Missouri Constitution Section

Article IV
Section 28
November 14, 2016

Treasury withdrawals, how made, certified how--appropriation, period of.

Section 28. No money shall be withdrawn from the state treasury except by warrant drawn in accordance with an appropriation made by law, nor shall any obligation for that payment of money be incurred unless the commissioner of administration certifies it for payment and certifies that the expenditure is within the purpose as directed by the general assembly of the appropriation and that there is in the appropriation an unencumbered balance sufficient to pay it. At the time of issuance each such certification shall be entered on the general accounting books as an encumbrance on the appropriation. No appropriation shall confer authority to incur an obligation after the termination of the fiscal period to which it relates, and every appropriation shall expire six months after the end of the period for which made.

Source: Const. of 1945.

(Amended November 4, 1958)

(Amended August 8, 1972)


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