Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 37
Office of Administration

August 28, 2016
Duties of the council.

37.740. The governor's council on disability shall:

(1) Act in an advisory capacity to all state agencies and have direct input to all divisions of the office of administration on policies and practices which impact people with disabilities. Input shall include policies and practices affecting personnel, purchasing, design and construction of new facilities, facilities management, budget and planning and general services. In the administration of its duties, the governor's council on disability in cooperation with the office of administration shall offer technical assistance to help all departments, divisions and branches of state government comply with applicable state and federal law regarding persons with disabilities;

(2) Work and cooperate with other state commissions, councils or committees pertaining to disabilities and other national, state and local entities to create public policies and encourage system changes which eliminate barriers to people with disabilities;

(3) Advocate for public policies and practices which:

(a) Promote employment of people with disabilities;

(b) Expand opportunities in all aspects of life; and

(c) Promote awareness of and compliance with various federal, state and local laws dealing with disabilities;

(4) Gather input from disability-related organizations and the public on disability-related issues and report the results of this information in council reports to the governor;

(5) Accept grants, private gifts, and bequests, to be used to achieve the purposes of sections 37.735 to 37.745;

(6) Promulgate those bylaws necessary for the efficient operation of the council;

(7) Prepare an annual report to be presented to the governor not later than January first of each year.

(L. 2011 H.B. 464)

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