Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 3
Statutory Revision

August 28, 2016
Future revision--subcommittee on revision--advisory group.

3.120. 1. After publication of the revised statutes for the year 1959, the committee shall formulate and supervise plans and methods for the future revision, clarification, classification, codification, arrangement, annotation, indexing, printing, binding and publication of the revised statutes of Missouri, including annotations, supplements and pocket parts and all editions thereof, and make its report and recommendations thereon to the general assembly.

2. The committee shall establish a subcommittee on revision which shall conduct and supervise a continuing program of statute revision which is designed to correct defectively enacted or worded statutes without changing the substantive provisions thereof to the end that the statute publication may become a more accurate and authentic statement of the laws of the state. In connection with this program, the committee may select an advisory committee on statute revision, composed of four members of the Missouri Bar, who are known to be interested in the improvement of statute laws and may authorize the payment of the expenses incurred by such members while attending meetings with the committee, the subcommittee on revision or with the revisor of statutes. The subcommittee on revision shall present to each general assembly such revision bills as it finds appropriate to accomplish its purposes.

(L. 1949 p. 545 § 3.11, A.L. 1959 S.B. 88)


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