Missouri Constitution Section

Article VI
Section 18m
November 14, 2016

County of the first classification may provide a county constitution --content, procedure, limitations.

Section 18(m). Any county of the first classification may adopt an alternative form of government to that provided in sections 18(a)-(g) of this article and frame a county constitution as provided in sections 18(m)-(r) of this article. The constitution may provide for the vesting of any and all powers the general assembly has the authority to confer, provided such powers are not limited or denied by laws of this state, except those powers to regulate and provide for free and open elections. A county approving the alternative form of government and adopting a county constitution in the manner prescribed by sections 18(m)-(r) of this article shall only impose such taxes as it is authorized by the constitution and law to impose. The county commission of such a county may authorize the submission of the question by placing it on the ballot on any election day established by law. The circuit judges of the circuit where such county is located shall establish a county constitution commission if the qualified voters of the county approve the question.

(Adopted November 8, 1994).


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