Missouri Constitution

Article XI

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November 14, 2016

1 Definition of "corporation".
2 Organization of corporations by general law--special laws relating to corporations--invalidation of unexercised charters and franchises.
3 Exercise of police power with respect to corporations.
4 Corporations subject to eminent domain--trial by jury.
5 (Repealed August 2, 1988, L. 1988 HJR 80, 1)
6 Cumulative voting authorized unless alternate method provided by law --exceptions.
7 Consideration for corporate stock and debts--fictitious issues --antecedent debts--increases of stock or bonds--issuance of preferred stock.
8 Limitation of liability of stockholders.
9 Public highways--common carriers--regulations.
10 Consolidation of domestic with foreign railroad corporations --jurisdiction of Missouri courts--notice of consolidation.
11 Local consent for street railroads.
12 Prohibition of discrimination, favoritism and preferences.
13 Exclusion of state from banking.

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