--number and appointment of members--political affiliation--terms--reimbursement and compensation.
2(b) Commissioner of education--qualification, duties and compensation --appointment and compensation of professional staff--powers and duties of state board of education.
3(a) Payment and distribution of appropriations and income.
3(b) Deficiency in provision for eight-month school year--allotment of state revenue for school purposes.
3(c) Racial discrimination in employment of teachers.
4 Public school and seminary funds--certificates of indebtedness --renewals--liquidation--legal investment of funds--tax levy for interest.
5 Public school fund--sources--payment into state treasury--investment --limitation on use of income.
6 Seminary fund--sources--payment into state treasury--investment --limitation on use of income.
7 County and township school funds--liquidation and reinvestment --optional distribution on liquidation--annual distribution of income and receipts.
8 Prohibition of public aid for religious purposes and institutions.
9(a) State university--government by board of curators--number and appointment.
9(b) Maintenance of state university and other educational institutions.
10 Free public libraries--declaration of policy--state aid to local public libraries.

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