Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 173
Department of Higher Education

August 28, 2016
Responsibilities of the coordinating board.

173.020. The coordinating board for higher education (hereafter referred to as the coordinating board) shall have the responsibility, within the provisions of the Constitution of the state of Missouri, for:

(1) Conducting studies of population and enrollment trends affecting institutions of higher education in the state;

(2) Identifying higher education needs in the state in terms of the requirements and potential of the young people and in terms of labor force requirements for the development of commerce and industry, and of professional and public services;

(3) Developing arrangements for more effective and more economical specialization among institutions in types of education programs offered and students served, and for more effective coordination and mutual support among institutions in the utilization of facilities, faculty and other resources;

(4) Designing a coordinated plan for higher education in the state (hereafter referred to as the coordinated plan) and for subregions in the state, which shall be based on the studies indicated above and on such others as may be deemed relevant by the coordinating board.

(L. 1963 p. 350 § 2)


Attendance policies for board of curators of for University of Missouri, coordinating board's duty to develop, when, 172.010

Attendance polices for governing board of state colleges and universities, coordinating board's duty develop, when, 174.105

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